I Can Track Everything Chapter 904

After this vague motto appeared, the surrounding starry sky suddenly dimmed.

Chen Chen right hand trembled faintly, and then he raised the motto.

More than twenty proverbs suppressed from the sky deviated from the direction at the same time, and the proverbs in the hand moved towards Chen Chen hit.


all around the space began to tremble, as if the sky was about to collapse, and then a dazzling to extreme light burst out of Chen Chen’s hands, illuminating The whole piece of Heaven and Earth.


When the light dissipates, the proverbs in Chen Chen’s hands are still there. As for the other twenty-odd proverbs, they have shrunk countless times, all around slowly rotating around the proverbs Like a well-behaved child, there is no more formidable power like destroying heaven and extinguishing earth just now.

“Myriad Daos Returning To Origin.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, and then threw the vague “source” proverb in his hand into the sky.

The proverb of the word “Yuan” radiated light, and the power of the proverbs controlled by the surrounding Seven Dao Paragon was out of control, and finally returned to the proverb of the word “Yuan”.

Immediately afterwards, other forces also turned into air currents and merged into the source word maxim.

After a few breaths, the six Seven Dao Paragons lay like mud on the surrounding ground, and even their breathing power was completely lost.

Mo Chong is the same, but the demon shadow behind him is still hanging high in the void, seemingly unaffected at all.

“The original heart is really amazing, jié jié, I’m waiting for you!”

Moying did not look at the Paragon who lost his power, but after a strange laugh It gradually faded and finally disappeared completely.

Chen Chen did not chase after seeing this, but withdrew the source word Proverbs, and then looked towards those Seven Dao Paragon.

All their power was recovered by the source. At this moment, they have reached the end of their lives, and they will soon be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Looking at the Myriad Evil Origin breath gradually dissipating from them, Chen Chen lightly sighed, shaking his sleeves.

“That’s all, let’s go to reincarnation.”

With this shake, all Seven Dao Paragons turned into flying ashes, and only a spiritual light entered Samsara. Channel.

Nevertheless, they were grateful in their eyes before they were about to collapse.

After solving this group of people, Chen Chen looked towards the giant Spirit Realm master who was still struggling outside the sky.

At this time, the giant Spirit Realm lord has been tortured by the wrong soul, described as haggard, and his blood energy power is nearly exhausted.

“For the sake of nurturing countless souls with your fleshy body, it also gives you the opportunity to reincarnate. The Three Thousand Life Animal Path, if you perform well, you can return to humanity.”

Speaking of Chen Chen a finger pointed, the ferocious expression of the giant Spirit Realm suddenly started, and then froze in place.

Immediately afterwards, his body began to deform. It didn’t take long for him to transform into a huge world, and the Small World within the body was preserved.


After doing this, Chen Chen looked towards the vast starry sky, and his mind moved directly out of the Myriad Realms picture.

Looking at the universe in the Myriad Realms picture, Chen Chen muttered: “From where to go, where to go back.”

As soon as these words came out, Myriad Realms pictured the light flowing, the universe Those invading alien races that were not contaminated with cause and effect were all sent out of Myriad Realms.

As for what is contaminated with cause and effect, the retribution of the retribution should be reincarnation.

In half a quarter of an hour, the universe completely restored calm.

Then Chen Chen moved the universe from the Myriad Realms map.


The universe has returned to calm, Chen Chen no longer has any worries.

At the beginning, in order to prevent the Lord of Immortal World from being induced, all the people born in the Three Realms hid within the body space of Mung Bean.

And Mung Bean followed the doom Paragon and the others to awaken the Paragon who chose to proclaim themselves.

Now the entire Hongmeng empty space is left with the original evil and the original sin unsolved, and his strength has reached an indescribable realm, and naturally no help is needed anymore. .

But he still has no confidence in solving the two Myriad Evil Origins.

However, no matter what, what should be solved still has to be solved. This is a mission he cannot shirk.

It’s just that before going to complete this mission, he wants to see those he knows again.

the thoughts got to this point, he looked back at the universe, then moved towards the depths of Hongmeng and flew away.


Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

Chen Chen finally found Mung Bean and the entire group of the Immortal Emperor in a Great World far away from the universe.

The lord of the world also participated in the conquest of the universe, but he died at the hands of the insect race empress and never returned.

So now the world is quite peaceful, the realm of the real world is released, and there is no powerhouse coming to investigate.

“Where did Paragon, doom go?”

At the beginning of Chen Chen’s Divine Consciousness, he swept across the realm of the real underworld, and found that only the mung bean immortal Emperor Mingdi and Other people who are under Paragon’s cultivation base.

As for Doom Paragon and other so-called helpers, none of them have been seen.

The Immortal Emperor Hearing this sighed said: “The first one we left the universe to awaken was of course Paragon, the strongest southern city.

After that, Paragon, the southern city, awakened us again. Five Six Dao Paragons, but at this time Paragon in Nancheng suddenly received a mysterious message, saying that the original sin and the original evil have completely erupted, and the two Nine Dao Paragons are about to fall…”

Chen Chen Hearing this, my brow frowned.

The powerful Divine Consciousness stretched far away crazily, and it didn’t take long to track down a group of powerhouses.

It is an Eight Dao Paragon with six Six Dao Paragons, and they are very close to the sin of the beginning and the evil of the beginning. “

“So they decided to resist for a while. “

Chen Chen said softly.

“Yes, cough cough, ordinary Paragons of us are just a cumbersome in their eyes, and the realm of the real world must be looked after, otherwise in case Something happened, it is likely to affect your mood.

So, we all stayed here… By the way, Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, how are you recovering from your injury now? “

Indestructible Mingdi lightly coughed and said. As he talked, his old face blushed. Obviously, reaching this kind of realm is considered a burden, and he feels a little sad.

“I have recovered, and I have taken care of the universe. “

Chen Chen calmly replied.

“Cooking…clean? Lord of Immortal World…the giant Spirit Realm…”

The Immortal Emperor opened his mouth wide, as if he couldn’t believe it.

Chen Chen waved his hand at this. A projection appeared in front of everyone.

In the picture, a bison on the grassland is giving birth, and two young calves are lying next to the big bison waiting to be fed, and the amniotic fluid on the body is not dry.


“They are here. “Chen Chen pointed at the two little calves.


The Immortal Emperor sucked in a cold breath, and then subconsciously looked towards other people and saw other people I was also confused, and then I was sure that I was not dreaming.

“They are…”

“Reincarnation. “Chen Chen said and withdrew the projection.

Then he ignored the puzzled expressions on everyone’s faces, and each minding their own business had to pinch their hands.

Soon. , In the realm of True Underworld, some of his relatives and other familiar people were moved to front by him.

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