I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3338


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After many trials and hardships, the cultivators finally landed across the sea.

Looking back towards the ocean below the cliff, and the silhouette of a path of, she is insisting on swimming towards the land.

The guy who still has bad luck, at the last moment when success is about to come, quietly sinks into the bottom.

Or when climbing the sharp claw cliff, you were caught by those dense sharp claws, and then torn into pieces.

But even the successful cultivator is still confused, and I don’t know what will happen next.

After Tang Zhen glanced twice, he sat cross-legged on the ground and began to adjust his breath to restore himself to Peak state as soon as possible.

This long journey across the sea, Tang Zhen was bruised and bruised, already reaching the limit he could bear.

With the powerful Willpower, I have persisted until reaching the land.

If you don’t adjust your breath in time, you will never have the strength to take a step on the next journey.

If in a normal world, the cultivator will inevitably leave wounds that are difficult to heal after this hardship.

If the wound cannot be repaired, it will inevitably affect the path of cultivation and even directly endanger one’s own life.

But at this moment, the cultivators are not in the mood to pay attention to this. They don’t care about the health of the body, they just want to complete their mission.

Every cultivator composed of spirit strength has an extremely strong obsession, and only wants to obtain the seed of the rules.

In order to achieve the goal, you can at all costs.

Tang Zhen continued on the road without adjusting his breath for too long.

The trauma is not at all repaired, but he dare not stay, otherwise the competitors will become more and more.

During the period of pranayama, cultivators continued to climb up in the sea, among which were Tang Zhen’s Spiritual Body.

After some hardships, the mentality of the cultivators has changed. Even the cultivators who originally had the same origin have become more indifferent.

No longer like at the beginning, in order to achieve the common goal, being able to sacrifice oneself without the slightest hesitation.

If there is only one chance, the cultivators will definitely start to compete without hesitation and will not give up the opportunity to others.

In other words, from now on, even if they belong to the same Spiritual Body, each other will become competitors.

In the process of traveling, keep a certain distance from each other and never approach them easily.

Some cultivators suddenly fell over when they were walking, without even struggling.

Most of the silhouettes can no longer be revived and become one of the corpses in the wilderness.

When the cultivators passed by, they didn’t even look at them, just staring straight ahead.

Compared with the narrowness and darkness before, this land has become more spacious, and you can believe that the horse can run freely.

The cultivators know very well that both sides and the rear are dead ends, and only the front is the only hope.

During the journey, I can see from time to time that there are many big holes on the ground.

These big pits are not bottomless, and there are terrifying sounds from time to time. I don’t know what terrifying things are hidden.

The cultivator on the move will try to avoid these places to avoid slipping into them.

There are too many dangers in this special world, and we must not take it lightly.

But there are still some cultivators, just like being possessed, moving towards those big pits.

They came to the edge of the big pit, without hesitation, they jumped directly into the deep pit.

Seeing this scene, the cultivators looked vigilant and avoided these big pits.

Just like this, I walked nearly a hundred kilometers, and I encountered more and more cultivators along the way.

Everyone is rushing silently, without any communication with each other.

It seems that the hardships along the way have completely lost their ability to talk, and now they are left with unspeakable indifference.

No one knows how long he can hold on and when he will completely fall.

The probability of being able to stick to this step is equivalent to 1 in 1 million, which shows how difficult the exploration process is.

Maybe this is why cultivators are reluctant to give up.

The long road has an end.

A city appeared in the distance, tall and majestic, exuding an atmosphere of primitive vicissitudes.

It’s just that over this city, there is a billowing smoke rising into the sky, and there are waves of fighting.

While Tang Zhen was observing, the cultivators who had travelled all the way had already rushed forward quickly.

After walking such a long distance, now finally there are clues, and the cultivators suddenly become refreshed.

In a competitive environment, if you have the opportunity to be one step ahead, it is best not to fall behind.

If opportunities are limited, latecomers are likely to get nothing.

The same is true for Tang Zhen, following the cultivators running forward, getting closer and closer to the huge city.

As I approached the city, the smell of burnt and rancidity pounced on my face. This is the unique smell of the battlefield.

Although it was a cruel battlefield, Tang Zhen gave birth to a kind of intimacy. Since embarking on the road of cultivation, he has never been far away from the battlefield and fighting.

After climbing another hillside, a huge battlefield suddenly appeared in front of Tang Zhen.

There are silhouettes of fighting everywhere, roars and screams rushing into the sky, shattered corpses covering the ground.

The cultivators belong to the siege, equipped with a mess of weapons, and are fighting each other with soldiers wearing seven-colored armor.

The garrison soldiers are well-equipped and powerful. Fighting between the two is inextricably difficult.

On the edge of the battlefield, there are rows of tall silhouettes standing in front of piles of equipment stained with blood and meat.

These broken weapons are a kind of thin and ugly creatures, collected from the battlefield and piled together.

They shuttled on the battlefield, constantly plucking off the armor from the dead body, then picked up the weapons they dropped, and dragged them back to the edge of the battlefield.

When they encounter a heavy object, they will cooperate with each other and make a zhi zhi chirp when dragging.

“Hurry up to grab the weapon and enter the battlefield immediately.

If you want to enter this city, you must defeat these defenders, otherwise the city gate will always be impossible to open!

The more enemies you kill, the richer the rewards will be. It all depends on your performance! “

These silhouettes loudly said, when the cultivators look at it, they feel that they are an enlarged version of themselves.

The cultivators kept silent, gathered in front of the garbage dump, and rummaged in silence.

The equipment is full of damage, stained with all kinds of filth, and even broken limbs and arms are wrapped in them.

The surface of a lot of equipment is thick with blood, dirt, and dirt. I don’t know how many owners have experienced it.

Tang Zhen picked up a pair of arm armors, another pair of helmets, glanced at it and threw it away.

“Don’t underestimate these equipment, which can save your life at a critical moment. Without wearing these things, your chance of death will be doubled!”

Seeing Tang Zhen’s movements, the tall silhouette reminded him that he was like a mentor for training recruits.

“If these things can really save the lives of users, then they won’t appear here.”

Tang Zhen said casually, and turned out another shield, which looked like a sinister beast.

Contaminated by blood and minced meat, the evil beast looks very ferocious, as if it is about to choose people to eat.

The edges of the shield are extremely sharp, and there are sharp horn blades for blocking and cutting on both sides. In the hands of a cultivator who is good at fighting, it can kill people with no difficulty.

Tang Zhen took out a long knife again, the surface is full of gold lines, obviously the most primordial rune.

Compared with the tattered war knife he used, this wrong gold rune war knife obviously has higher quality.

Holding a shield long knife in his hand, Tang Zhen followed the armed cultivator and charged towards the battlefield.

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