I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3346

Transformed into pure energy and integrated into this world can make the world framework more stable.

The seabed giant beast, which follows the cultivator, also reveals its real body. It turns out to be a deformed giant beast.

It has an incomparable gigantic head, but its limbs have turned into countless tentacles, making it extremely ugly and grim.

They hide under the deep sea, keep moving with the cultivator, and are always aware of the changes of the cultivator.

Once the spirit strength of a cultivator exceeds the standard, it is possible that the seabed monster will immediately launch an attack after perceiving the secret of the world.

Obviously, their purpose is not to fill the stomach, but to prevent the cultivator from discovering the secret of this world.

Tang Zhen discovered the secret in time, so he avoided the monster’s surveillance and finally managed to cross the evil sea.

The fight on the battlefield caused Tang Zhen’s spirit strength to grow rapidly, far exceeding the safety standard.

The act of breaking open the city gates is actually breaking the rules of the world, and the shackles also collapse and disappear.

The breakthrough of the rules gave Tang Zhen a chance to see the essence of the world, and could anti-track through special means.

Although other cultivators have crossed the city gate, they may not be comparable to Tang Zhen in terms of spirit strength accumulation.

In terms of cultivation knowledge, there is no way to mention on equal terms with Tang Zhen. They are still struggling on the road of cultivation, but Tang Zhen has created a world himself.

If it were not restricted by the rules, Tang Zhen could kill the hundred cultivators participating in the competition in an instant.

Of course, wherever you are, you have to follow the rules, the same is true for the Divine Soul Avatar of the Creator.

After crossing the evil sea, Tang Zhen logged in again and saw a huge head rolling all over the ground.

Before trying to escape, not at all to understand the origin of these heads, but now they can see clearly.

These huge heads are clearly enlarged versions of the heads of the cultivators. Because of their decay, they simply couldn’t see clearly.

At this moment, they are still rolling around, constantly chasing and killing the cultivator, their huge heads seem to never be filled.

The cultivators still ran around in a panic, evading the chase of the giants, and desperately rushing to the ocean ahead.

Tang Zhen unexpectedly discovered that the giants were not devouring indiscriminately, only the cultivator that had the same origin as him.

The giant monster with a similar appearance to Tang Zhen will not swallow the Spiritual Body of other cultivators at all. The degree of picky eaters can be said to be harsh.

Moreover, the giant monster has a fixed route, if it is not necessary, it will never run around.

Re-entering the flower of rules in the future, you only need to remember this rule, and you can easily avoid the hunting of giant monsters.

Passing through the giant monster blocked area, in front of you is the island of death where the cultivator just entered.

The area of ​​this area is huge, and the entire land is under control, and it can collapse and recover at any time.

In every tragic fight, nearly hundreds of spiritual bodies have fallen, and there are hundreds of similar fights.

The place where this nightmare begins is the real slaughterhouse of this world, and it is also the end of Tang Zhen’s exploration.

The starting point is the ending point. This is the answer.

The cultivator who has just entered the flower of rules, is afraid that he can’t think of it at all. In fact, the answer he is looking for lies at his feet.

In fact, even if they know it, cultivators have no way to probe.

In the face of the ten thousand zhang abyss, the cultivators have no way to go down, and the fate of falling is bound to die.

The Flower of Rules has absolute confidence and guarantees that there will be no problems, so it hides in this area.

The fighting on the island is still going on, and it is in rapid contraction. Cultivators and corpses are constantly falling into the abyss.

Tang Zhen watched this scene quietly, glanced at the ten thousand zhang abyss, and jumped down without hesitation.

Following countless corpses, moved towards the dark abyss keeps falling down, seemingly never ending.

Such a terrifying height, even if it is a body made of gold and iron, it will inevitably fall to pieces.

Under normal conditions, there will never be accidents.

Tang Zhen’s Divine Soul Avatar is the biggest surprise, the unexpected existence of the Flower of Rules.

After a long time, I finally reached the bottom of the abyss.

The darkness here is so dark that there is no light at all, only the piles of cultivator corpses.

The muffled sound of “pu pu” came, it was the sound of death from the collision of fallen bodies.

The deep dark environment, like a physical object, seems to be able to isolate the transmission of sound.

If you don’t listen carefully, you won’t hear any sound even if you’re not far away.

The extremely quiet environment and the rich Death Aura make people feel weird.

Void and Nine Nether Hell are actually just like this.

Tang Zhen lay on the corpse, feeling the extreme darkness and silence, quietly waiting for the target to come.

I don’t know how long it took, and suddenly a ray of light appeared.

A coquettish flower of incomparable gigantic, shining with colorful rays of light, floats slowly from the darkness.

This is the flower of rules, the master of this world, and the whole world exists because of it.

Like a luminous jellyfish, but even more beautiful and charming, with an indescribable strange beauty.

Under this huge fascinating flower, there are countless luminous tentacles, constantly piercing the dead bodies.

The remaining energy of the corpse is continuously absorbed by the glowing tentacles, and then input into the flower of the rule within the body.

It seems to know that the flower of rules has long been used to this kind of death energy collection.

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