I Can Track Everything Chapter 900

“Huh, maybe I know my mission.”

Looking at the shadow of in the sky, Chen Chen’s heart was stunned.

In the next second, time and space recovered, and an old bark-like hand grabbed the youngster’s wrist, and the shiny blade came to an abrupt end.

The little girl looked at the blade in front of her, tears in her eyes.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s okay.”

Chen Chen squatted in front of the little girl and kindly said with a smile.

The powerful aura of evil that radiated from the youngster body, after all, failed to invade the little girl within the body.

“Old Guy! Nosy! Courting death!”

The youngster was not going well today, and his heart was so angry that he directly waved another fist and moved towards Chen Chen’s face fiercely smashed.


Chen Chen chuckled softly, blocked the punch with his hand, and then pressed his right hand slightly, and the youngster’s hand holding the blade became Twist-shaped, screams filled the entire carriage instantly, and everyone remained unchanged.

Everyone didn’t expect that the old man who seemed to be so old was so powerful that he broke the youngster’s arm with a single blow!

This scene gave many people in the car a booster!

The middle-aged woman who lost her mobile phone reacted first, and took out her mobile phone and said: “Call the police! Catch this arrogant thief!”

Other passengers also took out their mobile phones. A few more men stood up from their seats, faintly threatening to take action.

The youngster saw this scene, and forcibly held back the pain, and wanted to stretch out his foot to kick Chen Chen to kill the chicken to warn the monkey.

But just as he lifted his feet, he saw a pair of eyes that looked like a deep valley and secluded pool. Deep in those eyes, there seemed to be a hell hidden.

In an instant, the youngster’s face was filled with fear, and then he jumped out of the car from the window amidst all the shocked eyes of everyone!

The natural end of this jump was miserable. The bus ran directly over his legs and then stopped amid the sharp brakes. The scene suddenly became a mess.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s okay. You did the right thing today. Don’t worry, you will never be okay. I will protect you forever.”

Chen Chen looks at the little girl , Said softly.

The little girl glanced at the blade on the ground, and then looked towards Chen Chen. Gradually, the fear in her eyes began to disappear, replaced by firmness.

Chen Chen laughed, Divine Consciousness swept all around.

A scene from the future appeared in his mind.

After experiencing this incident, the passengers in the car went home and told their relatives and friends that they absolutely cannot be a thief, otherwise the retribution will come quickly, and then they told of the misery they saw today. situation.

The group heard what they said in their hearts.

So, the breath of the original evil in a group of people began to fade.


What is Chen Chen doing? Of course not every day like today, go out to see righteousness, enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven.

Similar things are happening everywhere in this entire Hongmeng. How many times can he meet righteousness and courage by himself?

As a person who masters the original heart, his task is to establish a complete order and let this world moved towards a good direction.

Feeling the strengthening of the original heart just in an instant, Chen Chen whispered to the little girl: “Insist on what you think you should stick to.”

After that, Chen Chen Lightly patted the little girl’s shoulder, an inexplicable auspicious air suddenly entered the little girl’s body.

After that, his body flashed and disappeared directly into the carriage.

As for this, everyone in the carriage turned a blind eye, as if they had never realized that there was this person.


Hanging high in the void, Chen Chen looked at the city below. At this moment, he understood a lot of things in his heart.

Good and evil is like this, either the east wind overwhelms the west wind, or the west wind overwhelms the east wind.

The group of people in the carriage looked on coldly at first, are they wrong?

Not all.

After all, not everyone has the same strong strength as him to support them. If they are nosy, they are betting on the future of themselves and their families.

More importantly, they don’t know if others will follow after they stand up. They are afraid of being isolated and helpless, afraid of suffering and no one can help.

If one day, they know that they will respond once they stand up, and there will definitely be more and more people willing to stand up.

As time passes, if this becomes a trend, then the wicked will naturally not dare to be so arrogant anymore, because they know what the consequences will be if they take action.

This is how good prevails over evil.


If we want to completely exterminate the evil of the origin, we must protect every sincere person so that every Pure Heart will not be let down.

If kindness can’t get the rewards it deserves, how can people be kind?

Chen Chen looked at the city below, secretly said in one’s heart.

Then he stretched out his hand and wrote four words in the void.

“Cause”, “Result”, “Round”, “Return”

These four words are reflected in the void, shining like a proverb.

Then under Chen Chen’s guidance, the power of the four proverbs melted into the sun above his head.

Originally, this world was not at all causal reincarnation, but since then it has really happened.

When the power of the four maxims disappeared completely, Chen Chen looked towards the little girl who was still a little at a loss.

This little girl was born ordinary. According to her fate, even if she escaped this time, her life will be ordinary in the future.

Marry an ordinary man, give birth to an ordinary child, and then live a life in peace and pass away at the age of 78.

But after there was cause and effect in the world, her life trajectory began to change.

Opportunities will continue to come, happiness will come one after another…… The disasters that should have been encountered will turn into good fortune.

Before she died, when she recalled this life, she would become fearless of death, because life is not at all too much regret.


“Cause”, “Result”, “Round”, “Return”……

Chen Chen stretched out his hand, the four maxims The power reappears in his palm.

He never remembered these four proverbs as comprehend, but they just came out naturally.

“It seems that I really am Paragon Samsara……”

Chen Chen looked at the power of the four maxims and couldn’t help laughing at himself.

tone barely fell, the causal Samsara Power in the sun began to spread to every corner of Earth with the sun.

As the power of cause and effect appeared in the world, the power of the evil that was originally everywhere began to fade. Although the speed is extremely slow, it is finally developing in a good direction.

Correspondingly, Chen Chen within the body’s original heart is getting stronger.

It didn’t take long for Chen Chen to control all the powers of the proverbs, which increased his perception by 10%, among which the proverbs of the word “Feng” were completely mastered by him.

“Cause”, “Result”, “Round”, “Return”, “Bing”, “Fa”, “Feng”, at this moment, Chen Chen has totally mastered seven maxims. He became Seven Dao Paragon of genuine.

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