I Can Track Everything Chapter 906

Under such a situation, the tentacles of Yuanchu’s evil began to shrink quickly, and the big mouth of Yuanchu’s sin also slightly constricted.

The magic shadow behind the two Myriad Evil Origin is very arrogant, hissing said with a smile: “jié jié, good posture, but I don’t know how it compares to Nine Dao Paragon?”

The voice fell, the original evil completely let go of the tentacles, and the white haired old man slowly floated out.

On the other side, Yuanchu Sin also opened his mouth and released the black clothed blood man.

one black one white two Nine Dao Paragon eyes opened, they are full of the breath of Myriad Evil Origin, and their eyes are full of evil, greed, destruction…

“Sun Paragon, Lunar Paragon…”

Seeing these two Elderly, Chen Chen sighed softly.

These two Nine Dao Paragons control the yin and yang in the great monstrous, pros and cons of various Power of Two Extremes, their strength is much more powerful than his previous life, but now they are completely corroded by Myriad Evil Origin. For the destruction machine that loses its mind.



Two roars resounded between Hongmeng and the two great Nine Great Supremes, one black one The white Yin-Yang Two Qi soared into the sky, resisting the golden flame around Chen Chen.

“I’m sorry, two people.”

Chen Chen whispered, putting his hands together and putting them on his chest.

The next second, a proverb with the word “Yuan” appeared on his head.

As soon as the huge golden source word proverb came out, Yin-Yang Two Qi was quickly suppressed, and the two Nine Dao Paragons began to retreat uncontrollably.

But they didn’t retreat very far, the two Nine Dao Paragons once again shouted in unison, in an instant, Yin-Yang Two Qi began to merge, and gradually formed a grey “source” proverb, Live the offense.

Looking at this scene, Chen Chen’s expression is calm, and the power of 300 million lives is burned. At this time, he has reached a realm beyond normal life.


shouted in a low voice, Chen Chen extend the hand in the void, and after a while, hundreds of offensive aphorisms are arranged neatly In the void.

Then the huge golden “source” proverbs sprinkled a golden light, dyeing all these proverbs into golden.

Then the power of these hundreds of proverbs moved towards the gray “source” word proverbs blasted over like a cannon.

The gray “source” proverbs are powerful, but at this moment they can’t resist the golden “source” proverbs plus the offensive of hundreds of proverbs, and they retreat in a row.

A group of Paragon in the distance saw this scene of a shock, and even the white light of Formation became brighter.


The magic shadow is coldly snorted, and then suddenly wanted to open his mouth.

With this mouth, the two Myriad Evil Origin began to inculcate the evil origin power into the two Nine Dao Paragons.

In a blink of an eye, the gray “source” proverbs completely turned into black and swallowed most of the offensive proverbs.

“Give me the heart of Yuanchu!”

After blocking the attack, two Nine Dao Paragons roared in unison, one left and the other moved towards Chen Chen. .

Feeling the tremendous pressure on both sides, Chen Chen silently closed his eyes.

The life force of 300 million reincarnations is blazing. Under the impetus of such a powerful force, Yuan Chuzhi’s heart began to shoot out golden blood, and soon replaced the blood of Chen Chen’s body.

The endless golden light shoots out from Chen Chen within the body. At this moment, Chen Chen has the original fleshy body.

eyes opened, the surrounding space instantly stagnated, and the two Nine Dao Paragons were immediately sealed in place.

Chen Chen at a moderate pace scratched his middle finger, and wrote the word “Exhaust” in the void with golden blood flowing out of his fingers.

This is not one of the two thousand and 47 proverbs, but it is indeed a proverb.

Moreover, it is a new motto created by the power of the beginning.

After the “Exhaustion” proverb appeared, Chen Chen flashed his body and came to the white clothed sun Paragon.

“Sun Paragon…”

Looking at Elderly in front of him, Chen Chen called out softly, and then engraved “Exhaustion” on the forehead of Sun Paragon.

in an instant, the word “full” proverb shines brightly, the various negative emotions in Paragon’s eyes began to disappear, and a trace and soberness and calm emerged.

At this time, a large amount of the original evil power was instilled into his within the body behind him.

At the moment when Qingming was about to disappear in his eyes, Sun Paragon suddenly laughed, not an evil smile, but a very pleased smile.

Immediately afterwards, a ball of sun fire suddenly blasted from him within the body, in an instant, he turned into a ball of Fireball.

The raging fire finally converged in the proverb of the word “full” and disappeared completely from the world.

Chen Chen’s admonition of taking back the word “full” flashed again, and came to Paragon again.

This time, the sin of the beginning did not give Paragon a chance to wake up, and countless Myriad Evil Origin powers melted into Paragon within the body.

But without the sun Paragon, after all, the paragon of the lunar yin is a single tree, and the black “source” proverb can no longer be gathered.

Looking at the Lunar Paragon who was still trying to attack him, Chen Chen’s eyes flashed unbearable, but after all he used the golden “source” proverb to control the flames of fate and burn Lunar Paragon to ashes.

“The two Paragons have worked hard.”

Looking at the empty space in front of Hongmeng, Chen Chen said softly, then turned his head and looked towards Yuanchu’s evil sum in the distance. The original sin.

“Hehe, it’s really cruel to hit his own people.”

Moying saw the fall of the two Nine Dao Paragons, not at all of the emotional fluctuations, but the words were taunted.

Chen Chen turned a deaf ear to this, and when he came to this step, his heart was very firm, and he could not be shaken by a few sarcasm.

If he hadn’t had such a firm conviction, he wouldn’t have been ruthless to kill two Nine Dao Paragons just now.

Seeing that Chen Chen did not waver at all, the Demon Shadow suddenly laughed up to the sky, smiling and laughing, it turned into a white clothed woman, shining with holy light all over.

After the incarnation was completed, the laughter of the white clothed woman stopped abruptly, and then looked towards Chen Chen with a cold expression.

“Rebellion! Do you know that I am the source of this great enlightenment, the starting point of all things!

The heart of the beginning is nothing but an epigenetic thing when I was born that’s all Now you are doing the opposite, trying to destroy me, don’t know who really gave birth to you, it’s me!”

Speaking of which, the voice of the white clothed woman has shaken the world!

Immediately afterwards, a completely black “source” proverb appeared in her hands.

The black light of the word “Yuan” proverb seemed to swallow everything. It didn’t take long for Yuanchu’s evil and Yuanchu’s sin to merge into the black “Yuan” word proverb.

“Sin is the beginning of this great enlightenment.”

The tone of the white clothed woman suddenly softened. At the same time, a red sin and a black evil appeared. Behind her.

When the “guilt” is fully formed, the white clothed woman looked towards Chen Chen, with unspeakable emotions in her eyes.

“Sin is ugly, so because I am ugly, will you destroy me, the mother who gave birth to you? Then, what is the difference between you and me?”

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