I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3347


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In the dark abyss, a huge flower of rules swims around, and the cold rays of light released, illuminating countless incomplete corpses.

However, the faces of the corpses have too many similarities, as if they were burned from a mold.

This gloomy and terrifying scene is enough to make the cowardly shiver coldly, leaving the impression of immortality of fear.

When the Flower of Rules appeared, Tang Zhen’s Divine Soul Avatar didn’t move at all.

Like other corpses, lying quietly in the darkness, there is no expression in his eyes.

This is extremely necessary. He doesn’t want to scare away the essence of the Flower of Rules for his own reasons.

Although the flower of rules is the controller in this world, it is not the kind of complete control.

Some are similar to the indigenous Spiritual God, which can borrow some rules to create a special environment according to your heart.

But it’s just borrowing, absolutely impossible, like the creator, do as one pleases do anything.

Without absolute control, the flower of rules will become cautiously, hiding in the abyss and controlling everything silently.

The flower of rules in this state should possess a high level of vigilance and will never relax easily.

The Flower of Rules should be clear that in the environment where he forages, a living cultivator is absolutely impossible.

Once this happens, it means there is a problem.

The flower of highly vigilant rules is likely to disappear instantly, so as to avoid possible dangers.

As the controller of this world, if the flower of rules wants to hide, it is really hard to be discovered.

If the Flower of Rules does not dodge, but instead attacks, it is also not a good thing.

Tang Zhen has the eyes to see through the truth, but he does not have the ability to construct and transform the world. Once the Flower of Rules attacks him, his situation will become very dangerous.

The Divine Soul Avatar nowadays perfectly interprets what is called a low-eye expert. He clearly has a wide range of knowledge, but he can’t bear to look directly at his battle strength.

It is not that Tang Zhen does not want to be strong, but that this World Rule does not allow it, otherwise it will pose a threat to the flower of the rule.

Power is not limited, but it is not enough to break the rules.

Tang Zhen fights enemies and monsters and can win with no difficulty, but it does not mean invincible.

When faced with the flower of rules, the controller of this world is basically impossible to be the opponent.

This is the advantage of the rule maker. No matter when, no one can challenge their authority.

Another advantage of keeping silent is the opportunity to get close to the flower of rules. This is the top priority of Tang Zhen’s trip.

According to the known clues, Tang Zhen has a sufficient understanding of the Flower of Rules, guessing that this is a special existence that needs to absorb spirit strength but is afraid of being polluted by spirit.

The fundamental reason for everything that happens in this world is to purify spirit strength, and then let the flower of rules absorb it without worry.

Tang Zhen, who has not died, has become the most feared existence of the Flower of Rules because of the continued existence of consciousness.

After discovering the existence of Tang Zhen, there may not be a fight at all, but he fled without hesitation.

Seeing that the flower of rules kept getting closer, Tang Zhen immediately stopped thinking to prevent this thing from perceiving abnormalities.

The thoughts generated by living things will affect things in the world, resulting in something similar to causality.

Like silk tentacles, it surrounds the body, densely packed and difficult to sort out.

For a strong cultivator, such a situation does not exist, because it has already been cut with a knife.

The ordinary person cannot see this thing, but as the controller of this world, he can definitely see it.

If Tang Zhen cannot converge in time, then among a group of corpses, it will become as conspicuous as a light bulb.

It will be inevitable to alarm the flower of rules.

It didn’t take long for this huge monster to swim in the darkness and slowly approached.

Those fine tentacles continuously pierced into the corpse, sucking them into a shriveled state.

Like a bee collecting honey, it refuses to rest for a moment.

Seeing a tentacle like a poisonous snake stabbing towards his abdomen, Tang Zhen didn’t even move.

The Flower of Rules also did not expect that among these corpses, there was a special existence hidden.


There was a faint sound, Tang Zhen sensed that his body was pierced, and then the energy was continuously absorbed.

The body constructed by spirit strength appears shriveled in an instant, like a corpse that has lost its flesh and blood.

Tang Zhen not at all prevented the absorption, and even wished to help, so that the tentacles quickly absorbed all the prepared energy.

The mental ability of these additives will definitely surprise the flower of the rule.

As soon as this idea was born, I felt the tentacles inserted into the body retract like an electric shock.

Then I saw the Flower of Rules tremble violently, let out a strange scream, and burst out with dazzling light.

one after another A weird black line emerges from the body of the flower of rules, and it keeps walking on the huge petals.

People will know when you see it. Something must have happened.

At the same time, it can be seen that on the ball in the middle of the flower of rules, a face is constantly emerging.

Although it looks vague, it gives people a weird feeling, which is somewhat similar to Tang Zhen?

The appearance of this scene makes the voice of the flower of rules more sharp, and even gives people a flustered and exasperated feeling.

The Flower of Rules looked for it, found Tang Zhen’s location, and immediately rushed aggressively.

The weird state of the Flower of Rules aroused Tang Zhen’s vigilance and quickly got up and dodged.

The infection of the Flower of Rules seems to have been successfully completed, and there is no need to bear the attack from the other side.

Looking at the state of the Flower of Rules at this time, it was obviously extremely angry, trying to shake Tang’s body into pieces.

Tang Zhen will definitely not wait for death, but will stay alive until the end, telling the outside body the secret of the flower of rules.

When Tang Zhen tried to escape, the scream of the Flower of Rules became sharper, as if there was a sea of ​​blood and hatred.

In this deep underground abyss, the two sides began to chase frantically, as if a cat chasing a mouse.

One after another barrier appeared out of thin air, trying to intercept Tang Zhen, but he saw through the weak spot and easily avoided it.

Tang Zhen has been overtaken more than once, but he can always turn peril into safety at critical moments, avoiding the chase of the flower of rules.

The flower of rules is flustered and exasperated. Every time Tang Zhen escapes, he will scream.

During the chasing process of the two parties, the change of the flower of rules became more and more obvious, and most of the petals had become the color of pitch-black as ink.

The Flower of Rules became more anxious, and the pursuit of Tang Zhen became more and more crazy, reaching the level of at all costs.

Even self-destructive tentacles, used as lance to deal with Tang Zhen through remote attacks.

Tang Zhen had doubts in his heart. Why did the reaction of Flower of the Rules become so strong?

The flower of rules produces the seed of rules, not a one-time thing, but a continuous output.

In this case, the Flower of Rules is really unnecessary, and assumes this irreconcilable posture.

So there must be some unknown reasons behind this incident, which led to this situation.

Tang Zhen doesn’t understand it for the time being, and doesn’t have enough time to think, just delay as much as possible.

Because he knows very well that he can only wait for victory if he persists.

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