I Created The Salvation Organization Chapter 267


Gu Yan experienced a world doomsday.

Still his own world.

In such a disaster, the country, nation, and civilization need to think about how to make their own people live as much as possible. Other hatreds seem less important.

Especially in Gu Yan’s world, even afterwards, the people of the whole world united to fight the doomsday.

Therefore, he directly rejected the probability of continuing to fight.

In fact, war is even more dangerous for such a doomsday.

Because there will be countless dead

“Then this army…” Li Jing looked at Gu Yan.

“Retreat.” Gu Yan said bluntly, “To deal with evil spirits, no matter how many soldiers, it will only add blood to evil spirits. I only need some expert, and I am brave and ambitious, willing to be this When the world fights for the common people, it will be possible to give the Immortal Monarch the skill of controlling ghosts!”

After speaking, he took out three small scrolls from his arms, exuding soft golden rays of light.

Respectfully placed on the table.

“Qin Qiong, Yuchi Jingde, and Li Jing, the three of you can come up to receive the Immortal Monarch gift.”

“Yes, many thanks immortal!” Qin Qiong and Yuchi Jingde. Li Jing all smiled with joy.

They also stepped forward respectfully, and one person picked up a scroll.

The seal inside is Shen Yi’s “Immortal Technique”.

For Shen Yi, a scroll like this can be made without any points.

At most, it takes a little time.

And by itself, it will not directly mention the extraordinary class of expert, but can be used to seal and drive evil spirits.

At this moment, Yuchi Jingde and the others, under Gu Yan’s guidance, directly opened the seal scroll in their hands.

Suddenly, golden light suddenly appeared.

one after another Intricate lines, directly accompanied by golden light emerged into the back of their hands, leaving a mark.

Many generals who realized what this is are a little eager.

This is a gift from Immortal Monarch!

In the previous demonstration by Cheng Yaojin, they had already shown them the power of Immortal Monarch’s magic, that ferocious evil spirit, under the control of Immortal Monarch’s magic, turned out to be extremely well-behaved.

With this, not only the strength is greatly increased, but also the ability to fight evil spirits!

“It should be done without delay, and set off now.”

Gu Yan stood up, his body was brilliance, and some fighting intents had already emerged.

Although I use my brain more at the moment.

But he is Martial Dao after all.

And at this time.

A group of people also gathered in Ding Nang City.

Yang Zhengdao, son of Yang Chao, King of Sui Qi, and former Empress of Sui Xiao.

There is also the Jie Li Khan of the East Turks.

The one sitting in the first seat is naturally a strong Jie Li.

This man has the rugged appearance of a Turkic, and his face is full of stubble.

But at this time his face was extremely ugly, and he said:

“The evil sun ridge last night, wail like ghosts and howl like wolves. All night, I sent a whole hundred people to check it out, but only seven people came back, and all of them were crazy. It was a ghost.”

When he heard that Tang Dynasty was attacking with a large army, it had already made him quite timid.

Now this thing happened again.

The sound of the evil sun ridge is really shocking, even he hasn’t slept all night.

It’s not just him.

None of the others had a good-looking face.

The sound is extremely miserable, like coming from a distance, and like being close to the ear, just listening to it makes people feel hairy and tremble all over, these ghost sounds, apart from the evil ghost Demon, can’t think of anything else Up.

“Khan can send someone to visit again in the daytime.” Empress Xiao said aloud, “If there are still evil spirits and Demon, then this is a deal, but it can’t be stayed anymore.”

At this time, Empress Xiao was already a sixty-year-old woman, but she had silver hair and meticulous, and her face could still see the grace and magnificence of the past.

“Leave the fixed bag?” Jie Li startled, “Wouldn’t that give the fixed bag to Tang Jun?”

“Khan.” Empress Xiao’s expression remained unchanged, “If Tang Jun rushes, he must pass through the Eiyang Ridge. If there are evil ghosts, how can Tang Jun not be afraid? Isn’t it a moat? Even more how, I’m only waiting for a while Leaving, retreating to the line of defense, the safety of the Khan and the Sui King is more important.”

Although yesterday’s ghost sound also scared Empress Xiao.

But she wasted her whole life after all.

Even in the face of this situation, I can think calmly.

This may be the reason why she was also able to receive the courtesy of the East Turks even when the country was ruined and her family was destroyed as a woman.

And after Jie Li thought a little, he was nodded again and again.

“What Empress Xiao said is extremely true, just as Empress Xiao said.”

Ding Nang City was lost. Although it was serious, Tang Jun came first, and then the evil spirits were crying. Jie Li was not a fierce and unafraid of death.

Even if Empress Xiao didn’t say anything, he had already retired.

This matter, how to decide.

However, Yang Zhengdao, who carries the name “King of Sui”, just lowered his head from beginning to end, because there was no room for him to intervene.

No one said a word to him even when he left.

And the other side.

Empress Xiao returned to her house.

Suddenly, extend the hand tapped a few times on the table according to a certain pattern.

A petite woman in black dress and black gauze appeared suddenly.

“What is the Queen’s order?” The woman knelt on the ground.

“The ghost sound last night, you have sent someone to investigate.” Xiao Huang’s face remained unchanged, just staring at the person in front of him, naturally there is a kind of majesty, “What news can I get.”

Empress Xiao just tone barely fell.

This black woman’s body trembled.

“Go back, go back to the queen.” There was obvious fear in her voice, “I will listen to the people sent by Jie Li before going deep last night, all weeping and crying, there are a few people running out , Also, also…”

“What’s the matter?” Empress Xiao asked with aggravated voice.

“I was also sucked up by the evil spirit, turned into a bone horror, and fell to the ground. I had to flee in a hurry.” The woman’s voice was already trembling to the extreme.

This time, Empress Xiao couldn’t keep her expression anymore.

Even stood up abruptly.

“Really there are evil spirits?”

“There are evil spirits! I saw it with my own eyes!”

“…” Empress Xiao sat down slowly, staying for a while, and slowly said, “So, I can’t stay here anymore… You can prepare for a while, and you can take me and Wang Sui away. I know you have this ability.”

The woman was taken aback for a moment.

“What the queen said before, does she have to leave with Jie Li Khan?”

“No.” The Emperor Xiao had no expression behind him, “If the East Turks loses the contract, even if the Tang army cannot capture it, it will be a success or failure. No matter how difficult it is to turn over, and my death is small, the King of Sui will have nothing to do.”

“…” The woman in black hesitated for a moment, but could only ask, “I don’t know where the queen intends to go.”

“Naturally be reunited with my daughter.” Empress Xiao had obviously had an idea and raised her eyes half-empty. “For you, my queen’s reputation is better than my daughter’s name.” [19459002 ]

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