I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3343


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With a muffled grunt, the golden armor cavalry in front of Tang Zhen was hit directly to the ground by a heavy hammer.

Including that mount, also fell down with him, fuse together with his master.

At this moment, in front of Tang Zhen, there is no more enemy blocking the way, and the huge vermilion city gate is in front of him.

“Go together, open the city gates!”

Looking at the unguarded city gate and the cultivators following Tang Zhen, an excited roar immediately erupted.

They fought all the way and finally arrived at the foot of the city gate, and the excitement in their hearts needless to say.

Seeing that victory is right in front of me, how can I hesitate a bit, and I will naturally sprint forward desperately.

Although behind the city gate, there may still be a lot of crisis, but it can’t stop the cultivator from moving forward.

Even if it’s dangerous, how can they ever have a moment of safety along the way?

Which step, instead of stepping on the corpse, persisting in escaping from the dead until now?


At this moment, Tang Zhen also didn’t hesitate at all, for fear that the opportunity he was looking for would be missed.

Even if you take risks, you must fight it again.

See the torrent of cultivators rushing to the front of the huge city gate, and then try hard to open it.

The city gate is completely motionless, as if cast by iron.

This is a matter of as it should be by rights. The defenders pay a heavy price to protect it. Naturally, it is impossible for the cultivators to enter easily.

“Get out of the way, let me come!”

A cultivator roared loudly and rushed forward at the same time, reaching out to clasp the depression of the city gate.

Just listen to him scream and pull out with all his strength, trying to open a gap in the city gate.

Who expected to do its best, but the city gate is completely motionless.

“A few more people, help me!”

The cultivator roars loudly, and the summon other cultivator assists. At this moment, cultivators are needed together.

“I am coming!”

“Count me!”

“Let’s go together and break this door together!”

The cultivators swarmed up and surrounded the huge city gate, trying their best to open it.

But no matter how hard I tried, there was no movement at all in this huge and heavy city gate.

The cultivators were angry and anxious. While trying to break open the city gates, they had to resist the siege of the golden armor cavalry. The situation was indeed very difficult.

“Damn it, can this city gate be opened?”

A cultivator was angry and anxious, brandishing a weapon and hacking the city gate continuously, but only sparks flying in all directions.

“It won’t open at all, so quickly flash me aside!”

A cold voice came from around, causing the cultivator to stare and look back for the speaker.

When I saw Tang Zhen standing behind him, the breath of the cultivator disappeared, and he dared not say another word.

He had seen it with his own eyes before that Tang Zhen led the team all the way forward, and no enemy could stop him along the way.

Without Tang Zhen, cultivators would have to pay a higher price if they wanted to reach below the city wall.

Want to kill him, more as easy as blowing off dust.

Some cultivators have a deep impression of Tang Zhen. They remember that he digs the trenches in the restricted area to help the cultivator break through the death barrier.

The repeated amazing performances are enough to prove that Tang Zhen’s out of the ordinary. Although they are Spiritual Body to each other, their strengths are also different.

The Tang Zhen in front of him is a leader, with a strong body, enough to crush all the cultivators present.

No one dared to refute Tang Zhen’s words. First of all, he did not have the strength, and secondly, he had high hopes for Tang Zhen.

Along the way, Tang Zhen made two attempts to resolve the crisis. I wonder if he can still pull strongly against a crazy tide this time?

Under the cultivator’s gaze, Tang Zhen walked to the front of the city gate, and the Warhammer in his hand hit the city gate.

The sound of metal crashing made the cultivator more and more certain. This city gate is made of metal.

Looking at the size of the city gate, it should be at least more than 10,000 tons, or even more than that.

If the city gate cannot be broken, the cultivators will definitely not be able to get in, and they will eventually be trapped here.

The cultivator is full of worries when they think of the possible result. They are not afraid of death, but they are not willing to go all the way.

“Your Excellency, what should I do?”

There was a cultivator looked towards Tang Zhen, and the tone was full of anxiety.

“Build a human ladder right away, I want to go up and see!”

Tang Zhen gave an order without looking back.

numerous cultivators hearing this, quickly gathered together, and in a flash, a leaning upward human ladder was built.

Tang Zhen jumped, stepping on this ladder, and slowly moved towards the top of the city gate.

When he reached the top, Tang Zhenqing, the long-handled Warhammer in his hand, began to tap slowly.

The dull voice kept coming. It sounded exactly the same, but there was a subtle difference when listening carefully.

“This city gate has a crack!”

A cultivator who listened attentively, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, watching Tang Zhen mark an area.

He already faintly understood, how should Tang Zhen operate?

Clearly, it is through sound vibration to determine the hidden cost node, and then launch an attack.

Everything has a dead spot, people, plants, trees, bamboos and rocks.

As long as you find the dead spot node and use the appropriate means, you can destroy things with no difficulty.

Tang Zhen is doing similar things. He has found the dead spot node of this city gate through constant tapping.

After all the tags are marked, the city gate in front of you can be destroyed by special means.

The reason is very simple, it almost works.

The cultivators understand how to do it and become more impatient, hoping to quickly open this city gate.

Tang Zhen, standing on the human ladder, has completed the percussion test and marked all the nodes.

Walking down from the human ladder, Tang Zhen stood in the middle of a group of cultivators and became the focus of attention.

“I know that your only idea now is to break through city gate and enter the city again.

However, this city gate is not easy to crack. Even if you use my method, it may not be able to open successfully. “

When I heard Tang Zhen’s words, some cultivators were slightly dissatisfied, but they said nothing more.

They knew very well that what Tang Zhen said was the truth.

Searching for the courting death point is not an easy task in itself, and how to operate it is even more a matter of university.

The discovery is only the 1st Step. How to use the dead spot node reasonably is the real key.

“Next, I will select the manpower and arrange the specific operation steps. Every cultivator named by me must cooperate fully. No mistake is allowed.”

Speaking of this, Tang Zhen stretched out his hand and kept pointing, choosing a cultivator.

“You are responsible for the first node, using 70% of your force, tapping twelve times in a row.”

“You are in charge of the third node. Use two points of force and strike every five breaths.”

“The five of you shoot at the same time, knock on these five side by side nodes together, remember to do your best!”

Under Tang Zhen’s arrangement, the cultivators received their respective tasks and made full preparations at the same time.

Following Tang Zhen’s order, the cultivators immediately attacked, and a series of dense percussions sounded.

It took a lot of time from detection to launching the action, but the actual action only took a few seconds.

“Bang… Om…oh la la!”

The sound made by the city gate has changed significantly, as if overwhelmed.

Under the cultivator’s gaze, the huge city gate collapsed in an instant, and the blocked city appeared in front of you.

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