I Can Track Everything Chapter 903

Countless years ago, the same Innate Lifeform, he understood the power of Eight Dao Paragon,

allowed him to give up the treasure of Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos, and he was extremely reluctant in his heart.

After struggling for a while, he squeezed out a smile and said, “Big brother, I knew you had mastered the treasure of Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos, so I won’t have to toss for so long… Treasure, you can only be worthy of a big brother.”

While speaking, he has passed the location of Chen Chen to several other Seven Dao Paragons through the Myriad Realms map.

There are only eight Seven Dao Paragons, not to mention that Paragon Samsara in front of you is very likely to be in a weak state. It is Paragon Samsara at the peak period. What about?

Looking at the smiling face of Jie Kong in front of him, Chen Chen followed said with a smile: “Guess I know what you are thinking?”

To be honest, He mastered the word “soldier” proverb, and even the slightest change in the Myriad Realms picture could not escape his eyes. Jie Kong made small movements in front of him, like running naked under the broad daylight, and couldn’t hide a single trace.

The voice fell, and the air suddenly quieted, and then Jie Kong’s face suddenly became ruthless, and he moved towards Chen Chen with a palm!

With the power of five proverbs, the entire planet stopped rotating at this moment.

Feeling the tremendous pressure above his head, Chen Chen handed out the Samsara Seal.

The power of the five maxims above disappeared directly on the Samsara Seal, and I don’t know where it was sent.

Jie Kong saw this scene of complexion greatly changed, and turned around with a tremor and wanted to escape.

But the big seal seemed to teleport, appearing directly on top of his head, and countless apertures instantly enveloped him and fixed his figure.

“Big…big brother! Forgive me! I don’t dare anymore! I read that we once met…”

Jie Kong was stern and roar, his eyes were terrified.

“Stop talking, go to reincarnation.”

Chen Chen said softly, and then the Reincarnation Light directly irradiated Jiekong’s body, twisting Jiekong into pieces. Only an aura was absorbed by the Samsara Seal and I don’t know where it was sent.

The Six Dao Paragon who followed this scene was also very scared when he saw this scene. Faced with this situation, he didn’t even think about running away, but knelt directly in the void.

“You also go to reincarnation.”

Chen Chen frowned.

The voice fell, and the light of Samsara Seal came again, and then Six Dao Paragon took the old road of the world.

Sending the two into reincarnation, Chen Chen did not fluctuate much in his heart.

On the contrary, the strange beasts on this planet suddenly rose up to the sky at this time, sounding quite impressive.

Chen Chen laughed and wrote the word “Bing” to the void, and soon he communicated with the Myriad Realms picture.

At this time, the distant horizon reappears several silhouettes.

The leader among them is the Lord of Immortal World Mo Chong, and behind him are the Three Sectors Supreme such as the Immortal Emperor.

When Mo Chong saw Chen Chen not at all, he was anxious to do it, but hovered on the horizon with a vigilant look.

Chen Chen sat on the spot, turning a blind eye to him.

After waiting for a while, the other Seven Dao Paragon came one after another, and in the end, two huge beams of light shone from the sky and fell on Chen Chen.

This is the gaze of the giant Spirit Realm lord, obviously, the giant Spirit Realm lord has also come.

Seven Seven Dao Paragon, at the same time looked towards Chen Chen, but no one took action.

A long time later, Mo Chongcai solemnly asked: “Where is Jiekong?”

“Sent to reincarnation.”

Chen Chen replied.

In addition to Mo Chong and the giant Spirit Realm master, several other Seven Dao Paragon changed colors at the same time.

At this moment, they still don’t understand Chen Chen’s true identity.

And being able to kill Jikong in such a short period of time, I am afraid Paragon Samsara in the Peak period is also just this.

Being afraid of Paragon Samsara’s reputation at the time, many people retreated in their hearts, and some even had a smile on their faces, ready to speak softly.

But at this moment, Mo Chong shouted in a cold voice: “What about Eight Dao Paragon? The seven of us are here. Even if it is Eight Dao Paragon, we have to destroy Soul Destruction!”< /p>

The words fell, and a huge magical shadow had emerged from him within the body, covering most of the sky.

At the same time, besides the planet, the giant Spirit Realm master also said in a low, muffled voice: “I haven’t seen the strength of the Eight Dao Paragon yet, now I want to see it!”

While speaking, he stretched out a finger moved towards planet and crushed it.

Before hitting the planet, the extremely powerful impact shocked the primordial planet and began to crack, and countless creatures instantly scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Looking at the destroyed creatures, Chen Chen narrowed his eyes, and then also stretched out a finger.

In an instant, his finger clicked on the giant Spirit Realm master’s finger larger than the planet.

The size of the two fingers is completely disproportionate, but they are deadlocked in the void.

Following “cause” and “effect” two proverbs burst out from Chen Chen’s hands and blasted into the main finger of the giant Spirit Realm.

In an instant, the enormous power of cause and effect completely enveloped the giant Spirit Realm master, and all the creatures he had slaughtered before appeared in his body within the realm.

As Seven Dao Paragon, he has slaughtered hundreds of millions in his life?

So at this moment, his incomparable gigantic body is completely flooded with evil spirits.

The stern roar sound, the curse of resentment, and all kinds of screams suddenly filled the surrounding space.

The great Spirit Realm masters painful roar towards the sky, but in any case, he can’t escape the entanglement of the soul.

Chen Chen retracted his finger at this time, looked towards the small planet that collapsed below, and muttered: “Retrospect.”

When these two words came out, it collapsed. The little planet began to recover quickly, even the fallen creatures came back to life, reappears in the forest.

Seeing this scene, and taking another look at the terrible situation of the giant Spirit Realm master, Mo Chong did not flinch, but screamed: “Let’s shoot together! This is the only chance!”

< p>After talking about his incarnation, the magic shadow directly opened its terrifying matchless mouth, and moved towards Chen Chen and swallowed it.

The remaining five Seven Dao Paragons were still hesitating, but after seeing this scene for some reason, their expressions suddenly became ugly, and then they followed suit.

And this shot is full!

In a blink of an eye, more than twenty proverbs appeared in the void, and Chen Chen moved towards the lower side was suppressed!

Chen Chen lifts the head, looked towards the magic shadow behind Mo Chong.

It was just this demonic that released a powerful Myriad Evil Origin aura, which affected the mood of several other Paragons and allowed so many Paragons to take action together.

I didn’t notice before, only then did he realize that the eyes of the Demon Shadow were like crescent moons, and there were crafty and endless evil hidden in the depths of the eyes. The look in the eyes was completely different from that of Moshong.

But at this moment there is no time to explore what is going on. Seeing that many of the proverbs suddenly fall, Chen Chen slowly stood up, and as soon as the proverb came out, he immediately sacrificed his life. The power of fate!

In an instant, a vague motto appeared in his palm.

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