I Can Track Everything Chapter 899

Leaving the detention center, it is dawn.

Chen Chen did not do anything to enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven. Some people have their own legal sanctions.

The next day, Chen Chen wandered around the city so aimlessly.

Under the powerful Divine Consciousness, he saw too many people contaminated with Myriad Evil Origin.

Some have only one strand, some have been contaminated a lot, and some have reached the brink of outbreak.

Seeing that many Myriad Evil Origin, Chen Chen couldn’t help but feel a kind of pessimism in his heart.

This Myriad Evil Origin is like a disease that can continue to spread, and the more it spreads, the heavier it spreads. If things go on like this, the consequences can be imagined.


There was a long hum of cars in the distance, and Chen Chen looked at the whole city.

For some reason, in his eyes, those walking silhouettes are gradually becoming walking corpse.

And this city is about to become a huge, ruthless, cold machine.

“Old Guy, don’t get in the car! Get out of the car if you don’t get in the car!”

Just as Chen Chen was in a daze, a fiercely voice came from behind .

Hearing this voice, Chen Chen realized that the bus had stopped in front of him.

Looking at the open door, Chen Chen walked up subconsciously.

The carriage was crowded and filled with a disgusting smell of sweat.

Seeing that Chen Chen, the “old man” got in the car, many people turned their heads subconsciously and looked towards the outside of the car, or simply played with their mobile phones.

Chen Chen is no stranger to this, he is still thinking about Myriad Evil Origin in his mind.

After a while, everyone got on the bus, and the bus drove forward slowly.

The hot weather made the inner Qi atmosphere of the car more impetuous, and everyone’s faces were impatient.


Chen Chen stood on the bus. This stop was more than an hour, and the passengers on the bus had changed several batches.

At this moment, an eleven-twelve-year-old girl in a school uniform with a ponytail suddenly got into the car.

Chen Chen looked at the girl with a trace of surprise in his eyes.

Because this little girl is not at all the slightest evil of the beginning, or the breath of the beginning of the sin.

This child has a real Pure Heart.

Looking at the little girl with a clear soul, Chen Chen couldn’t help but smile.

However, the good times did not last long. Within five minutes, a middle-aged woman’s angry voice came from the little girl.

“Hey, where’s my phone? Who stole my phone!”

As soon as this word came out, there was a sudden silence in the carriage, and many people began to investigate their belongings. After finding that there was nothing missing, they all looked towards the middle-aged woman with a look at the play.

Chen Chen also looked over, and then looked towards the young man who was two or three positions away from the woman.

This young man turned his back to the middle-aged woman, with a matter of no concern to oneself attitude.

But Chen Chen saw his original evil aura within the body erupting frantically.

Obviously, this young man stole the mobile phone.

Besides him, the little girl also looked towards the young man, with a little fear and entanglement in her eyes, as if she was making a difficult decision.

At this moment, the young man suddenly turned his head and glanced at the little girl sullenly.

The little girl took a step back by him, but after ten seconds, she still said weakly: “I just saw that Uncle put her hand in… your pocket.”


As soon as this word came out, the whole carriage was silent again, and everyone looked towards the youngster vigilantly.

The youngster’s expression changed suddenly, and then he forced a smile.

“Little girl, are you wrong? I’m a serious person.”

“It’s you!”

The little girl seems to have made up her mind. After that, he pointed to the youngster’s pocket.

“I saw you put it in this pocket.”

Youngster’s face changed completely, and then he walked through the crowd and moved towards the little girl.

Chen Chen could see clearly that the youngster held a small blade in his hand. The original evil within the body had turned into a shadow, devouring his soul madly.

“cough cough, the one I just picked up on the ground was not deliberately stolen.”

Walking up to the little girl, the youngster casually took out the phone and delivered it Years in the hands of the woman.

The middle-aged woman seems to have fear in her heart. After receiving the mobile phone, she glared at the youngster, and said nothing.

The youngster saw a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and then glanced around the people in the car, and then put the hand holding the blade on the girl’s shoulder.

In the next second, the cold light flickered…The sharp blade moved towards the little girl’s cheek!

Chen Chen’s eyes narrowed, this youngster is really vicious in his mind, and he wants to ruin the face of this little girl!


With a whisper, the whole Earth stopped at this moment.

The blade stopped five centimeters in front of the little girl, and everyone in the carriage froze in place, motionless, with the expression from a second ago on his face, like a sculpture.

Chen Chen looked at the little girl and youngster, his expression became unconsciously serious.

Because he saw the youngster within the body, the huge breath of the original evil is moving towards crazy, the little girl surging away, unexpectedly aroused everyone in the carriage within the body hidden original evil breath.

Chen Chen’s eyes flickered, and his mind began to deduct. Although the next thing has not happened yet, the scene flashes through his mind like a movie.

If no one stops, then the youngster will ruin the girl’s face.

In an instant, the little girl will be tainted with the breath of a huge amount of the evil of the origin, the people in the car will be more conscientious when they see the blood, and then the youngster will arrogantly leave, within the body of the evil of the origin It will skyrocket a lot earlier.

And the little girl is disfigured, from now on, she will feel more and more bad in this world, and the original evil within the body will continue to increase.

After more than ten years, she will regret every day and night, regretting her kind behavior.

This regret gradually turns into resentment and anger. In the end, the shadow of the original evil will completely swallow this once pure soul and make her do hysterical things.

Except for the little girls, the original evil of other people within the body will increase. Not only that, they will tell their relatives and friends what happened today, and admonish them Friends, don’t be nosy in the future.

Under their persuasion, the original evil began to spread unscrupulously, and gradually, spread throughout the entire world.

And all of this stems from a brief scene on the bus.

This scene looks simple, but in the dark, it is a duel between good and original evil.

If no one stops, the evil of the beginning will be triumphant.

Chen Chen lifts the head and even saw a huge shadow turning into a ghost, frantically devouring the white gas in the sky, turning the white gas into a part of the shadow.

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