I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3419


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Time is passing slowly, and the hunting camp is business as usual.

Originally, the Loucheng cultivators thought that they would be attacked by the fleeing coalition cultivator, and they were ready to fight.

As a result, I waited for a while, but not at all anything happened.

The occurrence of this situation is obviously very abnormal, and something must have happened.

The enemies who escaped into the island, simply don’t know where they went, and there is no sign of returning.

For Loucheng cultivator, this is actually a good thing. No one likes repeated wars.

Previous changes have caused too many casualties, and the hunting camp can no longer afford too much loss.

It’s just the disappearance of the coalition coalition cultivator, which will inevitably make Loucheng cultivator suspicious, so we must figure out what’s going on.

If you recombine the changes that have occurred before, it will make people wonder whether they are related to each other.

The Peak powerhouse stationed in the camp had such considerations and went deep into the island to explore.

Such investigations need to be done in groups and must not act alone to avoid the disappearance of unfathomable mystery.

But after a few explorations, I didn’t at all gain anything.

The coalition cultivator that fled to the island, it seemed to have disappeared out of thin air, without knowing where it went.

Even if I entered the depths of the island, I didn’t find those coalition cultivators, and I didn’t even see a few corpses.

This situation is indeed very abnormal.

If you are attacked by super creatures, you shouldn’t have died so cleanly. There will definitely be many survivors.

It will never be like this, there is no clue at all.

After some investigation, God Peak will gather again and make many speculations.

The coalition cultivator who fled have found a safe way to escape from the island and have already left in a battleship.

But if you really understand the forbidden sea, you know how difficult it is to open a route, and it is likely to have paid a great price, but in the end there is no gain.

Otherwise, in this forbidden sea, I am afraid that the cultivator has already been rampant, instead of making people talk like they are now.

There is another possibility that the coalition cultivator was attacked by ancient creatures, so it disappeared without a trace.

Until now, there are still Peak gods who believe that the missing Two Divine Generals are related to ancient creatures.

Only powerful ancient creatures have the ability to do this, causing the two Peak gods to disappear silently.

The ancient creatures can also use the same method to control the coalition cultivator entering the island, so that they disappear silently.

Otherwise, it is impossible to explain why so many coalition cultivators suddenly disappeared in a short period of time.

If the coalition coalition cultivator is dead or alive, these Peak powerhouses will definitely not care, even if it is dead, it does not matter.

But if the disappearance of the coalition cultivator involves the missing Peak god, then it must be taken seriously.

After all, with their identities, it is also possible to attract an attack, and then the unfathomable mystery will completely disappear.

Of course this disappearance is just an indeterminate rhetoric, and the Peak gods still have a guess.

The two companions who disappeared are likely to have completely fallen, otherwise there will be no news about impossible until now.

Until now, the hunting camp has not been attacked by ancient creatures. It is probably related to the nine Divine Item lighthouses.

This is the amulet of the hunting camp, and it is also protecting a group of Peak gods from harm.

But if you continue to stay, the Divine Item lighthouse is likely to fail and the ancient creatures will seize the opportunity to launch an attack.

Of course, this is just speculation, at least until now, ancient creatures have not at all really appeared.

Not even sure, whether ancient creatures get involved?

There is also a possibility that the disappearance of these coalition cultivators is probably caused by the secret mastermind.

The opponent’s layout controlled the entire event, which not only caused a war between the two cultivators, but also secretly attacked the two Peak gods, and at the same time made the defeated coalition cultivator disappear without a trace.

If this is the case, the strength of the secret mastermind is extremely powerful, enough to make these Peak gods fearful.

When they act now, they are all very careful, for fear of entering the missing list.

Under this special environment, it will undoubtedly become more difficult to investigate the truth of the matter.

The deadline set by the cornerstone platform is now getting closer, but there has been no progress.


In an area deep in the island, two figures stand silently.

A silhouette is tall and strong, like a majestic mountain, exuding a frightening atmosphere.

The other silhouette is like smoke, constantly rushing and rolling, and it seems that it may disperse at any time.

In the area in front of them, dozens of alliance super powerhouses were trapped in a cloud of smoke.

Like a trapped beast in a cage, it wants to escape, but it is impossible to do so.

“This is the last wave of super powerhouses. After they are killed, there will be no traces of coalition cultivator outside the island.

There are also a group in the depths of the island, but they won’t last long, and sooner or later they will die in the hands of those sea monsters. “

Vajra spoke to the black mist around him with a sound like rubbing rocks.

“jié jié jié…… This is the best way. You should be able to complete the task assigned by the master soon.”

The sound coming from the black fog is full of gloom and cruelty. If you look closely, you will find that there is still blood flowing in the fog.

There seems to be countless cultivator souls, wailing in this blood, seeming to endure countless pains.

“The supreme powerhouse of those alliances, do you know where they went?”

Vajra asked again, with a hint of confusion in his tone.

The silhouette in the black mist, twisting slightly, seems to be thinking about this issue.

“If I guessed correctly, they should have been tracked and locked by the owner, and may have all been resolved.”

The answer from the black mist made Vajra’s eyes slightly narrowed.

After a long silence, he sighed softly, his expression full of emotion.

“That is the supreme powerhouse, the existence you and I both looked up to, but now it is easy to talk about their life and death.

If this were put in the past, it would be unimaginable. “

For the life and death of the supreme powerhouse of the alliance, Vajra doesn’t really care, he just sighs with the changes in current strength.

“How about jié jié jié, supreme powerhouse, in front of the owner, it is not yet an object of arbitrary slaughter.

Including those Peak gods, in fact, the same is true. If it weren’t for them to die, how could they live to the present? “

The silhouette in the black mist, with pride in his tone, as well as unabashed fanaticism and admiration.

“Relying on the help of the master, the strength of you and me has increased rapidly. Compared with these supreme powerhouses, it may not be much worse.

As long as there is enough time to accumulate insights, you and I can kill these supreme powerhouses even without the master’s action! “

The two sides talked unscrupulously, and simply did not pay attention to the trapped super powerhouse.

In their eyes, this is a group of livestock that can be slaughtered at will, and they can do it anytime they want.

After waiting for a while, two figures rushed into the smoke, and soon surprised and angry sounds continued to sound.

“Assholes, it turned out to be you!”

“I knew that sending out charts was a conspiracy!”

“I am willing to surrender, please spare my life!”

The blood light splashed in the smoke, and it didn’t take long for there to be no more movement.