I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3412


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The sudden addition of super creatures made the battlefield more chaotic, and the three camps fought endlessly.

Of course, in the eyes of these monsters, the cultivator has no faction at all, and all are prey or enemies.

What they have to do is to swallow all the food that they dare to impudent on the island as food.

This is the site of ancient creatures, the restricted area of ​​cultivator, when will it be the turn of these cultivators to impudent?

These monsters in the forbidden sea also have their own territories, and they hate foreign cultivators even more.

Especially these cultivators used despicable means to hunt down the same race, and I don’t know how many descendants of ancient creatures were killed.

As a descendant of ancient creatures, how can you lack arrogance? I’m afraid that I have been fed up with cultivator behavior.

Now that they finally seized the opportunity, they immediately began to retaliate wildly.

Among the pits that lead directly to the Forbidden Sea, fierce sea monsters continue to jump out, as if they have received some summon.

There are also patches of water mist, constantly erupting around the pit, providing the monster with the ability to hide.

No matter the flickering monster or the poisonous water mist, all around cultivators are completely unprepared.

These huge monsters are constantly devouring the cultivator or being besieged and killed by the cultivator.

The chaotic battlefield is now completely chaotic.

Even the Loucheng cultivator that has been operating on the island for many years has never seen such a large number of monsters and such a chaotic scene.

The worries that came up in my heart increased a bit.

Such an abnormal situation may mean that disaster is coming, and the complex situation has become more worrying.

Loucheng cultivators suspect that the ancient creatures have been eyeing here, and all this is just a prelude.

If ancient creatures do come, few cultivators on the battlefield can successfully escape.

Now I can only guard the lighthouse with all my strength to prevent the lighthouse from going out again, so that it can have a suppressing effect.

This is the only restraint method for Loucheng cultivator so far.

The six high-ranking generals guarding the hunting camp are now in the same dangerous situation and are fighting fiercely with twice their own enemies.

Their battlefield is farther away, just to avoid fighting too violently, they will raze the hunting camp to the ground.

The alliance’s cultivator is extremely vicious, they bite these high-level gods to death, just to prevent the opponent from supporting the Loucheng cultivator.

Without the leadership of the senior gods, and with the coalition cultivator’s overwhelming offensive, the fall of the hunting camp is a foregone conclusion.

No matter how brave the Loucheng cultivator is, it still cannot recover the defeat.

Among the teams of coalition coalition cultivator, there are actually many super powerhouses. They either don’t have the seed of the rules, or they just have a few.

The strength of these super powerhouses is average. Even the low-level gods of the fourth War Zone can defeat them with no difficulty.

It’s just that a good tiger can’t stand a pack of wolves. Facing an endless stream of enemies, the Loucheng cultivator is indeed a bit unable to resist.

Fortunately, at a critical moment, cultivators from other War Zone castles came to support and turned the bad situation around.

The Loucheng cultivators that appear in the original polar world are basically from the top 100 War Zone, or the lucky candidate Loucheng, and they are inextricably linked to the three major War Zones.

Being able to rush to the island to support, the strength will certainly not be too weak, which relieved a lot of pressure on the struggling fourth War Zone cultivator.

But the battle of high-level cultivator, not at all is affected, and it is still fighting with you and me.

In fact, in the hearts of these alliance enemies, there is a lot of doubt, why don’t you understand why the Peak God won’t make a move?

Is it peeping in secret, waiting for the best time to take action, or is it really not in the hunting camp?

The supreme powerhouse, an alliance hidden in the dark, is hesitant at the moment, but he dare not take it lightly.

They are afraid that if they are negligent for a while, they will be attacked by the Peak God General, and they will most likely fall on the spot.

Up to now, these supreme powerhouses do not know the news about the Peak gods at all, because Tang Zhen simply did not actively inform them.

At this moment in the hunting camp, the Loucheng cultivators are still holding on, and the alliance cultivators are still attacking.

Reinforcements from the Loucheng cultivator arrived one after another. After they joined the battlefield, the one-sided situation changed.

The number of sea monsters driven by mysterious power has become more and more rampant on the battlefield.

Such a chaotic situation is completely beyond control, making it impossible for the three warring parties to determine and predict the outcome.

No one noticed at all, there was a silhouette standing on the hill, looking at the battlefield silently.

Tang Zhen is waiting silently, Peak God of the Fourth War Zone will arrive on the battlefield.

The scene of the island melee in front of him was planned by Tang Zhen, with the purpose of attracting God General Peak to the bait.

The gods in other War Zones are useless, not because their enemies are useless. Tang Zhen’s plan can only be considered a success when those specific targets appear.

Although a lot of thought has been lost, as long as you can hunt down an enemy, this busyness is not in vain.

It’s just that up to now, none of the Peak powerhouses in the fourth War Zone have participated in the battle.

This can’t help but make Tang Zhen a little puzzled. What happened to keep these Peak gods from appearing late.

Are you not planning to provide assistance, or are you on your way?

Tang Zhen decided to continue waiting. To hunt prey, he must have enough patience.

If he could not complete the plan and behead his enemy, Tang Zhen would never pat his butt and leave.

The hunting camp belongs to the fourth War Zone. It is the wealth of the cultivator of the Loucheng. It is absolutely impossible to let these aliens take advantage of it.

He has the ability to attract foreign cultivators, as well as the ability to send them away, or keep them on the island forever.

This thrilling war that killed countless cultivators was just a chess game in Tang Zhen’s eyes.

He has enough strength and self-confidence to control the whole situation and win at the last minute.

As long as you enter the chess game, everyone is a pawn and cannot escape Tang Zhen’s control.

When Tang Zhen watched silently, the fatty behind his eyes widened and his face was shocked.

The fighting on the battlefield was so tragic that Fatty was shocked and inexplicable.

Fatty’s strength is not too weak, but I don’t know much about the cultivation world, and I have never experienced such a battle scene.

Before the war started, Fatty became worried, for fear that he would be killed.

Compared with the powerful Loucheng cultivator, Fatty’s strength can only be regarded as average, and only racial talent can be used.

But in this level of war, this kind of transformation talent of Fatty is easy to be a target of fire.

Just when fatty was worried, she suddenly realized that she simply didn’t need to worry too much.

Because as long as you stand behind Tang Zhen, those cultivators that hit the murky heavens dark earth seem to be unable to see him and Tang Zhen at all.

This makes Fatty surprised and happy, and his heart is full of doubts. I wonder why this happened?

Fatty soon realized that this happened because of Tang Zhen.

This unexpected discovery made Fatty become suspicious.

He originally had a feeling that Tang Zhen was very different from other cultivators, so he chose to approach him actively.

Following Tang Zhen all the way is also confused.

But didn’t expect even an attack could be avoided when following Tang Zhen on the chaotic battlefield.

This made fatty become more and more curious about Tang Zhen’s identity.

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