I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3342


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The raging flames released thick billowing smoke that gathered in the sky and did not want to disperse.

The smoke looks greasy, and the twisted and hideous faces are faintly discernible in the smoke.

It seems to be looking at the defenders and cultivator fighting below with cold eyes, with a cold sarcasm at the corner of his mouth.

Those cultivators fighting in the rear, when they saw the smoke rising up into the sky, the fighting intent became even more proud.

The occurrence of this situation can only explain one thing, something happened to the rear of the city defender.

If there is no accident, the defenders will never allow such a situation. It is necessary to know that after a fire in the rear, the defenders are likely to chaos themselves.

When I think of getting through the road ahead, the cultivators become more eager to compete, for fear of being too far behind and being taken away by others.

The situation on the battlefield has changed, and the cultivators have faintly gained the upper hand and advanced a distance of 100 meters.

For the cultivator who arrived later, a short distance of 100 meters can greatly increase their chances of survival.

The fighting in the depths of the battlefield became more and more intense, and the cultivators rushed forward to breakthrough, trying to cross the restricted area in front.

With the passage built by Tang Zhen, cultivators can easily break through the restricted area and reach the area below the city.

The city defender was also enraged, and stopped his life forever, resolutely not allowing the cultivator to cross his defense.

But wanting to completely intercept the cultivator is equivalent to idiotic dreams. Those seemingly indestructible defense lines have been destroyed by the cultivator’s breakthrough time and time again.

At the same time, across the restricted area blocked by smoke, the fighting was equally brutal.

Compared with the previous battlefield, the area here is much narrower, but the cavalry can also charge and fight.

The city defender wearing a golden armor is now controlling the giant beast under the crotch, and is constantly chasing and killing the cultivator that is blocking the rushing.

Like a moving tank, it makes the ground rumbling, and it trembles violently from time to time.

Look at the Golden-Armored Cultivator and the giant beast under the crotch. They are all covered with heavy armor, and ordinary weapons can’t penetrate them.

When you charge and fight, it is like a moving hill with terrifying lethality.

Whether it is a knife or a beast bite, it can cause fatal damage to the cultivator.

Looking at the sky above the head, there is a rain of arrows flying by constantly, and from time to time it will be shot towards the cultivator.

Compared with a flood of arrows, these cold arrows that are occasionally shot have a more precise sniper effect.

In the face of tough enemies, the cultivator’s situation has become more and more difficult, and all aspects are suppressed by the enemy.

In the course of the battle, cultivator will be beheaded from time to time, and then beheaded and hung on the giant beast.

Calculating merits through the first level is a common method used by many armies, but the main purpose of golden armor cavalry is to deter the enemy.

The cultivators were fearless, paved a path with corpses, and kept pushing forward.

Tang Zhen stepped onto the battlefield and was immediately locked by a golden armor cavalry, controlling the giant beast under his crotch to rush.

The opponent is holding a long-handled sledgehammer, which is covered with broken flesh and blood, and it is unknown how many cultivators have been killed.

Under Golden’s beast head mask, a pair of cold and cruel eyes are staring at Tang Zhen.

“Go to hell!”

The golden armor cavalry waved the Warhammer with a long handle, and smashed it towards Tang Zhen, engulfed in terrifying power.

“You are the one who died!”

Tang Zhen flew up, avoiding the opponent’s attack, and fiercely slapped Knight’s head with his shield.


There was a loud bell-like sound, and the shield collided with the head of the golden armor Knight. Although the sound was loud, it did not at all cause the expected damage.

The shield in Tang Zhen’s hand was already full of cracks, and at this moment it was cracked.

The sword came out and pierced the gap in the opponent’s helmet, trying to kill the golden armor cavalry.

Who expected that the other party’s head tilted back, and it was directly attached to the back, avoiding Tang Zhen’s killer blow.

At the same time, the fist of the golden armor cavalry was thrown out and moved towards Tang Zhen fiercely.

The metal chain armor gloves are covered with spikes about two inches long, shining with cold rays of light.

If he hits with a punch, Tang Zhen’s chest will inevitably become a rotten honeycomb, and a big hole will be made directly by his fist.

At the same time this fist hit, Tang Zhen’s body became supplement as if boneless, and he walked around behind the golden armor cavalry.

Holding the opponent’s head with both arms, fiercely twisted hard and heard the sound of torn bones.

The head of the golden armor class soldier was forcibly torn off by Tang Zhen, and then dropped to the ground casually.

The headless corpse twisted a few times and fell to the ground from the back of the giant beast, and blood was continuously sprayed from the bare neck.

Giant beast saw that his master was killed, turned around and bite at Tang, trying to avenge his master.

“Beast, courting death!”

When Tang Zhen saw the coldly snorted, he picked up Warhammer, the long handle of the golden armor cavalry, and while backing out, he took Warhammer out.

Golden’s Warhammer dragged out the afterimage, knocked on the head of the giant beast, and there was another muffled noise.

Giant beast’s head burst, as if a ripe watermelon was knocked to the ground, blood and meat splashed everywhere.

Giant beast didn’t even wailed, but followed his master and became a headless corpse.

Splitting the air sound came, and another enemy stared at Tang Zhen and attacked silently.

Tang Zhen, hearing noise to distinguish position, turned Warhammer without turning his head back, and smashed his sword into flight.

Waving the long-handled Warhammer, Tang Zhen smashed everywhere, turning over wherever he passed.

Compared with those Golden-Armored Cultivator, Tang Zhen’s size is far inferior, but his strength is far beyond the imagination of golden armor cavalry.

The long-handled Warhammer was smashed out, and the golden armor cavalry could not resist at all. Every one of them was smashed into blood spout from mouth.

Even if it can attack hard, it will be broken and broken. Even the giant beast can’t withstand the impact of huge power, and it makes a cry of pain.

Seeing Tang Zhen rampage, no enemy can stop him, more golden armor cavalry rushed in.

Preparing to take advantage of the cavalry, directly behead Tang Zhen who is fighting on foot.

Soon they realized how terrifying Tang Zhen’s power was, and simply did not fear cavalry tactics.

As they charged, Tang Zhen even started to countercharge, colliding with the torrent of golden armor cavalry.

At this moment, Tang Zhen is like a reef slicing through an evil wave, always standing still.

Looking at the city getting closer and closer, Tang Zhen kept moving forward, resolutely refusing to take a half step back.

Seeing that Tang Zhen is so brave and invincible, the cultivators who have been struggling with endless battles shined, and they immediately gathered to his location.

Following behind Tang Zhen, they cooperated with each other and resisted the siege of golden armor cavalry.

Seeing the cultivator teaming up and cooperating, the golden armor cavalry immediately launched an attack, trying to cut them into pieces.

As long as the previous broken state is restored, the golden armor cavalry can be destroyed individually until all the cultivators are beheaded.

The two sides are fighting constantly, forming a road of corpses butting, and the moved towards the city in front continues to extend.

Tang Zhen’s footsteps kept on, and the cultivators followed closely, and the golden armor cavalry simply couldn’t stop him.

Although there were heavy casualties, the cultivators were full of excitement when they looked at the city in front of them.

They have a faint feeling that the answer that sufferer untold hardships searched all the way should be in this special city in front of them.

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