I Can Track Everything Chapter 908

How can this great beginning be evil?

As long as you have seen such clear eyes, you don’t think so, right?

This thought flashed through Chen Chen’s mind, and in an instant, black’s original heart became golden again.

When I look back again, Chen Chen’s eyes are as clear as water, and he is no longer at a loss.

Looking at that big mouth, Chen Chen smiled carefreely and walked directly in.

When the magic shadow saw this, his eyes became distorted, as if he had eaten something extremely unpalatable, and tried to spit it out with his mouth wide open.

But at this time, it couldn’t help but choose.

Chen Chen walked into the depths calmly, and finally stopped beside the two Myriad Evil Origin hidden in it.

Then he closed his eyes.

This time, he also saw a lot of things, and saw a lot of innocent and kind people with Pure Heart.

Although they have encountered the evil of the beginning, they have never been eroded.

Not only that, but people close to them were also affected by them, and the Myriad Evil Origin aura on their bodies began to fade.

“They are the future of the Hongmeng. With them, they will be better in the future.”

With a whisper, the countless hot energy in the Hongmeng moved towards Chen Chen. Come.

in an instant, the heart of the beginning shines brightly, directly illuminating the space within the body of the magic shadow.

The evil of Yuanchu and the sin of Yuanchu quickly melted under this light, and at the same time the sound of mournful scream came from the outside world!

Chen Chen took advantage of the huge power of the magic shadow within the body incomparable at this time to fully promote the “reincarnation” motto, and soon established causal reincarnation throughout Hongmeng.

At this time, the screams of the Demon Shadow stopped abruptly.


In a blink of an eye, three months later.

In a manor in Earth China, Chen Chen is walking under the shade with his child and Xia Xishhuang. Judging from the clothes, the two have integrated into urban life.

The child in his arms is named Chen Che, very well-behaved. Although he is born with the strength of an immortal, he does not have much desire for destruction.

For this child, Chen Chen is naturally pampered to the extreme.

“Xishhuang, you really want to be a Teacher?”

Chen Chen asked suddenly while walking.

Xia Xishuang nodded said: “I always do something, even more how the school you set up, there must be people like me to teach.”

Chen Chen Hearing this helplessly smiled.

Some time ago, he built a school in Dashan. The students were the second generation of immortals, such as Yuan Qingtian’s six sons, Zhang Ji’s three-character daughter and so on.

Of course, these children cannot go to ordinary schools.

Originally Chen Chen wanted to send these children to Immortal World sect for training, but the children’s parents indicated that they must receive nine-year compulsory education.

Chen Chen had to build a school.

“Then I, the Principal, can only accompany you, anyway, I am idle, Mung Bean, you will take good care of this manor and take care of my parents and folks!”

< p>Chen Chen said, while looking towards the small fish pond in the manor not far away.

When the voice fell, Mung Bean poked his head out, and then nodded. Behind it, there were a group of little turtles, little crabs and other things.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen laughed blankly.

Even if it becomes stronger, Mung Bean likes to play in the pond.



At this time, there was a roar in the distance. Chen Chen looked around and saw a plane rising into the sky from the manor next door. , Lasing towards the horizon.

Chen Chen shook the head.

Yuan Qingtian has been obsessed with these things since he came to Earth, and now everyday all flies to the university to attend classes, claiming that he must experience his own growth process and see what kind of education is catalyzed Out of talents like myself.

As for Zhang Ji, he is a wife-loving demon. Now he is taking his wife to taste the delicacies from all over the Earth. No surprises at this moment, he should be in Africa.

There is also the realm of the real world, which was placed in the third within the realm by Chen Chen.

Chen Chen built it into the best cultivation Holy Land in Hongmeng, like his own Masters and cultivation crazy demons such as Zhou Renlong. Now they are all practicing in the realm of the real world, enjoying every day With the thrill of breaking through, I don’t know anything about it.

On the contrary, his Alchemist father, Yuqiong, is no longer interested in cultivation. Now he holds a mobile phone all day to study the p-pictures, and then post them to the Internet, watching a crowd of netizens like hehe, smirking, And have been happy about it.

As for Paragon, they all went to Hongmeng other world to maintain the order of the world.

In short, no matter what everyone is doing, at least they are happy.

After all, he is a great backer, as long as he doesn’t do bad things, there are people who will help.

“Father, flowers are so beautiful!”

Chen Chen’s thoughts were interrupted by the soft voice of Chen Che in his arms.

Chen Chen looked in the direction pointed by Chen Che’s little hand, and at a glance he saw the gorgeous flower in the garden that was tall and unique in shape.

“It’s pretty.”

Chen Chen said softly, then hugged Chen Che to the flower and squatted down.

“Father, don’t pick it, the flowers will die.”

Small Chen Che reminded.

“Don’t worry, I won’t pick it.”

Chen Chen laughed, his eyes suddenly lit up unconsciously.

In his pupils, a strange world suddenly appeared.

This world is in a primordial state, which is full of dense forests and various animals.

Beside a small river in the middle of Conglin, a daffodil deer was playing with a small deer. On the rock beside it, there was a huge Huang Jing wading, which seemed to be basking in the sun.

At this moment, the trumpet flower spirit seemed to notice that someone was spying, and immediately turned his head and looked towards the void.

“Master! When will you come to play! Here is good!”

Chen Chen waved his hand at the trumpet flower spirit in the illusory shadow, with a smile on his face .

“Father, where is your projection just now?” Small Chen asked curiously.

“That place is called Monster Realm, it is a peaceful paradise.”

Chen Chen explained patiently, and then he looked towards the unusually bright and strange flower, in his mouth Whispered softly: “How? Monster Realm, still satisfied? I won’t owe you anymore.”

The voice fell, and a breeze blew by, and the strange flower trembled slightly, seeming to be responding , The stamen in the middle suddenly bends, as if smiling.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen stood up in relief.

“Chen Che, go, I’ll take you to school!”

“But I’m only three months old and I haven’t reached school age yet!” Small Chen Che mumbled dissatisfiedly.

“Then what do you want to do? Lying in the baby every day?” Chen Chen knocked Chen Che on the forehead.

“I want to see the stars!” Chen Che replied quietly after thinking for a while.

Chen Chen hearing this looked towards the sky, and then walked to Xia Xishuang in two steps.

“Let’s go, let’s see the stars first.”

The voice fell, Chen Chen’s figure suddenly flashed, and Xia Xishuang disappeared in the manor.

In the next second, a family of three appeared in the universe.

Stars in the distance flow, large and small stars form a Milky Way, which looks majestic and magnificent.

“This is the sea of ​​stars…”

Although Chen Che has seen it several times, he still couldn’t help but sighed in admiration.

“Father, my future goal is the stars and the sea!”

Small Chen lifts the head, looked towards Chen Chen, with a very serious tone.

At this moment, an extremely powerful voice suddenly sounded in the distance!

“Who has such a big tone!”

Immediately afterwards, a planet-sized giant beast broke open a planet and appeared in front of Chen Chen’s family.

The starry sky giant beast has a ferocious expression, and his eyes are ferocious as if he wants to swallow everything!

However, after seeing Chen Chen, his eyes suddenly stiffened, and the sweat on his body was like pouring rain, and his body was shaking like chaff.

“This…what is this?”

Chen Che shrank into Chen Chen’s arms with some fear, and asked in a low voice.

“cough cough, I am a little fish in this galaxy, my little Young Master, how can your future be this little sea of ​​stars?

This kind of small place is not worthy of your identity…”

Starry sky giant beast pretended to be weak while talking, and his eyes looked at Chen Chen from time to time, and finally returned. Can’t help but add: “Do you think it’s the noble, invincible, handsome, and majestic Lord Divine Venerable……”

“Go away.”



(End of the book)

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