I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3341


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The fighting continues, and it seems to never end.

The blocked area by the rain of arrows has really become a restricted area, neither the enemy nor the enemy dare to approach.

As long as you step into the restricted area, Arrow Rain will assaults the senses.

The cultivators who had been surrounded by the breakthrough were very depressed at the moment, and they could only resist the siege of the city defenders while looking for a solution to the problem.

Tang Zhen, who was digging the soil before, is no longer paying attention to him, and there is no cultivator to care about his life and death.

On this battlefield, death is normal, and it may soon be your turn.

Wandering between life and death, it is difficult to protect yourself. Who will take care of competitors who have nothing to do with them?

What cultivators have to do is to save their lives and find ways to get out of this meat grinder-like battlefield.

The ultimate goal is to reach the giant city ahead and find a way to enter it.

Although no one knows what’s in the city until now, it is the only clue for the cultivators.

Even the hell Fire Pit, you have to jump in without the slightest hesitation.

But the blocked area of ​​Arrow Rain is still a restricted area for cultivators, and there is simply no way to cross it.

Continuously, cultivator breakthrough and heavy blockade, came in front of this area, and then was shot and killed by merciless sharp arrows.

The cultivators racked their brains, searching for a solution.

The method of digging into the ground is definitely not Tang Zhen’s attempt to use it alone, but not at all to see who can succeed.

The cultivator of the overwhelming majority either gave up halfway or died in the restricted area.

Just when the cultivators thought that the restricted area in front of them could not be crossed, suddenly a mutation occurred.


A dull loud noise made the fighting on the battlefield slightly stagnant, and my mind was speculating about what happened?

The scorched ground filled with arrows suddenly heard a violent vibration, and the ground collapsed in an instant.

Dust rose to the sky, blocking the sight of the cultivators, including the city defenders.

Although the arrow rain is still covering, it has turned into a blind covering shot. No one knows if it can hit the target?

As for the lock-in attack, it is absolutely impossible.

When the dust subsides a bit, the scene in front of you has changed, shocking the cultivator on both sides of the enemy.

The Death Forbidden Area, which was previously unpassable, has now changed drastically, with criss-crossed trenches.

The trenches are twisty and deep. After being deliberately excavated, they are no different from underground passages.

Being in this kind of trench, although it can’t completely block the covered shooting of the arrow rain, it gives the cultivator a cover to avoid.

In this way, when crossing, the chance of survival will inevitably be greatly improved, and it can be regarded as a dead end.

“hahaha, very good!”

“Who did a good thing, really deserves praise!”

“Everyone, go up together, cross this restricted area, and directly enter the giant city ahead!”

To figure out what’s going on, the cultivators are full of excitement, knowing that the opportunity to wait is finally here.

They no longer love fighting, but rushed to the criss-crossed trench, trying to cross this Death Forbidden Area.

The defenders on the head of the city discovered the abnormality, and immediately increased the coverage of the arrow rain, while continuously throwing the burning kerosene pot.

“Throw those corpses in and use them as fuel to create more smoke!”

A cultivator roared loudly, while turning his arms like flying, throwing corpses into the fire sea.

After these corpses encountered the flames, they burned quickly, and billowing smoke rose into the sky.

The denser smoke completely blocked the sight of the defenders, and now they can only strike blindly.

A rain of arrows came in patches of coverage. As for whether it can hit the target, no one simply knows.

With such excellent conditions, if the cultivators cannot successfully cross over, it is definitely their own problem.

At this moment, the cultivators, like wild beasts, are constantly rushing towards the smoke-blocked area.

If they encounter a combustible object, they will take a copy and then throw it into the thick smoke.

This will not only cover yourself, but also make it easier for your companions to pass through the restricted area smoothly.

Although the cultivators at this moment have made up their minds to enjoy the fruits of victory exclusively, they will never create obstacles for their companions.

Victory is far away, and in many places, these companions need to cooperate with each other.

If you want to go through all these difficulties with just one person, it is simply a idiot.

If there are not countless peers to share the pressure and work together for the same goal, no cultivator can get to this step.

This is the same reason that led to the emergence of trenches.

Because the trench digger knows very well that he cannot face the enemy’s concentrated fire attack, and he must have a companion to share the pressure.

To create opportunities for your companions is also for yourself.

The facts are indeed as they thought. Tang Zhen planned to do this, so he spent a lot of effort digging the trench.

Passing through the Death Forbidden Area of ​​sword and blockade does not mean reaching the end of the giant city, but will face greater challenges.

Just across the restricted area, it is also a position, and there are also city defenders.

The grotesquely shaped hideous giant beast, the defender in the golden armor, is definitely another nightmare that cultivators will face.

They wandered under the city wall, their icy eyes swept toward the battlefield. Once they were attacked by them, there was simply no possibility of survival.

Under this situation, Tang Zhen can only draw helpers together to fight these powerful golden armor cavalry.

He digs wildly underground and designed trenches suitable for cultivators to charge and avoid, and can pay the minimum casualties and breakthrough blockade.

Although the digging process took a lot of effort, it is definitely worth it.

After the preparations were over, Tang Zhen used the boiling oil vapor that had penetrated into the soil to detonate the criss-crossed tunnel.

When the tunnel successfully burst and the trenches appeared in front of the cultivators, Tang Zhen immediately began to adjust his breath in the corner.

This is a secret place he prepared for himself. You don’t need to be afraid of the arrow shooting and burning, and you can safely return to the Peak state.

Previously it was very expensive. If you go directly to battle, you will probably be killed by those golden armor cavalry.

Knowing how to judge the situation and grasp the overall situation freely is a necessary condition for victory.

Tang Zhen naturally does not lack the pranayama secret technique, and it is the highest kind, able to quickly recover from his wounds.

In terms of interest adjustment and restoration, those native cultivators in the original polar world have no way to compare with Tang Zhen.

First of all, there is the difference in strength, which has led to different insights on both sides.

Then there is a way of cultivation. There is a big gap, or even two extremes.

The method that the original cultivator is best at is the technique of repairing the fleshy body, which can unearth the secrets of the body to the extreme.

But in this weird world, cultivators seem to have fleshy bodies, but they are actually composed of spiritual bodies.

Adjusting the breath by the means of cultivation fleshy body seems to be quite correct, but in fact it is half the results for twice the effort.

But without comparison, you can’t realize this at all, even if you find it, you can’t do anything about it.

Tang Zhen’s recovery speed far surpasses the local cultivator. This is an absolute advantage on the battlefield and can get a higher chance of survival.

The sound of fighting was endless, but Tang Zhen turned a deaf ear to it, just a dedicated cultivation.

After returning to normal, Tang Zhen immediately carried the sword and shield and moved towards the golden armor cavalry rushing away.

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