I Created The Salvation Organization Chapter 268


Although this World seems to be in the early Tang Dynasty, in fact, it is not that simple.

After all, it is a world with extraordinary power.

I have just experienced troubled times, not many years, the winners and losers, overtly and secretly, the courts, do not know how many power disputes.

“If an ordinary transmigrator comes to this world, plus a little cheat, maybe it will make a major event, or even create a legendary.” Shen Yi in the stands said softly.

Empress Xiao’s every move was seen by him.

Not that I want to know something.

It’s just that since I set my sights on the East Turks, I am also a little curious about those characters who have appeared in the history books he has studied.

But what I saw was a little unexpected.

The woman in black obviously belongs to a certain force, a certain “loser” force.

It may be unique in this world, or it may be the same in the history of other worlds.

And obviously planning something secretly.

“But for the captain, such a ‘Legendary’ story is only interesting at first glance, but boring at first glance,” said Ding Xiang next to Shen Yi.

At this time, there were only two of them in the stands.

“Of course.” Shen Yi sighed then said, “The realm level is different. Now I can’t experience the intense and exciting situation of the rivers and lakes.”

Before crossing, he still yearned for a story like this.

Flowers angry horses, happy vendettas, Emperor scheming to become Master of the Universe, Jiangshan beauty.

But now.

No matter how strong the “villain”, no matter how deep the hidden “force” is, in his eyes, it is really what Dingxiang says, it is interesting at first glance, but boring on closer inspection.

Those who do not affect the saving of the world, don’t care, those who affect the saving of the world can be crushed to death with a single finger.

“The thrilling situation of the world, the captain can’t experience it.” Ding Xiang suddenly chuckled, “but saving the world and guiding civilization are unique and interesting at the same time, isn’t it? Captain. “

“That’s true.” Shen Yi slightly smiled.

He looked away from Empress Xiao, did not care about the hidden in the shadow of the world, but did not even know the “power” of the immortal coming to the world.

Instead, he set his sights on Gu Yan.

At this time, Gu Yan, with a group of people, approached Eyang Ridge.

Obviously it is daylight.

But as soon as I stepped into the Evil Yang Ridge, I felt extremely gloomy.

It seems that it was just because the trees blocked the rays of light.

However, Gu Yan from modern society obviously has a deeper experience.


Yes, when shooting, sometimes filters are added to increase the optical guidance, making the entire mountain look extremely gloomy.

This will undoubtedly bring a natural sense of fear.

“In this mountain, there are a total of 13 evil spirits.” Gu Yan has obtained the number from Dingxiang, and said it, looking towards the others, “For me, these evil spirits can be backhanded. Extinction, but I will not take action until you all die.”

In one sentence, many people’s complexion slightly changed.

This time, in addition to the four who were given the Immortal Monarch, ten people came, all of whom were generals in the army, and the cultivation base was not weak.

But what they have to face is the evil spirit after all.

It’s already here, but immortal says he won’t do anything?

“No need to be surprised.” Gu Yan fell asleep, his voice unquestionably thick, “I am instructed by Immortal Monarch to slay the evil spirits, and also to give and teach on behalf of Immortal Monarch. There is a ghost rider who can fight with evil spirits and protect the common people. Therefore, in today’s battle, it is a test. It will test whether the four ghost riders such as You can protect the person on the side of body protection when fighting with evil spirits. Secondly, it will test whether you and the ten people have the courage to face the evil spirits, so as to get the Immortal Monarch’s bestowment.”

The task Shen Yi gave him was indeed to bring out some outstanding ghost wielders.

It’s not just strength.

There is spirit.

A sense of mission, a sense of responsibility, and the spirit of being able to inherit.

Only in this way can this World be truly rescued from the evil spirits, instead of waiting for the association to leave and persisting for a while and still perish.

Although Gu Yan did such a thing for the first time, he is no stranger to this spirit.

In his world.

The spirit of Martial Dao is to protect the country and the people with bravery.

At this moment, Li Jing and the others also suddenly found out.

The temperament of this Gu immortal has changed.

It is not like an immortal that is independent from the world, but more like a general, leading them to guard the frontier and defend against foreign enemies.

And Li Jing’s feeling is even stronger.

“Definitely spare no effort!” Li Jing said.

“Definitely spare no effort!” The others were also shouted.

Going into battle to kill the enemy is equally dangerous, but they are soldiers. At this time, in their view, Immortal Monarch’s gift is like a reward for making meritorious deeds.

In this way, the fighting intent is naturally high.

And at this moment.

Gu Yan also suddenly received a jade order from the body, a subpoena from Dingxiang.

“A ghost is about two hundred feet to your right.” Gu Yan said aloud. The breath on his body was completely suppressed by him. The whole person looked like an ordinary person, simple and unpretentious. .

If it shows too strong aura, evil spirits will also be afraid.

And just after Gu Yan put away his breath.

Everyone felt the wind blowing.

In the dark part of the forest covered by shrubs and evergreen trees, there seems to be an invisible existence, pressing like a tide.

A little trembling rise in the mind.

Fear is like the color of evil spirits. Even the brave people can feel their fear when facing evil spirits. This is like a unique power belonging to evil spirits. .

And from this time on.

The ten selected soldiers have different expressions.

Some can’t help but show melee, some force composure, but fear has emerged in their eyes, and some clenched their teeth and tightened their muscles, forcing themselves not to think about anything.

There are also people who can suppress their inner fears and are completely calm.

There is only one.

“What is that person’s name?” Shen Yi asked Ding Xiang.

“Su Dingfang.” Dingxiang quickly replied, “Is one of the famous generals in the Tang Dynasty.”

“It turned out to be him.” Shen Yi nodded, he also remembered this person’s name, and exclaimed, “Among the ghost masters, there should be him.”

It is not who, who can still remain calm in the face of the natural fear of evil spirits.

That alone.

It is enough to get the identity of the ghost master.

At this moment, Li Jing also quickly finalized the plan.

“Cheng Zhijie, you stay in the middle, Qin Qiong, you and I are scattered on both sides, respect, this evil spirit will be handed over to you.”

This is the best solution without immortal. After all, with the Immortal Monarch, only one person can conquer an evil spirit without pressure.

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