I Can Track Everything Chapter 902

“This is…”

The Immortal Emperor doesn’t know the picture, only knows that this is a treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, and it is also extremely powerful.

Lord of Immortal World next to it coldly said: “This object is called Myriad Realms, which contains the motto “world”. It is Hongmeng’s most powerful space magic weapon, and it is said to be able to hold a Great World.”

Accommodate a Great World!

Hearing this, Immortal Emperor was shocked.

We must know that within the Three Realms, there is almost no space magic weapon that can accommodate a fairyland.

Compared with a fairyland, the volume of the Three Realms is tens of thousands of times larger!

And this universe is much bigger than the Three Realms!

Without waiting for him to continue thinking, the Seven Dao Paragon who took out the Myriad Realms picture has already been dotted with the Myriad Realms picture.

It didn’t take long for a huge word “jie” to appear in the universe.

Then the Myriad Realms graph began to grow larger, and soon expanded to cover a domain.

After a while, it exceeded the Divine Consciousness sensing range of everyone present.

In this way, a group of people stood in place for a long time. At this time, the person holding the Myriad Realms map gently shouted “Close”.

As soon as the word was closed, the surrounding scene changed. The endless starry sky disappeared, replaced by the dark empty space and the already rolled Myriad Realms picture.

“The world is empty, the rumors are really true. This Myriad Realms picture can not only accommodate the Great World, but also the vast and endless space of the universe.”

Someone Admire with words.

Seven Dao Paragon faintly smiled named Jiekong, then opened the Myriad Realms picture, and suddenly a universe shrunk by countless times appeared on the picture.

“Junior, come and feel it again.”

The Immortal Emperor, too, rushed to the Myriad Realms picture.

After the universe was included in the Myriad Realms map, his feelings were indeed clearer.

Furthermore, this Myriad Realms map itself seems to have the function of collecting information. Under the urging of Paragon, a large amount of information gathered in his mind.

In this way, after a full ten minutes of sensing, he stretched out his finger and pointed at a certain area.

“No accident, it should be around here.”

His finger is not a big place on the map, but it is actually three or four in the universe. The range of a galaxy.

However, with such a range, it is natural that the eight Seven Dao Paragon cannot be challenged.

“haha, you did good.”

The Paragon haha ​​named Jiekong smiled and then fled directly into the Myriad Realms picture.

Other Paragon follow closely from behind, and it didn’t take long for only a Myriad Realms picture to float quietly in the Hongmeng space.


At this moment, Chen Chen is sitting cross-legged on a beautiful life planet.

This life planet is still in a primordial state, with towering trees and various grotesquely shaped beasts everywhere, not at all intelligent life.

In fact, he felt the universe when it was installed in the Myriad Realms map. Although the Myriad Realms map is the most powerful space magic weapon, it ultimately belongs to the category of the word “soldier”.

Even more how, Chen Chen also has Divine Consciousness.

In addition to the Myriad Realms picture, the eight Seven Dao Paragons have not escaped his influence.

“Eight Seven Dao Paragon, the true experts are almost all here in Hongmeng.”

Chen Chen looked towards the distance and muttered.

Although he has sensed so many Seven Dao Paragons, there is not much panic in his eyes.

Since he realized the power of the four proverbs of causal reincarnation, some of his past memories are quickly recovering.

However, most of the useless memories were discarded by him, leaving only the part of the cultivation base.

To be honest, he has been in reincarnation for 300 million lives. If some of his children’s love, life and death are written down, even if he becomes a hundred Paragon, he will be mentally confused every minute. , The consciousness collapsed and died.


Chen Chen at a moderate pace wrote these two words in the sky in front of him.

The powerful motto that can support his first life to become Eight Dao Paragon is naturally not so simple.

As soon as the power of these two maxims came out, Chen Chen felt that his power of fate was increasing rapidly.

In the past life, various other powers, including the power of fate, were superimposed on him.

In just a few breaths, the millions of Samsara Power are all superimposed on Chen Chen.

The life force lost before has been made up for, not to mention, it even increased the life force hundreds of thousands of times compared to the previous one.

However, a total of 300 million reincarnations have occurred, and these million Samsara Powers are just the beginning.

Although he sensed that the Seven Dao Paragon was getting closer, Chen Chen still closed his eyes.

Behind him at this time, countless ghosts are rushing towards him from a vortex, blending into his body.

Among them are men, women, beasts, and even some weird lives.

Every time a ghost merges into Chen Chen within the body, a layer of light shines on Chen Chen’s body, and after a few minutes, there are countless heavy rays of light behind him.

These lights overlapped, forming a channel of nothingness, leading to the distant vortex.

Having waited until the 300 million ghosts had all merged into Chen Chen within the body, the emptiness channel gradually consolidated.

eyes opened, Chen Chen did not look at the back passage, each minding their own business stretched out his hand.

In an instant, the light inside the vortex was shining, and then a square golden object slowly flew out of it, and fell into Chen Chen’s hand along the passage.

Chen Chen retracted his hand and looked towards the golden object in his hand.

This object is named Samsara Seal, which is one of the very few treasures of Innate Primordial Chaos engraved with the power of two proverbs, until now, is hidden by him in endless reincarnation. It’s only now.

Samsara Seal started, and the ten thousand zhang channel behind it disappeared completely.

Chen Chen looked towards the horizon.

A few minutes later, the horizon finally changed. A passage suddenly appeared in the void. Two silhouettes walked out of the passage, almost in the blink of an eye. The two silhouettes came not far in front of you. Place.

One of them is Jiekong, and another is standing behind Jiekong, with a respectful expression. He is obviously a subordinate of Jiekong, but his strength is not weak, he is a Six Dao Paragon.

“As the master of the Myriad Realms picture, you really are the first to find me, Jie Kong.”

Looking at the two, Chen Chen lightly said with a smile.

Jie Kong’s expression suddenly changed when he heard Chen Chen calling him by his name, and then he looked towards the Samsara Seal in Chen Chen’s hand, his tone instantly becoming extremely excited.

“Wheel…Samsara Seal…Parragon Samsara! Why are you?”

“Why? After so many years, you don’t recognize me as a big brother?”

Chen Chen looked at Jie Kong’s eyes, a little self-deprecating in his tone.

“Big…big brother, the treasure of Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos, is it in your hands?”

Jie Kong’s expression changed, after a while, he Then asked slowly.

“Yes, it’s with me.”

Speaking, Chen Chen pointed to his heart.

Jie Kong’s eyes became extremely entangled when he heard this. The entanglement was not because of the previous friendship, but more because of inner jealousy.

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