I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3410


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The Loucheng cultivator activates the secret technique, at the expense of the lifespan of the warship, in exchange for ten times the super fast speed.

Fleet’s speed was fast as lightning, and it passed through the blocked area of ​​the sea monster, and finally successfully reached the island.

As soon as the warship docked, these warships that had accompanied the Loucheng cultivator for many years began to disintegrate and dissipate at a speed visible to naked eye.

In the end it turned into a pile of debris, scattered on the edge of the coast.

The materials used to build warships all come from the Forbidden Sea, harvested from super creatures.

After being crafted and refined by famous masters and skilled craftsmen, it is a special nautical Divine Item that can be regarded as the same kind by super creatures.

After spirituality is activated, there is indeed life in itself.

For the cultivator who crosses the sea, it is not only a warship, but also a companion who was born and died together.

But at this moment, the Loucheng cultivators can only watch the battleship damage, but there is no way to stop them.

After all, the behavior just now is tantamount to an overdraft of life, and there is no room for reservation.

There are also some Loucheng cultivators who salute the warship silently, as if they are seeing off their close comrades in arms.

“Hurry up and go to the hunting camp immediately!”

The leader of the high-level gods gave orders in a cold voice. Compared with ordinary Loucheng cultivators, they are now under greater pressure.

The moment I arrived on the island, it meant that the war officially began.

“Starting from the edge of the coast, set up an array of traps along the way to cause as much damage as possible to the enemy!”

Although the situation is extremely disadvantaged, the Loucheng cultivator will never give up easily, and there are still many methods that he has not used.

The cultivator of the original polar world is not weak, but it is still a bit short compared to the Loucheng cultivator.

Especially these cultivators from the castle, all come from the Fourth War Zone, and the means of strength are even more extraordinary.

At this moment in a state of war, Loucheng cultivators will inevitably do their best, and there will never be any show mercy.

The Loucheng cultivator who received the order immediately began to arrange the rune array, and the cultivator was left in segments to be responsible for the control.

Since the war has begun, they cannot all return to the hunting camp. After all, they belong to the battlefield from the coast.

Loucheng cultivator of the overwhelming majority, rushed to the hunting camp, and made arrangements after the meeting.

Time passed slowly, and suddenly in the forbidden sea that was as calm as waves, numerous rays of light flashed.

The light is as bright as the Star River, which is constantly approaching.

Just as the sea of ​​light approached, there were constantly flashing runes on the shore, and black long spears flew toward the sea.

As soon as we approached the sea of ​​light, the long spear exploded continuously, and various seal attacks broke out.

The cultivators dodge the attack and protect the ship from being sunk.

Although the attack is fierce, it does not at all cause much damage to the coalition coalition cultivator, and does not even affect the speed of advancement.

The counterattack of the coalition cultivator also followed.

Across a very long distance, I saw one after another dazzling ball of light flying towards, strikes on the calm shore of the island.

This trick is like throwing rocks to ask for directions, only to destroy possible organs and rune arrays, so as to reduce casualties as much as possible.

Many of these cultivators in the alliance have dealt with Loucheng cultivators and know each other’s methods very well.

Using long-range attacks to destroy the preset organ array of the Loucheng cultivator is one of the methods to prepare for cracking in advance.

There are thunder and lightning again, and there are rolling stones, constantly churning and surging along the coast.

From time to time, there will be mountains bursting and ground splitting. It suddenly erupts from somewhere on the coast. This is the hidden rune array being activated and destroyed.

The props of rune array are mainly Trapping Slaughter Array and imaginary formation. It seems complicated and mysterious, but it is a passive method in itself

Even the top-level rune array can refining the planet and move around, but there are still weaknesses.

Weaknesses can be solved. This kind of method that Loucheng cultivator is good at is far from invincible.

Especially when the strengths of the two sides are almost the same, and the rune array is sufficiently understood, the effect of destruction and destruction will be greatly reduced.

This wave of violent cleaning and destruction caused almost the rune array to be destroyed. Only a small amount of the rune array is still operating normally.

In just a few breaths, the Alliance ships have docked one after another, and densely packed cultivators swarmed out.

On a seemingly small ship, it can carry thousands of cultivators, and a huge ship can hold more than 10,000.

Cultivators always have a way to accommodate themselves in square inches and cross this dangerous ocean.

Many cultivators went out to sea for the first time and landed on islands in the forbidden sea. The excitement in my heart can be imagined.

They sent out a roar and followed the army of countless cultivators, moving towards the hunting camp and quickly approached.

On the previously obtained chart, the correct marching route is clearly marked to avoid being attacked by monsters.

It’s just that such a large number of cultivators have landed on the island, but it has never happened before, and this has also caused mutations to happen constantly.

The super creatures hidden in the cave suddenly pop out from time to time and attack the alliance’s cultivator.

These monsters are huge in size, and their attack methods are fierce and brutal. The Alliance’s cultivator was caught off guard and suffered serious casualties one after another.

The many benefits of cultivator have also emerged. Whenever a monster appears, all around cultivator will launch a fire attack.

The fierce monster couldn’t dodge, and was quickly broken into pieces, and the flesh and blood materials were robbed clean.

In the eyes of the overwhelming majority cultivator, every piece of flesh and blood of a super creature is a treasure, and it is absolutely impossible to miss.

If placed elsewhere, these cultivators simply are not qualified to challenge super creatures, and are even more impossible to get a precious loot.

The rich harvest made the cultivator confirm that it is definitely a very wise thing to follow the march this time.

In addition to the irritated super creatures, various rune arrays arranged by the Loucheng cultivator are also triggered and activated from time to time along the way.

Various situations continue to emerge, and the cultivator of the alliance is constantly being damaged, but it has no effect on morale.

Responsible for maintaining the operation of the rune array, and actively staying behind to block the enemy’s cultivator. At this moment, he also launched a desperate attack.

Although his strength is strong, it is a pity that his strength is weak, and he is quickly swallowed by enemies like wolves and tigers.

A large army of aggressive cultivators like a surge, with no difficulty levelling out any obstacles, always keeps moving forward at an extremely fast speed.

Like a locust crossing the border, barren wherever it passes.

In this forbidden sea area, such a large-scale behavior can definitely be said to be the first time.

The cultivator organizations in these restricted areas, their first joint operation, did not expect to be so invincible.

The sweeping posture of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood made these primitive cultivators more confident and believed that this time would definitely be possible.

Rushing along the route on the map, the Alliance army successfully arrived at the hunting camp, and cheers of excitement continued to sound.

I saw nine huge lighthouses standing high, and flames burning, dispelling the uneasy atmosphere.

The Loucheng cultivators are fully armed, and under the guardianship of the rune array, they coldly watch the Alliance enemy forces rushing in.

Although the number of enemies is dozens or even hundreds of times, there is no fear in the eyes of these cultivators.


With greed and murderous aura, the coalition cultivator swarmed and impatient attacked.


The Loucheng cultivator, who did not want to retreat, had no fear in his eyes, and drew his sword to face those enemies.

They will only fight desperately until the moment they fall.

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