I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3345


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The cultivator wearing various armors passed by Tang Zhen, but not at all found his existence.

Each of these familiar faces was bruised and bruised, but they did not affect their actions.

Their will is as hard as steel, and their attitude is even more resolute. They are determined to find the answers they want.

The goal of these cultivators is very simple. They just want to condense the seed of the rules and make their cultivation path smoother.

Compared with these cultivators, Tang Zhen’s ambition is obviously greater. What he is looking for is the real rules.

As long as he can find the answer, Tang Zhen will be able to obtain rule seeds in batches and truly have the qualifications to become a Divine King.

The seed of the rule is the basis for the creation of the rule. If a large amount of acquisition can be guaranteed, it may be really only a matter of time before the Divine King is achieved.

It’s not like some cultivators, who have been struggling for dozens of millions of years, but in the end nothing was achieved.

The hope is indeed good, and the cultivators are also going all out, but this world is full of malice.

The expectant cultivators don’t know that they have fallen into a vicious trap since they entered the inside of the Flower of Rules.

The spirit strength turns into a cultivator, which enters from two directions together, and after suffering untold hardships, they come together again.

The merger is not to make the cultivator stronger, but to start killing each other and consume each other.

This is a war that will never end. Cultivators are working hard for their goals, but they don’t know the truth is getting farther and farther away.

Although I understand everything, there is no way to remind them, because they are already in different spaces.

A special world, but there are different spaces, this situation is obviously very abnormal.

Tang Zhen suddenly had an answer that he was looking for, which was probably hidden in a similar space.

Like the creator of aloof and remote, or a monitor, he controls everything in the world indifferently.

The cultivators were unable to detect the anomaly, and were then ruthlessly played by the flower of the rule, and they might end up with nothing.

Tang Zhen decided to leave alone, walking slowly in this world, looking for clues that might exist.

Tang Zhen soon discovered that by observing everything from the space where he is, he can indeed find many different places.

For example, when he walks on the earth, he can see through the skeleton of the earth and see things hidden underground.

For example, the Transmission Array that transports the city guards, only vortex is seen on the surface, and apart from this is nothing.

But from Tang Zhen’s perspective, there is not only vortex, but also a secret passage, winding to the battlefield outside the city.

These passages are like intestines, in a state of peristalsis, filled with city defenders who have penetrated.

It is this invisible intestine, imitating a similar transmission method, sending the city defenders into the battlefield continuously.

Release the defenders like excretion.

When Tang Zhen saw this scene, a touch of surprise flashed in his eyes, as well as a touch of disdain.

What was pleasantly surprised was that this scene allowed Tang Zhen to better understand the nature of this world and to find the answers he wanted more easily.

As a creator and the creator of Divine Kingdom in mind, Tang Zhen has enough experience in creating the world.

It is for this reason that Tang Zhen feels disdainful.

The structure of this world is too low-end in Tang Zhen’s eyes, giving people a rather strange feeling.

It’s like a beggar, who doesn’t have the conditions to wear gold and silver, but he has to draw with a pen to show off.

Under the deliberate concealment of the other party, it may not be possible to find this, and thus be easily deceived by the illusion.

But after changing a perspective, in the eyes of experts, this illusion will be pierced with no difficulty.

Seeing through the nature of this world, Tang Zhen will become more relaxed when he wants to find the answer.

It’s like an adult playing hide-and-seek with a child. Maybe this room is very big. The child is good at hiding, but it’s hard to hide it from an adult.

At this moment, Tang Zhen’s mentality became more calm and calm, and the previous impatience and anxiety also disappeared.

When he knew from the very beginning, he was affected by this emotion, which is also used by the flower of rules.

Let the nervous death and anxiety affect the judgment of the cultivator, and there is not enough time to think.

Tang Zhen didn’t realize this until he figured out the truth. Just like other cultivators, he was in a state of being played by the flowers of rules.

But now it’s different. Tang Zhen can look at everything around him from the perspective of a layman, knowing where the loopholes exist, and what needs to be repaired?

If the control belongs to Tang Zhen, even if he has the same strength and means, he will be able to manage this world more perfectly, and there will be absolutely no loopholes like now.

Fortunately, the existence of loopholes can also provide help to Tang Zhen, allowing him to understand and understand this world builder.

What kind of habits do you have, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and where will you choose to hide if you are the other person?

This is a special kind of introduction. Think of yourself as the flower of rules, and then observe the world in front of you.

I don’t know how long he has been away, Tang Zhen has such a touch.

He feels what a certain place should be built into, and then checks and compares it.

Look at your own thoughts, is it the same as the flower of rules?

In the beginning of such an attempt, errors will often occur because there are no two identical flowers in the world.

Everything in the world is independent. Even Spiritual God cannot create something exactly the same.

Tang Zhen will not insist on complete agreement, but only hopes to be similar. The higher the similarity, the better.

If you can complete this step, Tang Zhen will be able to get rid of the obstacle in front of him and find the true body of the Flower of Rules more easily.

With the passage of time, the success rate of this attempt began to increase, which means that Tang Zhen’s way of thinking is approaching the flower of rules.

At the same time, some scattered thoughts surfaced in his mind, pointing to the hiding place of the Flower of Rules.

These thoughts that came up automatically are all things that came out automatically when Tang Zhen imitated the Flower of Rules.

It’s not just Tang Zhen. When an ordinary person tries his best to imitate others, ideas that don’t belong to him will follow.

If you cannot control yourself, you may even completely transform yourself and become the object you imitate.

Of course, this kind of weird thing will never appear in Tang Zhen’s body. He just uses a single thought to simulate the flower of rules, and he can kill him at any time.

It is like a piece of paper on a notebook, you can tear it off if you want, and it will never cause any impact on yourself.

The white paper today is about to be filled soon, and it also means that Tang Zhen is about to succeed.

Tang Zhen continued to move forward, repeating what he had been doing, as if the whole world was constructed by him.

At this time, Tang Zhen is in the process of restoring construction.

“Here should be…”

“There should be…”


Tang Zhen kept babbling, like a cultivation deviation, pointing fingers constantly.

Tang Zhen would never verify during the whole process. Was his judgment correct?

He is constantly pointing fingers, immersed in the world he is in, and ignores everything outside.

A strange breath slowly appeared from Tang Zhen, making him look like a stranger.

Fuse together with this special world, there is no difference between them.

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