I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3418


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After repeated disasters, the hunting camp has been completely different. Even if the Loucheng cultivator tried their best to repair it, it could not be restored in a short time.

The normal production as in the past is even more impossible because the timing is not right.

I have just experienced a war, and it is really not suitable for another killing.

The coalition cultivator is already a stray dog, not worth mentioning at all, but these sea monsters are different.

The number of them is endless, and there are ancient creatures behind them that make Peak gods and generals jealous. If it is not natural and dull, there is no place for a cultivator in this forbidden sea.

As long as you enter the forbidden sea, it will become food for sea monsters instead of setting up camps to capture them wantonly.

Especially after experiencing this war, Loucheng cultivator has become more vigilant against these forbidden sea creatures.

It is indeed very irrational to anger these fierce Forbidden Sea Overlords because of the eagerness to hunt.

According to the judgment of God General Peak, the ancient creatures have already focused on this hunting camp and started a tentative attack.

The sea monster suddenly joined the battlefield, and then evacuated silently. In fact, it was the ancient creatures who were controlling it in secret.

The thing to do right now is to maintain a stable state, not to rush to hunt and cause the situation to deteriorate again.

When everything is stable, the hunting camp can go hunting for super creatures with free hands and feet as in the past.

With a lot of effort, the hunting camp finally returned to normal, and no more accidents happened.

Loucheng cultivators relaxed, thinking that the wind and rain have stopped and everything is under control.

But where did you know that the undercurrents of hunting camps nowadays make senior cultivators never dared to relax.

On the news of Peak powerhouse’s disappearance, only the top-level cultivator still knows, and the ordinary Loucheng cultivator has no knowledge at all.

They couldn’t believe it at all. In this hunting camp under their feet, two Peak gods once fell one after another.

Because I don’t know it, I don’t need to bear heavy pressure.

What they are doing now is repairing and refining hunting equipment, and processing and refining the corpses of those super creatures.

Although this war was tragic, it also left a lot of wealth. The dead sea monster corpses belonged to the Loucheng cultivator.

The sea monsters participating in this war are all super creatures, and they have great value in themselves.

Precious materials like this must not be wasted in vain. They must be refined.

If you do it properly, you can get rich returns and make up for some of the losses caused by the war.

The corpse of the coalition cultivator is also not wasted.

Not counting the weapons and equipment to carry, just to say that the extremely powerful fleshy body is the best material for refining.

The skin, bone, and flesh fascia is not inferior to super creatures.

Because of the hostility, Loucheng cultivators treat them as animals when they refine the coalition coalition cultivator.

Because the cultivator was missing due to the war, the remains of these coalition cultivators were basically made into puppet corpse slaves.

When the Loucheng cultivator gives an order, he will work endlessly, which can be regarded as atonement for his previous actions.

Tang Zhen and a group of Alchemists also have a new job, using various existing materials to refine medicine pill.

It doesn’t matter if the materials are messy, you can study the matching on the spot, even if you can’t practice Divine Pill spiritual medicine, you can easily refine the auxiliary cultivation medicine pill.

The cultivator here is not used, it can be sold to the cornerstone platform, and other cultivators can definitely be used.

This special supply method ensures that the supply of Cornerstone Platform is abundant and sufficient, and there is never need to worry about money not being able to buy what you want.

In such a special environment, it was the time to show the means, and the Alchemists all suffocated.

I want to let others see my abilities through this event.

The place where the Alchemists are, has become an arena, and from time to time it will attract the onlookers of Loucheng cultivator.

Compared to other boring jobs, the Alchemist’s games are very exciting, and surprises appear from time to time.

Although it is not a full-time Alchemist, the cultivators of Loucheng also know a little bit, and they can naturally see the doorway when watching.

The material handling when refining medicine pill, the imagery displayed in the refining process, and the grade after Dancheng, Loucheng cultivator can make professional comments.

When encountering some special medicine pill, when it is effective for one’s own cultivation, they even trade on the spot.

With the audience’s cheer, the Alchemists became very motivated and tried their best to show the trump card.

In this Alchemist competition, Tang Zhen’s reputation became louder and louder, which once again attracted the attention of a group of high-ranking generals.

Because the Divine Pill that he refined has quite remarkable effects, it belongs to the rare spirit pill and marvelous medicine.

There is one more thing that made Tang Zhen’s reputation even stronger because he publicly announced the pill concocting process.

After the Pill Recipe is made public, more cultivators can benefit from it and get ammunition at a lower cost.

Tang Zhen’s behavior has won unanimous respect from the Alchemists. After all, the beneficiaries include them.

There are many cultivators secretly thought. Unfortunately, Tang Zhen is not a Loucheng cultivator, otherwise he will surely get more benefits.

There is no need to do anything else, just hand over the Pill Recipe to the cornerstone platform for sale, and you can reap the benefits continuously.

If a cultivator wants to learn, he must pay the corresponding military exploits, and Tang Zhen will also benefit from it.

It is through this method that Alchemist has a substantial income, and has gained a high enough reputation and respect.

It’s just that a foreign race becomes a Loucheng cultivator. It’s not an easy task. It has to go through numerous trials and assessments.

After confirming that there is no problem, Loucheng will initiate an invitation, and then swear to join in front of the cornerstone platform.

Today’s situation is special. It is obviously more difficult and cumbersome to join Loucheng at this moment.

Because of this incident, it will even cause unnecessary troubles and put Tang Zhen in danger.

Alchemist kept a tacit understanding and did not mention this matter.

But they all made up their minds. After this matter is over, Tang Zhen must be invited to join Loucheng.

If Tang Zhen is allowed to leave, it will be Loucheng’s biggest loss.

The high-ranking generals in the hunting camp also noticed Tang Zhen’s excellent performance, and they also planned to bring him into the castle.

From the very beginning, Tang Zhen was recruited and he was already on the shortlist. What was lacking was only timing.

However, no one knows simply. The series of changes that made them feel headaches were actually all controlled by Tang Zhen in secret.

Successfully beheaded two Peak gods, and even dared to stay in the hunting camp. Who would dare to do such a thing?

Not only these high-level gods would not think of it, but those Peak gods also didn’t expect. The goal they were looking for was right under their noses.

They have reported the situation and got a reply from Cornerstone, and the order is indeed as expected.

Several Peak gods will be responsible for investigating this matter. As the water recedes, the rocks appear must be investigated and to prevent similar things from happening again.

The content of the command was not unexpected, but the Peak gods were quite embarrassed. During this time, they never stopped investigating, but not at all, it was a surprising discovery.

The traces that should be erased have long since been completely erased, and simply couldn’t find any useful clues.

The orders issued by the cornerstone platform may be difficult to complete within the time limit, which also made the Peak gods a little anxious.