I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3406


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In the marginal area of ​​the forbidden sea, suddenly rising winds, scudding clouds.

A tall cultivator and a cultivator in a smoky state will organize a stroll around the Great Cultivator.

Whenever I go to a place, I can’t help but start a fight, and I will first defeat the super powerhouse in the organization.

Waiting to win, he threw away a chart and walked away without hesitation.

In a short period of time, these charts with the same content have been circulated in various Great Cultivator organizations.

Even in the hands of ordinary cultivators, there are also copied versions, and they are known to more cultivators.

The purpose of this sub-operation is to let more cultivators know about this and have the opportunity to see this chart.

Experienced cultivator carefully analyzed and concluded that the content of the chart is true, and the hunting camp should be related to the Loucheng cultivator.

After the news spread, there was an uproar.

In the marginal area of ​​the penalty area, Loucheng cultivator is second to none, but it is not without opponents.

There are still several cultivator organizations that can contend with the Loucheng cultivator and fight over and under.

After all, one mountain can’t be shared by two tigers, this forbidden sea area cannot tolerate the impudent cultivator of Loucheng.

But they also have to admit that Loucheng cultivator is indeed powerful, fighting with each other for many years, and the most always is to win less and lose more.

If we can seize this opportunity and cause heavy damage to the Loucheng cultivator, it will naturally be a good thing.

These cultivator organizations in the original polar world have more information and have never stopped looking for hunting camps for Loucheng cultivator.

They can be sure that there should be no problem with the chart, it is the hunting camp that Loucheng cultivator tries to hide.

The major organizations have searched for many years, but have not found it.

This time unfathomable mystery was exposed by the outbreak, which really exceeded the expectations of these cultivator organizations.

Although I don’t understand what happened, the opportunity must not be missed, otherwise I will regret it.

In a short period of time, the Great Cultivator organizations secretly communicated with each other to discuss how to deal with the matter.

Now that time is running out, they must make up their minds as soon as possible whether to launch an action against the Loucheng cultivator.

Presumably, the Loucheng cultivator at this moment has also received news and is trying to remedy it.

It’s just that since the news has been exposed, it can’t be covered up in any way, but it may be concealed.

Don’t say that 90% of the news is true, even if there is only 10% chance, major organizations will visit it.

The Great Cultivator organizations have disagreements. Some suggest sending troops immediately, while others suggest staying on the sidelines.

Some cultivators believe that this is actually a conspiracy of Loucheng cultivator, and they are likely to take the opportunity to destroy the Great Cultivator organizations.

The Loucheng cultivator itself does not have this ability, but if you use ancient creatures to lay traps, you should be able to do it easily.

It can even transfer the responsibility to ancient creatures after achieving the goal, and pretend to be a victim.

After all, in this incident, Loucheng cultivator was also the victim. Unfathomable mystery was exposed with top-secret information, and then profiting from somebody’s misfortune by greedy people.

The situation is already so miserable. If there are still thief crying, “Stop thief!”

Because of many concerns, I dare not launch an attack, but conservatively choose to wait and see.

The cultivators hold their own opinions and cannot be inconsistent with each other, resulting in delays in making up their minds.

Just as the negotiation was going on, suddenly there was news.

The Loucheng cultivator, who has just returned to the voyage, has gone out to sea again, and the number is far more than before.

Although the elite of Loucheng cultivator is exhausted, there are still people guarding the inside of Loucheng to prevent enemies from taking the opportunity to attack a sneak attack.

There is even news that the Loucheng cultivator has asked some allies for help, hoping to get help at a critical moment.

This situation suffices to show that the Loucheng cultivator is now in deep crisis and is trying to resolve it.

Regardless of whether this message is true or false, it is enough to draw the attention of major organizations and even make up their minds.

Even if you are not participating in the war, you must figure out the specifics.

Of course, once you have a chart, you no longer need to chase fleet as in the past, as long as you don’t lose your way.

After confirming the authenticity of the hunting camp, decide how to act, participate in the snatch or continue to wait and see?

As the discussion was underway, some super powerhouses that hadn’t appeared for a long time suddenly appeared in the venue.

They are all real old-brand powerhouses, extremely powerful, and the number of condensed rules seeds is extremely large, which is by no means comparable to ordinary super powerhouses.

Among the Great Cultivator organizations, these super powerhouses have more noble identities than the Venerable Lord, but normally they rarely show up.

But it is equivalent to Sea Calming Divine Needle and has the qualification of one word worth nine sacred tripods.

They show up at this moment, in fact, they only have one purpose, which is to facilitate the action this time.

Just because once the plan is successful, the Loucheng cultivator will inevitably suffer a heavy blow.

If you can remove the cultivator from the Loucheng, or fiercely suppress it, these super powerhouses absolutely cannot ask for it.

If you can partner to snatch the hunting base, when the time comes, even if the Loucheng cultivator is unwilling to do so, it will definitely be helpless.

Faced with the alliance formed by the cultivator organization, the Loucheng cultivator is definitely not an opponent, and in the end it can only bear it silently.

After the plan is reached, they will follow along and play together, even if they encounter the Peak God, they will not be afraid.

It is even possible to take this opportunity to kill the supreme powerhouse on the side of the Loucheng cultivator.

Even if the Loucheng cultivator has tight defenses and cannot snatch the hunting camp, it is definitely worthwhile.

It is a great thing to be able to unite the Great Cultivator organizations. With the foundation of this time cooperation, the next time cooperation will be easier.

With the participation of these veteran super powerhouses, the agreement was successfully passed quickly. Even those hesitant cultivator organizations have chosen to follow blindly or be held hostage.

At this time, another cultivator asked, what is the origin of the two powerhouses who are distributing charts?

Such astonishing strength, it is absolutely impossible to be an unknown person, and whether it belongs to the alliance camp.

For this question, cultivators are indeed very interested.

There is such a powerhouse in the league, which can double the strength and have a higher chance of winning.

After the question was asked, no one answered at all. Obviously these two powerhouses have become a mystery.

Fortunately, depending on what the other party does, it should be in your own camp, at least not much related to the Loucheng cultivator.

After realizing this, the cultivators secretly relaxed. If this is the case, at least they can avoid encountering two powerful enemies.

Without further words, the Great Cultivator organizations immediately launched operations to form the Legion, an alliance to fight at sea.

Among these cultivator organizations, all warships are used for hunting at sea, but the specifications and levels are different.

Ordinary cultivator organizations are not eligible to own large fleets, but small fleets can be formed.

When the large and small fleets gather together, the scale of the lineup becomes terrifying, covering a fairly large Sea Territory.

In addition to the cultivator organization, there are even a large number of loose cultivators also get involved, obviously taking this opportunity to get a share.

However, all these actions did not avoid the Loucheng cultivator at all, which also made the atmosphere between the two parties more tense.

But both sides maintained a tacit understanding. They did not go to war on the edge of the forbidden sea, but chose to settle all grievances after entering the sea.

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