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In the offshore fringe area, the cultivators stationed in the four towers have entered a state of high alert.

As soon as the front foot received the report of the disappearance of Peak God, the location of the hunting camp was exposed. This series of changes made Loucheng cultivators completely unprepared.

Loucheng cultivators don’t know yet, this series of abnormal changes is clearly an enemy targeting Loucheng.

The enemy’s insidious and unusual method is to let the Loucheng cultivator cut the flesh and draw blood.

For many years, Loucheng cultivator will always send some elites to hunting camps to obtain high-purity regular particles.

A batch of cultivators will be left behind to guard the castle on the edge of the Forbidden Sea to prevent attacks from other cultivator organizations.

When the accident happened, the Loucheng cultivator originally wanted to send troops silently to help solve the crisis in the Forbidden Sea.

The speed of action is also very fast, and the Loucheng cultivator who has just returned to the sea quickly under the leadership of two senior gods.

Unexpectedly, as soon as fleet set out, the enemy exposed the location of the hunting camp, making the situation worse.

If hostile forces try to snatch the hunting camp, the cultivators in Loucheng must do their best to hold the hunting camp.

But if this is the case, Loucheng will become precarious again.

This forces the Loucheng cultivator to choose whether to guard the Loucheng or choose to abandon the hunting camp.

You must choose one of the two, it is difficult to do both.

But for Loucheng cultivator, both are indispensable, otherwise it will have a great impact on the foundation.

There must be no problem with Loucheng. The relationship between it and the Loucheng cultivator is completely related.

At any time, you must ensure the safety of Loucheng. This is the root of Loucheng cultivator in another world.

As long as the Loucheng is not destroyed, the Loucheng cultivator will always have retreat and support.

The hunting camp cannot be lost either. In order to obtain this location, the cultivators paid a huge price.

Such a hunting camp is not to be found by just looking for it, nor is it to catch the descendants of ancient creatures.

The regular crystallization of ancient creatures is a strong guarantee for the cultivator organization and can cultivate enough super powerhouses.

It can be said that as long as the hunting camp exists, it can continuously provide regular particles and make the cultivator organization stronger and stronger.

Any super powerhouse, including those cultivator organizations, cannot resist this temptation.

Although there are hunting camps in the hands of these cultivator organizations, the scale and number are small and pitiful.

The quality of regular particles is also uneven.

There are also many cultivator organizations, which actually share a hunting camp, and the benefits they get should be shared with others.

Impossible is like Loucheng cultivator, occupying a territory alone and not having any relationship with any cultivator organization.

It is precisely these reasons that make Loucheng cultivator jealous and hate, and hunting camps are also coveted.

Now everyone pushes the wall down, whether the cultivator organization or the Loose Cultivator, they are all trying their best to participate in the feast this time.

All the ships that could go to sea were requisitioned, and the places to go to sea were snapped up. Many cultivator organizations took the opportunity to recruit troops.

Today’s edge of the forbidden sea is so lively that people can hardly imagine it, as if a group of hungry wolves are surrounding a weak giant elephant, waiting for the right opportunity to swallow.

If the cultivator organization wants to obtain the right to use the hunting camp, Loose Cultivators do not have that many luxury. As long as they can obtain a regular particle of the descendants of ancient creatures, they can make their cultivation road smoother and brighter.

Even if you can’t use it, you can use it for sale. There are bound to be countless cultivators competing for high prices.

Sufficiently pure regular particles are also rare treasure in the eyes of the cultivator, which can be encountered but not desired.

Faced with such an extremely dangerous environment, the four towers of the Fourth War Zone can only help themselves to resolve the crisis.

The team to reinforce the hunting camp has set off. At this moment, the interior of the castle is empty, and the defense must be strengthened.

The three high-ranking generals in charge of guarding have sent help messages to other War Zone castles, hoping to get help from each other.

There are also some good cultivator organizations, which are also on the list for help, and are eager to send troops to support them.

Although the interior of the floor is empty, the probability of being attacked is not high, mainly because the building itself is difficult to be captured by breakthrough.

As long as the defense system is closed and activated, the enemy will have to pay a very heavy price to attack and occupy the castle.

Loucheng cultivator can cross the world, one of the main reasons is to rely on a powerful Loucheng.

Even if they are attacked, the cultivators of Loucheng can hold on for a long time and wait until the arrival of reinforcements.

The main purpose of summon reinforcements, or for, is to guard the hunting camp.

Although there are a lot of cultivators in hunting camps, which are far beyond the normal configuration standards, the situation today is completely different from the past.

I just encountered an attack by a super creature, and a half of the cultivator in the Loucheng City was damaged. Even the Peak God General disappeared without a trace.

Under such circumstances, if the hunting camp is again besieged by the Great Cultivator organizations, it will definitely be a worse crisis.

Looking at the appearance of these cultivator organizations, you know that it is obviously necessary to get the freedom of hunting camps, and powerhouse as clouds is bound to be when going to sea.

But in the hunting camp, there are only 4 high-ranking generals and the Loucheng cultivator who survived the disaster.

Even if two high-level gods are sent to lead the team this time, they will only add up to six Spiritual Gods. The seemingly powerful lineup may not be the opponent of this group of enemies.

Because the enemy’s camp also has the existence comparable to Peak gods, otherwise it would not be qualified to compete against the Loucheng cultivator.

Even behind them, there are also God King Level other powerhouses, but they rarely participate in the conflict of interests between the two sides.

If this level is involved, the entire Primordial Realm will be affected.

The hunting camp in normally is guarded by the Peak God, so I don’t worry about any major problems.

Now that the Peak God will be strangely missing, the hunting camp is directly exposed and will soon be besieged by various Great Cultivator organizations.

Faced with the overbearing enemy powerhouse, the Loucheng cultivator did not have enough confidence this time.

If you play against each other, Loucheng cultivator will undoubtedly lose.

Although I have a headache and hate to feel depressed, I have no choice but to find a solution to the problem.

The most critical point in solving the crisis is to find a powerful cultivator, a supreme powerhouse that can counter the enemy camp.

If this point cannot be resolved, no matter how many reinforcements are sent, it will just be dead for nothing.

Peak gods are by no means high-level gods. Their goal is to be promoted to Divine King. It is absolutely impossible to stay in the castle or hunting camp for a long time.

If it wasn’t for safety reasons, maybe even the hunting camp will not be guarded by the Peak God.

Now that a major change has occurred, the Peak God must come forward to frighten the enemy, otherwise the hunting camp will be difficult to defend.

The request for help has been sent out. As to whether it will be approved, and how many more Peak gods will arrive for reinforcements, all of them are unknown now.

Even up to now, there is simply no Loucheng cultivator to know, where is God Peak?

As soon as the letter of help was issued, the Loucheng cultivator and the enemy’s fleet had all entered the sea, rushing straight to the hunting camp.

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