I Fixed My System Law Chapter 644

Law Power is very mysterious, mysterious and mysterious. He once touched a little in the heavenly tomb, but only heard a few words that’s all.

The method he used to kill Li Jue-ning was similar to that used to kill the Li Family brother, and Leng Shiqi thought about it and found that the two uses seemed to be related to the Earth Element.

More precisely, it is related to gravity!

In the sky tomb, he used gravity similar to a black hole to absorb and crush everything!

Not long ago, a Gravity Space was formed, where he can freely manipulate gravity and anti-gravity. Even Li Jue-ning, the One with Heaven and Earth realm, has been suppressed to be impossible to move even a little bit!

If what he guessed is true, how could he be able to use Heaven and Earth Law Power in Linggang?

He clearly remembers that the Heavenly Origin Realm powerhouses that were solved in the tomb of the sky are still groping, but he has struggled to comprehend Heaven and Earth Law Power but never get it.

Even the Heavenly Origin Realm powerhouse can’t do things, why can Leng Shiqi, a small spiritual realm?

This is what Leng Shiqi is most puzzled about. He wants to try again, but unfortunately he has now exited the mysterious state. It was like he felt something in his hand, but when he looked down, there was nothing.

This feeling makes him very uncomfortable.

Of course, he does not have time to explore now. Although his speed is much slower, he still has to walk down the ground desperately, for fear of being caught by the other two One with Heaven and Earth realms of Li Family To.

Leng Shiqi dragged his badly injured body forward. All his strength within the body was almost exhausted. He basically supported himself with a strong will.

He didn’t know how long he was in a daze, just before his eyes became more and more blurred, and when he was about to faint, he suddenly saw a system prompt.

“Ming Sect has been successfully upgraded!”

Leng Shiqi saw this message as if he saw a straw for life, he used his last consciousness to transmit himself into Ming Sect.

As soon as he entered Ming Sect, Leng Shiqi didn’t even have time to see the changes after Ming Sect was upgraded, and fell to the ground and fainted!

He overdrafted too much power in the battle with Li Juoning, and inadvertently inspired the Heaven and Earth Law Power that he shouldnt have mastered. Coupled with a long flight, even if he will No matter how firm you are, you can’t hold it.

Especially when he knew that entering Ming Sect was equivalent to saving his life. Once he relaxed his mentality, all the pain and load he had accumulated before would burst out, and he fainted.

Its just that Leng Shiqi didnt know that after he lost consciousness, a thick pure black gas suddenly appeared and enveloped him, looking like a sticky silkworm cocoon from a distance.

The mysterious power of Sisi penetrates into the body, and is rapidly repairing his injury!

Time passed, and about a day later, Leng Shiqi suddenly opened his eyes.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he found the black energy enveloping him. He was also taken aback at first, but he also found that his injury was unconsciously better!

Including Primordial Spirit and spirit strength have also recovered 60-70%, and even blood essence has been made up a lot!

“What is this, the healing effect is so good?” Leng Shiqi was puzzled. Originally, in his initial plan, it would take at least one or two months to recover from the injury.

This is just healing. If you want to return to the peak state, I am afraid it will take about three months.

He is ready for a long time to recover from his injuries, but he wakes up almost after a sleep, which surprises him and has several points of incredible.

He couldn’t help but think to himself: “Is this the benefit of Ming Sect’s upgrade?”

Thinking of this, the black energy around him also slowly disappeared, he Finally, I can see what Ming Sect looks like now.

However, Leng Shiqi looked around, and suddenly showed a look of surprise!

After the previous Ming Sect upgrade, the area has been expanded a lot, and Leng Shiqi originally thought that this is the same.

In fact, as he expected, he can no longer see his head at Ming Sect now, and the distance of the radius may be more than several hundred li!

If the area is only expanded, of course it will not make Leng Shiqi show such an expression.

The most important reason is that Ming Sect is no longer a plane!

The place where he is at the moment is before the gates of hell, the gates of hell has reached several ten zhang, like a huge city wall, there are countless dry bones on the wall, terrible. Extremely.

Looking further back, Yellow Springs Road winds and stretches for an unknown number of miles, as if to lead into the abyss.

And River Lethe actually hangs upside down, like a hanging river whizzing down in nine days!

Bridge of Helplessness is hidden in a large cloud of gloomy fog, confused, mysterious and secretive, faintly discernible.

After that, there were mountains after another!

The mountains are rugged and rugged, and they are completely shrouded in layers of black and overcast wind, among which ghost shadows are clumps and ghosts roar. And on the top of the mountain, there is a great hall of pure black, the hall of ecstasy!

Thousands of souls absorbed by Leng Shiqi not long ago are walking swayingly on Yellow Springs Road, and the group of souls from at first have already climbed the mountains and are heading for the highest point. The soul hall walked.

Leng Shiqi looked at all this in a daze, he murmured: “No wonder this Ming Sect upgrade takes a day, and the changes are really big.”

This is just Ming. Sect’s surface changes, Leng Shiqi also discovered that changes have also taken place in his territory system.

First of all, the number of ghost slaves has been changed from two to four, and with the upgrade of Ming Sect, the strength and abilities of ghost slaves will also increase.

Leng Shiqi immediately called to Li Gui, and at a glance, the ghost qi on Li Gui’s body was really richer, his eyes became more flexible, and the aura he exuded was comparable to that of Ling Gang!

Leng Shiqi is very satisfied with the appearance of a strange spiritual battle strength in his hand, especially now that Insect King is also injured and cannot provide him with an increase in battle strength, Li Gui can be compensated at this point.

Leng Shiqi thought that there are still three ghost slaves, he moved divine sense, and quickly found Li Jue-ning’s soul among the many souls!

Seeing Li Juinings muddleheaded soul, Leng Shiqi expressed coldly. He also directly transformed Li Juining into the ghost slave. Li Juening immediately fell to his knees, almost buried his head. Underground, said: “Master.”

Seeing this, Li Juoning, who almost killed herself, knelt in front of him. Leng Shiqi’s heart inevitably has several points of pleasure, and at the same time secretly awakened herself. Don’t be careless all the time!

He thinks he is invincible in the realm with his strength, but there are still too many people who can kill him in this world!

The so-called there is Heaven beyond the Heaven there is Person beyond the Person, unless he is a pinnacle standing in this World, he must remain vigilant at all times.

At this time, he didn’t know who had leaked his whereabouts, and he had to investigate this point carefully. Also, he didn’t know why Li Juoning could find him. He had to know that he was flying in the sky at that time, but he was still found.

Therefore, the information about his battle has been thoroughly checked. Fortunately, he obtained the Buddhism cultivation technique from Tudeng, and the prizes drawn by the system are still somewhat concealed. .

The most important point, if it weren’t for the stand-in doll, he would have died long ago!

Originally, Leng Shiqi thought he was carrying the blood beast of the wild evil demon and the Indestructible Diamond magic, and there was a granite shield to protect him in the dark. There were almost no people who could break his defense.

But in front of the Spirit Cultivator in the One with Heaven and Earth environment, it is still a bit not enough, so the means of life-saving and hole cards must be prepared!


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