I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3408


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The Loucheng cultivator who was sailing in the forbidden sea and was preparing to support the hunting camp received a notice from the rear Loucheng.

Continuous changes have made Loucheng cultivators vigilant, and a faint feeling of imminent disaster.

When sailing in the past, four fleets went hand in hand, but now they are mixed into one formation.

The larger fleet size does not mean an increase in security, but a cloud of clouds.

The two high-ranking generals in charge of the team leader, with gloomy expressions at the moment, constantly monitoring the sea behind them.

Although there is darkness above the Forbidden Sea, the Loucheng cultivator still has special means to monitor extremely long distances.

At the same time, during the voyage, the fleet’s traces can also be covered by secret techniques to avoid being followed by the enemy.

Because we have always maintained sufficient caution, the Loucheng cultivator has never exposed the route during many years of sailing.

Even in order to keep the route, a bloody battle broke out with the original polar world cultivator, which caused quite heavy casualties.

But this time, the situation has become completely different, and the situation has become more severe.

The enemy knows the exact route, and knows the location of the hunting camp. It is impossible to keep the secret.

At some point, the enemy will appear from behind and pounce on like a wolf again.

This time, instead of tracking the route, he went straight to the hunting camp, and a fierce battle would follow.

The importance of hunting camps, the higher the level of cultivator, the clearer it will be, and will never let go easily.

When the two sides meet in the Forbidden Sea, there may not necessarily be a fight, but they are struggling to reach the island one step in advance.

If the enemy arrives first, he will certainly be able to use a smaller price to successfully occupy the hunting camp.

If you arrive at the Loucheng cultivator first, you can strengthen the guardianship of the hunting camp and help resist these vicious enemies.

One more Loucheng cultivator, one more guardian power, which can delay a little longer.

As for whether it can successfully resist, Loucheng cultivators have no confidence at all.

Compared to the Loucheng cultivator on the ship, the high-ranking gods know more about the secrets, and there is no news about the Peak gods until now.

If I said that I was still lucky, I guessed that God Peak would be temporarily lost due to special circumstances, but now I will definitely not think about it like this.

As long as there is a little possibility, Loucheng cultivator will try to avoid such a situation, especially a Peak god, even more impossible to be so irresponsible.

The peak god general who disappeared bizarrely must have suffered an irresistible accident, so there is no news until now.

The biggest possibility is that he has been conspired.

That’s why there will be super monsters attacking the lighthouse, Peak God will be strangely missing, and the route camp will be exposed.

The real purpose of the enemy may be to hunt the camp.

Without the guard of the Peak god, even if the supporting cultivator arrives on the island early, it may not be able to defeat the enemy’s attack.

At this moment, I can only pray that other Peak gods will be able to rush to help in time and lead the Loucheng cultivator to resist the enemy’s attack.

In the eyes of the two leaders, Peak God will inevitably come to support.

The hunting camp fell into the hands of the enemy, and the greatest loss was actually the Peak gods, because they were the biggest consumers of the rules.

The Peak God will be willing to sit in and guard the hunting camp, the main reason is that he can get military exploits, and can give priority to the exchange of this special rule particle.

In order to ensure stable cultivation resources, the Peak gods will never stand idly by. After receiving the news, they will inevitably give up everything and come to support.

Other War Zone cultivators will also provide assistance as much as possible in order to gain military exploits and favors.

It’s just that the distant water is difficult to put out a nearby fire. Whether it can solve the immediate crisis, it is still impossible to draw a conclusion.

Just when the two high-ranking gods were worried, in the forbidden sea behind, a series of colorful rays of light suddenly appeared.

It seems that the entire ocean is covered by lights, surging like waves, and broadcast the direction of the tower city cultivator.

Seeing this scene, the Loucheng cultivator on board was surprised at the same time.

In this forbidden sea, once such an abnormal scene occurs, it means that something will happen.

The Loucheng cultivators in charge of the support have actually noticed the abnormality. After all, there has never been a situation where they just returned to the sea and went to sea again.

In fact, up to now, Loucheng cultivator not at all has been notified specifically, and I don’t even know what happened.

But Loucheng cultivator has guessed that there should be a problem with the hunting camp.

Every time they return, they will be temporarily sealed off the memory of the route and hunting camp, but they still know the specific situation of the hunting camp.

If it were not for an emergency, the impossible had gone and returned so quickly, even the hunting activities that had been necessary in the past have been cancelled.

At this moment, it is just a thought, constantly sailing on the road, for fear that it will delay a little time.

It’s a pity that in this forbidden sea, the ability to teleport cannot be used, otherwise the high-ranking gods who lead the team will have all the means.

As for the exposure of the route, Loucheng cultivators are even more ignorant, because the senior god will also not tell it.

The same is true. The more you know, the more trouble you have. In the case where Loucheng cultivator cannot help, it may be better to know nothing.

When the lights of the enemy ship behind appeared, the hearts of the cultivators in the Loucheng City sank inexplicably, and they couldn’t understand how the enemy tracked them accurately.

The two high-ranking gods sighed secretly, and the information from the rear was true and correct, and the route of the island hunting camp had indeed been completely exposed.

The enemy simply does not need to follow the fleet to find the exact route easily. If the two sides encounter each other, the enemy will definitely not mind eating them together.

“This bunch of mess, didn’t expect so fast!”

Looking at the surging light sea behind, a high-ranking god would bitterly scolded, didn’t expect so many changes have happened in a short period of time.

“Among the enemy’s fleet, there must be a supreme powerhouse providing assistance, so it can catch up first.

If we maintain our current speed, we will definitely be overtaken by the enemy and swallow it again.

Although we will make the enemy pay a price during the battle, this sacrifice is worthless.

Can’t stop the enemy from advancing, can’t complete the task of guarding the island camp, and will be lost in vain.

So for the present plan, I can only use the secret technique to head towards the island camp at full speed! “

Another senior general said in a solemn tone that he was obviously preparing to use the trump card method of cutting off one’s means of retreat.

“Once the secret technique is used, the ship will inevitably be scrapped afterwards. Are you sure you have to bear such a loss?”

The companion asked back, looking a little hesitant.

If the battleship is destroyed, even if the Loucheng cultivator wants to move, it will not find any means of transportation.

If there is no warship, even a powerful high-ranking general is very likely to be damaged in the forbidden sea.

“If we cannot hold the hunting camp, even if we have a chance to escape, we will definitely not return to the castle, but go deep into the island.

Then wait for the opportunity to retake the hunting profit, instead of taking the battleship and returning from defeat.

Even if you return to Loucheng by boat, you must take the spoils of the enemy, otherwise, there is no face to return! “

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