I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3348


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The area of ​​the underground abyss is incomparable gigantic, Tang Zhen can run unscrupulously, avoiding the crazy chase of the flower of rules.

The whole process of fleeing can be said to be frightening step by step, almost every second is hovering on the edge of death.

I don’t know why, the Flower of Rules locked Tang Zhen firmly and vowed not to give up unless he was killed.

Tang Zhen must save his life and send the message to the ontology to know. For the cultivator of the Primordial Realm, the secret value of the Flower of Rules is extremely valuable.

As long as the ontology knows, you can use this rule to easily obtain more rule seeds.

So no matter what, Tang Zhen must persevere and absolutely cannot give up lightly.

He did not insist blindly, but determined that as long as he persisted, the final victory would belong to him.

Just because in a short period of time, the flower of rules has become pale black, and the original rays of light have also become dim.

The sphere in the center of the Flower of Rules, that face became clearer, and it was clearly Tang Zhen himself.

The occurrence of such a situation indicates that the flower of rules is indeed contaminated and the state is getting worse.

Previously it was aggressive, but now it has become weak, and the debilitating state has completely destroyed the controller of this world.

“must hold on!”

Divine Soul Avatar does not have the strength of the body’s cultivation base, but has inherited enough tenacious beliefs, as well as the perseverance and courage to survive in a desperate situation.

As a Divine Soul Avatar, he actually has a higher advantage, and his potential and explosive power are far beyond the ordinary Spiritual Body.

If the environment permits, Divine Soul Avatar can cultivation independently and become a powerful cultivator.

In some extreme environments, the special bloodline origin does have a greater advantage.

It was the same reason that allowed Tang Zhen to see the essence of the world and successfully found the nest of the flower of rules.

The chase and flight continued, and it didn’t take long for the mutation to happen again.

After chasing Tang Zhen’s flower of rules, he suddenly let out a scream, his voice resounding through the sky.

It no longer continued to chase Tang Zhen, but as if it had been cast a hold technique, staying in place unable to move.

The dancing petals and countless tentacles stopped moving in twitching.

At this moment, the flower of rules has been pitch-black as ink all over, and only the little bit of light is still transmitted tenaciously.

But under the invasion of darkness, these lights are slowly disappearing, completely swallowed by endless darkness.

At this moment, under the abyss, there was no more movement, and the crippling silence struck again.

Tang Zhen stood still, staring at the place where the last gleam of light disappeared, not daring to relax his vigilance at all.

Many casualties occurred at the last moment, mistakenly thinking that the battle was over, but the enemy was hit hard.

The dying enemy has tried his best, and launched an attack caught off guard, so the chance of success is naturally extremely high.

True experienced people will make up for the enemy. This is also responsible for themselves and their comrades.

Tang Zhen is like that, staring at a distance ahead, ready to attack at any time.

Tang Zhen had to maintain a high degree of vigilance due to his environment and the tasks he shouldered.

The silence continued, and another period of time passed.


The sound of metal and stone colliding, the fire star lit the corpse’s clothing, and soon the flames slowly burned.

The jumping flames dispelled the darkness, illuminating the surrounding scenery, and piling up layers of strange bodies.

Tang Zhen’s attention was still placed on the Flower of Rules, with a strange brilliance in his eyes.

The huge monster that was originally luminous is now like a silent sculpture, standing quietly in the dark.

It looks like a black stone carving, even under the fire light, there is still no reflection.

The ball in the center of the flower turned into a huge head, exactly similar to Tang Zhen’s face.

Now I close my eyes tightly, as if is a lifeless sculpture, which makes people suspect that this flower of rules is dead.

“What’s the situation?”

Tang Zhen flashed a hint of doubt, but instead of at all to act blindly without thinking, he decided to continue to observe.

Under the light of the fire, Tang Zhen tentatively moved forward and could retreat at any time.

Under repeated trials, Tang Zhen was able to confirm that the Flower of Rules did not respond.

Although safety is guaranteed, the situation at this moment is not the result Tang Zhen wanted.

If the state of the flower of rules can guarantee the condensation of the seeds of rules, then Tang Zhen must have nothing to say.

He’s afraid of self-defeating, and eventually he will not work.

Out of cautious consideration, Tang Zhen began to observe more closely to determine the true state of the Flower of Rules.

Reach out and tap lightly, feeling the tentacles very hard, and making the sound of ding ding dong dong.

“Sure enough, it has completely changed its form…”

Tang Zhen made a circle and climbed to the top of the Flower of Rules, checking all the positions.

Now it can be confirmed that the flower of rules has completely turned into a stone from top to bottom!

It was originally an energy body like light and shadow and smoke, but now it has become a real substance. Perhaps it is the conversion of energy to entity that makes the flower of rules lose its ability to move.

This kind of special conversion is actually full of danger, and a little carelessness can cause a fatal threat.

The Flower of Rules is more bad luck. It encountered an accident during the conversion process, and the result became the current state.

Tang Zhen faintly understands why the Flower of Rules is so flustered and exasperated, perhaps for this reason.

But after another thought, I felt something was wrong.

Maybe the spirit strength of the cultivator will pollute the flower of rules, but it should never be so serious.

If you touch the spirit strength of the cultivator, you will become what you see before you. How can the regular seed of the cultivator condense?

Moreover, a flower of rules will not only condense a seed of rules, the highest record has dozens of them.

This situation is likely to be a special case, and it is definitely not the case under normal circumstances.

Perhaps the real reason lies in me.

The result of the investigation made Tang Zhen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He came for the seed of the rules, but accidentally killed the master of this world.

In this case, if you want to get the rules seed, I am afraid it will become very slim.

Tang Zhen couldn’t accept this result after a hard and busy day.

I explored it again, but came to the same conclusion, even if I was not reconciled.

Back to the ground, Tang Zhen threw more corpses into the fire, making the flames burn more intensely.

A corpse composed of spirit strength, when burned by flames, even emits Raging of Raging Flames.

The fire light illuminates all around, including Tang Zhen standing on the corpse, and the flower of rules like a sculpture.

After being silent for a long time, Tang Zhen suddenly lifts the head to look at the Flower of Rules towards the front.

In his heart, he has made up his mind.

Since it has become like this, just put it together and let the dead horse act as a living horse doctor!

The regular flower in front of me has changed because of errors in its shape.

Then simply use external force to make another form transformation, maybe there will be unexpected gains?

Tang Zhen acted immediately, kicking the burning corpse, and constantly flying below the Flower of Rules.

But in a blink of an eye, raging flames skyrocketed, enveloping the flower of rules.

He will use the raging fire to smelt the flower of rules, and try to come to the last Nirvana Rebirth!

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