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Just behind the fleet of the Loucheng cultivator, in the boundless sea of ​​lights, there are waves of warships of various sizes floating.

The cultivators on the ship come from different organizations, and there are also many idle cultivators gathered temporarily.

The number is too much, simply cannot count.

Just after the meeting was over, the Great Cultivator organizations quickly launched actions, simply because the longer the matter was delayed, the more difficult it was to snatch the hunting camp.

Loucheng cultivator can deploy defense more calmly, mobilize more reinforcements, and double the defense level of hunting camps.

If deployed properly, it can not only defend the hunting camp, but also cause heavy damage to the alliance’s cultivator.

Since we are ready to launch an offense, it is naturally impossible to give Loucheng cultivator such an opportunity. It can be said that the two sides are racing against time.

At this moment in the Forbidden Sea, seeing the traces of the fleet of Loucheng cultivator, the cultivators of these alliances are naturally very excited.

There are many cultivators in the alliance, and they have always regarded Loucheng cultivator as the enemy of life and death, and have long dreamed of cutting weeds and eliminating the roots.

Now finally waiting for the opportunity, they can’t wait to rush forward and completely destroy the fleet of Loucheng cultivator.

“Kill the Loucheng Cultivator!”

On some battleships, the cultivator’s voices were constantly heard, and it was obvious that they wanted to take the opportunity to attack.

Soon there will be more voices echoing, all of which are unanimous requests, to behead the cultivator of the previous fleet.

The leaders of the major organizations are not so agitated. Their purpose is not to kill the Loucheng cultivator.

Compared with hunting camps, these cultivators are not worth mentioning at all.

No matter how the warships shouted, the leaders of the alliance organization always looked indifferent. They have no right to make a decision, and they don’t want a war at this moment.

Don’t look at these loose Cultivators shouting heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, but once a fight starts, they are likely to stay behind and refuse to speak up.

This is the difference between whether there is organization or not. Those cultivators that scream the most are all loose cultivators that do not belong to any organization.

The real decision-makers, gathered on another warship, coldly looking at the cultivator in front of the tower.

The previous efforts were not in vain, and they finally caught up with the fleet of Loucheng cultivator and completed the 1st Step plan.

Next, we must rush to the island where the hunting camp is located before the Loucheng cultivator, and then quickly launch an attack.

It is said that since you encounter the Fleet of the Loucheng cultivator, you should swallow the opponent, so as to weaken the defense force of the Loucheng cultivator.

But in this way, it is tantamount to adding changes and delaying the implementation of the final plan.

Who knows if the Loucheng cultivator has hidden means that can cause both sides to suffer?

“If I wanted to escape, I would run away. It was just a wave of cultivators in the city, and I simply couldn’t make much trouble.”

A leader loudly said that he decided to ignore the escape of the Loucheng cultivator and resolutely refused to imitate the opponent’s desperate way.

“The shipbuilding cultivator just now, even if it arrives at the island first, it won’t affect us much.

The object we need to watch out for is the reinforcements invited by the Loucheng cultivator, not the cultivator dispatched by this wave of Loucheng.

Calculated based on time, we are moving faster, and we will surely be able to reach the hunting camp first. “

Obviously, the leaders of the organization present did not approve of following this method, which might make themselves very passive.

The supreme powerhouses in the coalition did not respond from beginning to end, and they didn’t need to worry about these things.

They are all adjusting, waiting for evenly matched opponents to appear.

The supreme powerhouse will never take it lightly, lest it leave a weak spot and let the enemy take advantage of it.

As for when fleet will arrive, these supreme powerhouses also have no impact.

Because it doesn’t really matter when you arrive, whether you capture the hunting camp or not.

In the action at this time, fighting against the Peak God is the most important thing.

If you win, the hunting camp will be easy to start. If you lose to the Peak, you will lose the qualification to snatch the hunting camp.

The final victory depends on the battle results of the top cultivator.

Low-level cultivator is also very important. They also need to guard the hunting camp and capture the descendants of ancient creatures.

It is necessary for these cultivators to feel that their existence is very important and that they can really get enough benefits so that they can actively participate in the battle.

Just when the Loucheng cultivator used the secret technique to stimulate the potential of the warship to advance at full speed, the cultivators of the alliance finally made up their minds.

They will also use secret techniques to speed up their journey, but it is not the self-harm of the Loucheng cultivator, and the speed will definitely be much slower.

But it will not take long before the two sides will meet on the island and start a life-and-death battle.

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