I Can Track Everything Chapter 905

Seeing familiar faces, Chen Chen’s original long-form commentary was all suffocated in his stomach, only to say some usual farewell words.

On the one hand, at this juncture, all the bells and whistles appear pale and weak.

On the other hand, the situation there is urgent and there is no room for delay.

After speaking, Chen Chen took a deep breath and then used his best ability to give his relatives and friends some opportunities, and then he waved his hand to let the crowd disperse.

In the end, Xia Xishuang was alone all around.

Looking at the white clothed Dao Companion in front of him, Chen Chen smiled awkwardly, and then cautiously leaned in, clinging to Xia Xishuang’s ear and said softly:

“I’m sorry, I promise that this is the last time. If I can come back this time, I will definitely accompany you.”

Xia Xishuang lifts the head and gave Chen Chen a stare, then looked towards her belly and whispered: “You and your child are not reliable people.

Tell me, how long has this child been pregnant and has not been born yet…”

Chen Chen heard it Xia Xishuang’s tone seemed to contain a trace of regret. Knowing that she regretted that she could not see the child, she quickly comforted: “I am who? Can my child be normal?

Don’t worry, he will be What kind of person can I see, and I can see the future.”

“Then what kind of person will he be?” Xia Xishuang doubted.

“He will be a happy person.”

Chen Chen originally wanted to say something handsome and handsome, with a strong cultivation base, but when it comes to his mouth, he only said the word happiness. .

The so-called handsome, handsome, strong, wealthy, and countless treasures, what is it for?

Isn’t it happy yet?

As long as you are happy, nothing else matters.

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, Xia Xishuang slightly startled, then smiled and said softly: “I am also a happy person.”

Chen Chen heard this infinitely rising in his heart The guilt, and then all this guilt turned into happiness.

“My this life is the happiest life among countless reincarnations. At first it was because I was handsome and popular. Later, my cultivation base was strong and fearless.

Now that I am invincible in the world, I know that what makes me happiest in this life is to meet you.”

This conversation Chen Chen said is very smooth and flowing.

“You are really good at talking and boasting that you don’t blush.”

Xia Xishuang gave Chen Chen angrily, and then lightly fell into Chen Chen’s arms.

It didn’t take long for Chen Chen to feel a moist feeling coming from his shoulders.

But he did not move. Until half a minute passed, Xia Xishuang in her arms said softly: “You can rest assured and go. Don’t be scruples because of me. I can take care of myself and also Take care of the child.”

“Well, wait for me to come back.”

Chen Chen said that he kissed Xia Xishuang’s cheek, then his body gradually faded, and finally turned into A wind drifted away.

Looking at the fading back, Xia Xishuang’s reluctance in her heart could no longer be concealed, and she couldn’t help calling out Chen Chen’s name.

“Chen Chen!”

With this call, the back in the distance suddenly stopped.

“If you lose, will you reincarnate again?”

Xia Xishuang wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and asked loudly.

“Don’t worry, I will, after the reincarnation, I will come to you again.”

Chen Chen didn’t look back, leaving only this sentence, and then his body completely disappeared.


In the Hongmeng empty space, Chen Chen is in the shape of an electric flash, advancing entirely with speed of instant movement.

What is the purpose of this trip, of course, is to destroy Myriad Evil Origin.

Can save Hongmeng, what benefits can be gained?

To him today, there should be nothing worthy of his attention.

Fame, strength, praised by countless people, are nothingness, not even comparable to the cry of his child’s birth.

But he came after all.

Maybe people are like this, the mission falls on them, there is no time to think about why you want to do this, you will take this responsibility without hesitation.

“Who let Hongmeng gave birth to me in the first place? I can only do my best.”

Chen Chen laughed at himself, and then began to silently review his life.

From the beginning of the stone village to now, all the wind and rain experienced.

Thinking back to the past, Chen Chen’s face unconsciously smiled.

In this way, unconsciously, an hour passed.

In the depths of Hongmeng empty space, two weird lifeforms caught his eye.

The lifeform on the left is a huge ball of meat, but there are countless tentacles growing on the ball of meat. When the tentacles are waving, there is a black air flowing out.

The lifeform on the right is a huge mouth full of sharp teeth.

The teeth are still faintly stained with flesh and blood, which looks quite terrifying.

“The evil at the beginning, the sin at the beginning.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, and then looked towards the surroundings.

Only then discovered that behind the Evil of the Origin, countless tentacles are binding an Elderly.

This Elderly is dressed in white clothed, with pale white hair and closed eyes. It seems that he has lost consciousness.

On the other side, there is Elderly under the sharp teeth in the huge mouth of Primal Sin.

This person is all black clothed, covered in blood, and I don’t know if he is alive or dead.

“Lord…The two Nine Dao Paragons have been eroded by Myriad Evil Origin, and Myriad Evil Origin has been transformed!”

Farther away, Paragon of doom Anxious and hurried voice.

Chen Chen looked along the voice and found that the magic shadow that flew out of Mochong within the body that day was fighting against a scorching sun.

The scorching sun is a Formation, there are seven people in it, the first is an Eight Dao Paragon, and the rest are all Six Dao Paragon.

Said it is a confrontation, but the scorching sun is already at an obvious disadvantage. As long as the demon shadow is stronger, it can completely swallow the scorching sun.

“Reincarnation, your luck is too bad. It was reincarnation that many times before you merged with the original heart. Now we are afraid that we will fail.”

Headed by Nancheng Paragon loudly Said, although there is regret and unwillingness in the tone, there is no fear or worry that is about to face failure.

Looking at this situation, Chen Chen scratched his head, not at all thinking of success probability geometry, and did not think about what would end if he failed, but continued to recall the past.

When thinking of what Xia Xishuang asked herself before leaving, Chen Chen suddenly smiled happily.

“In my whole life, I am also a happy person. I have no regrets when I die.”

Mumbling to himself, Chen Chen looked towards Paragon, the southern city in the distance. The entire group looked towards Yuanchu’s evil and Yuanchu’s sin, and then strode forward.

In an instant, the power of 300 million lives burned, Chen Chen lit up a raging golden flame!

Boom! boom!

Every time you take a step, the heart of Yuanchu beats once, and the terrifying power contained in it also begins to spread all around.

Finally, a huge Gate of Samsara appeared behind Chen Chen.

“Don’t say frustrating words, in fact, victory or defeat is not yet known.”

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