I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3340


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The blade light flashed, the head rolled down, and the corpse fell into a pool of blood.

The closer you get to the center of the battlefield, the more tragic the scene, and the roar’s wailing silhouette is visible.

The sharp blade breaks the iron bone, the silver spear smashes the liver and intestines, the souls sing everywhere, and the strong men do not return home.

Although it is the condensation of spirit strength, in this world, all the cultivators are flesh and blood.

They killed happily, but died equally tragically.

The same is true for the enemies who guard the city. The wailing before death is enough to prove the pain.

The bloody and cruel fight, soaked the land of the battlefield with blood, and piled up corpses like a mountain.

The sight of Blood Sea Purgatory makes the scalp numb of the newly arrived cultivators, and the rich Death Aura makes people tremble.

Tang Zhen is still fighting, and the more fought the more stronger.

A city defender wearing a black Battle Armor was beheaded by Tang Zhen with a single knife, lying down on his back extremely unwilling.

When the surrounding city defenders saw this, they immediately sent out a roar, moved towards Tang Zhen rushing towards him.

No matter what Tang Zhen’s strength is, even if they are not opponents, they must stand up without hesitation at this moment.

Because of the limitation of duties, there is no retreat.

Tang Zhen slashed with a knife again, and he would not be soft-hearted at all, because the enemy was full of intentions to kill him.

Among the enemies who besieged Tang Zhen, black armored soldiers accounted for the majority and were extremely powerful.

They are the generals of the city defenders. While in charge of command, they will also intercept and kill the cultivator.

At this first stage, the number of cultivators that can fight with the black Armored Soldier has been greatly reduced.

Everyone is an elite, killing countless enemies along the way.

But the situation is getting more and more difficult. After all, there are few enemies, and the enemy’s strength has become more powerful.

If there is any negligence in the battle, the enemy will catch the weak spot and give a fatal blow.

In this area, there are constantly cultivators besieged by the battlefield, and then silently swallowed and strangled.

There are also some cultivators, like a hot knife through butter all the way, constant breakthroughs to stop the guards.

breakthrough was intercepted by the black armored soldier, and his eyes suddenly became clear, and there was no one on the empty field.

It’s just that compared to the previous area, this area is more dangerous and belongs to the area locked by the long-range arms.

There are arrows all over the place, like dense weeds, leaving no open space at all.

On the tall city wall, sharp arrows are thrown like dark clouds, specifically to kill the cultivator trying to pass.

If you can’t dodge, you will be pierced by Myriad Arrows.

During the cultivator’s evasion process, clusters of arrows will continue to fall around, as if following the shadow.

The arrows everywhere will also hinder the cultivator and make their actions more difficult.

Tang Zhenqing held up his shield to block the sharp arrows from the rainstorm, and walked through the feathers everywhere.

There are also some cultivator corpses on the ground, with arrows all over their bodies, with an unwilling expression on their faces.

In this case, with a shield on your body, your chances of survival will be greatly improved.

There are also some cultivators that carry the enemy’s corpse and act as a shield against sharp arrows.

But the arrow rain from the city defenders was too violent, and Tang Zhen was forcibly forced back after only rushing halfway.

The animal-faced shield is full of cracks, it has been filled with sharp arrows, and a dozen arrows are stuck in the body.

In the process of retreating, he was besieged by black armored city defenders again, trying to kill him directly.

Even if Tang Zhen can’t be beaten, he will be forced back to the area covered by the rain of arrows, trying to shoot him with sharp arrows.

This blocked area is the Death Forbidden Area of ​​cultivators. It is not easy to pass.

Many cultivators broke through the previous interception, but in this area, they were shot and killed by the archer from the city.

When Tang Zhen was fighting with the black armor cultivator, he saw the silhouette of a path of rushing up, but he was forced back halfway just like himself.

The whole body is filled with arrows, it looks battered and exhausted.

There are also some cultivators, which were very bad luck and fell directly in the process of returning.

There was no chance for them to get up at all, and the dense arrow rain covered them like long eyes, nailing the cultivator forcibly to the ground.

At this moment, Tang Zhen felt a dilemma.

The hordes of black armored soldiers behind him are definitely not the target of Tang Zhen’s second kill. They can even kill Tang Zhen when they are encircled.

The longer you fight with the opponent, the more dangerous your situation will be.

Because of their isolation and helplessness, these enemies are continuously.

even more how this way of fighting is just to find the secret of the flower of rules, and no reason can stop the progress.

Tang Zhen is naturally not afraid of death, but he is afraid of being busy in vain, but he failed to complete the task this time.

Just repelling a wave of enemies, another wave of enemies came, which also made Tang Zhen determined.

You must act immediately to break through the blocked area!

Looking at the ground filled with arrows, Tang Zhen snapped his teeth and kicked a pile of corpses on the ground.

At the same time, he covered his body with a shield, quickly approached the ground, brandished his saber and began to dig the dirt.

In the process, countless sharp arrows flew towards him and stuck on the corpse and shield.

Tang Zhen completely ignored him, his sword was like a shovel, digging the ground constantly.

In a short period of time, a pit appeared on the ground, and the soil was soft and slippery.

There are countless arrows in this soil, and the overwhelming majority has rotted and rusted.

In addition to these arrows, there are some decayed corpses that make the color of the soil pitch-black as ink.

If Tang Zhen didn’t see him, he would wave his arms like flying, digging the dirt on the ground quickly.

When the cultivator next to him saw this, he was a little surprised, but didn’t expect Tang Zhen to use such a method.

Cultivators cannot fly, nor can they pass through the arrow rain from the ground, and may only pass underground.

This is one way, but I don’t know if it is feasible?

Tang Zhen’s speed is getting faster and faster, but in a flash, he has already dived underground.

At this time, the arrow from the head of the city could no longer hurt him.

Tang Zhen didn’t dare to be careless, because he knew in his heart that the defenders would never let him pass easily.

Sure enough, this thought just came up, and I saw the sky flew one after another Fireball, moved towards the arrow blocked area and hit it.

Along with the cracking sound, those Fireballs burst one after another, and the fuel encapsulated inside also flowed around.

The arrows and corpses were all swallowed by flames in an instant.

The fuel with fire is flowing everywhere, and the recessed places will soon become the gathering place of the fuel.

The area where Tang Zhen was located was hit by a key attack. The fireballs continued to explode, fuel rushing in like flowing water.

There is not only one kind of danger. An iron gun fired through the bed crossbow keeps shooting at Tang Zhen’s location.

The penetrating power of the iron spear is so strong that it sinks deep into the soil, and there is simply no trace on the ground.

Faced with the penetrating iron gun attack, the earth lost its protection, and Tang Zhen’s situation became more and more dangerous.

Together with the fuel flowing around, the terrifying high temperature erupted, which clearly meant the rhythm of burning Tang Zhen into coke.

At this moment, Tang Zhen has no retreat. He can only grit his teeth and move towards the underground and keep digging.

His excavation route was forced to constantly change, just to avoid the iron gun that constantly penetrated into the ground.

The cruel battle continues, and Tang Zhen will not be affected by Tang Zhen, and the attacks from the city’s head are becoming more and more intense.

There are still cultivators trying to break through the blocked area of ​​Arrow Rain, but in the end they are forced back or shot.

This special level blocked the cultivator of the overwhelming majority, and very few passed it successfully.

There are also cultivators who are secretly following Tang Zhen. They all want to see if this method is really effective.

If they can succeed, they must follow suit.

Another period of time passed, but nothing happened, which made the cultivators sigh softly.

They guessed that Tang Zhen might have been killed at this time, and might never be able to get out of the ground again.

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