I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3421


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The arrangement of the cornerstone platform and the hidden thoughts of many gods are all very secret things.

Including high-level gods, they don’t know the specific content, and will only be notified when they should know.

This is also the practice of Loucheng cultivator. If you don’t have the right level and don’t pay correspondingly, it is impossible to know the secret.

The Loucheng cultivators who have experienced the war are all performing their tasks perfectly according to the arrangement of the hunting camp.

The same is true for Tang Zhen, busy with a fatty.

No one knows that Tang Zhen, who is increasingly famous, is actually just an Avatar of Spiritual God, who is responsible for lurking in the camp to detect intelligence.

As for Tang Zhen’s body, he will appear in the depths of the island from time to time, chasing and killing the escaping alliance supreme powerhouse.

Hunting such a supreme powerhouse actually has many benefits, such as obtaining the opponent’s rule particles and some insights about the cohesion of the rules.

Supreme powerhouse level cultivator, after beheaded, there will be benefits left.

Such a huge benefit, but few cultivators get it, let alone many cultivators try to get it.

Because of such benefits, you need to work hard with your life, and it is likely to make yourself the benefit of others.

It is important to know that in a normal environment, it is very difficult to hunt the supreme powerhouse, and there is even no chance to shoot it.

But in this battle of the islands, opportunities are everywhere.

Tang Zhen attracted these coalition coalition cultivators. In addition to designing to deal with the enemy, he actually plans to hunt down these super powerhouses!

The regular particles accumulated at the beginning have been exhausted in a hundred years. Now Tang Zhen can be said to be penniless.

He must find a way to use the fastest means to obtain more regular particles.

Supreme powerhouse is one of the best ways.

Just using such a method requires a great risk, and it is very likely to be revenge from the original cultivator.

But because of this war, Loucheng cultivator and ancient creatures can be left behind. As long as no one proves that Tang Zhen is a secret mastermind, there is no need to worry about any problems.

After using these guys, Tang Zhen will find a way to eliminate them. The fewer the number of surviving coalition cultivators, the easier it is to keep some secrets.

This is not the birds are over, the bow is put away. After all, there is no relationship between the two parties, and they are only acting out of greed.

Suffering from the current fate can only be said to be having only oneself to blame.

This is the cruel cultivation world. When you belong to different camps, you can really kill you without the slightest hesitation for profit.

This is true of Tang Zhen, as are other cultivators.

So when the war was over, Tang Zhen ordered Vajra and Heiwu to chase down the defeated soldiers, thus creating the illusion of the enemy’s strange disappearance.

Tang Zhen’s body secretly dispatched to hunt down the Alliance supreme powerhouse.

The supreme powerhouse, which made countless cultivators look up, faced Tang Zhen’s chase, but there was no chance to escape.

Tang Zhen’s current strength is enough to crush the Peak god and supreme powerhouse, and he is absolutely sure of winning.

It is also limited to fighting alone. If a group of Peak gods surround and attack Tang Zhen, then he is definitely not an opponent.

The only objects that can make Tang Zhen wary of fear are God King Level other powerhouses and the cornerstone platform responsible for monitoring everything.

Everything he is doing now is only aimed at them.

The operation was carried out silently, and even the few Peak generals did not find any abnormalities at all.

They also didn’t know that they were lucky not to be included in the kill list, otherwise they wouldn’t expect to have any stability.

Even if they are gathered together, Tang Zhen will have enough means to make them disappear one by one.

After another period of time, the hunting camp returned to normal and hunting activities resumed.

But soon the cultivators discovered that the number of descendants of ancient creatures has become very scarce.

The reason for this is obviously related to the war.

The descendants of ancient creatures that were active in this area were all driven to participate in the war. While causing heavy damage to the cultivator on both sides, they also suffered heavy casualties.

When the war ended, the descendants of ancient creatures who had suffered heavy losses chose to flee this area.

Although the descendants of ancient creatures are naturally ignorant, they also know that seek luck and avoid calamity and will try their best to escape from areas where they feel dangerous.

This makes the number of super creatures in the forbidden sea below the islands become less and less, but on the contrary, there are more and more luminous deep-sea creatures.

The reason is that there are countless corpses falling into the seabed from the deep pit.

The luminous creatures in the Forbidden Sea are attracted by various corpses and used as daily food.

Such unexpected changes are indeed somewhat unexpected.

As for when it will be restored, no one can tell, after all, this is an uncontrollable change.

It may not take long, it may take many years, or it may not reappear forever.

The Forbidden Sea is so vast, super creatures don’t have to guard an area, they can change a place to continue living.

The Loucheng cultivators are very depressed. They originally thought that the change has passed, but the biggest evil result has just appeared.

If the hunting camp is abandoned, wouldn’t the previous efforts of the Loucheng cultivator be wasted?

No one can accept such a result, so when possible, they will try to make everything back to the original.

Especially the Peak God General, who is responsible for guarding, pays special attention to this matter. After all, their task is to ensure the normal operation of the hunting camp.

If the hunting camp is abandoned as a result, it is the responsibility of the Peak gods. When the time comes, it will be more than just punishment.

It will also have a great impact on the reputation of the gods and generals, and even give people an impression of incompetence.

A group of Peak gods will gather together, and they will not be able to solve the crisis in the hunting camp. It was indeed very embarrassing after the incident spread.

Aware that the crisis is approaching, the God General Peak immediately looked for a solution and quickly formulated a corresponding plan.

They plan to build a rune array to increase the concentration of chaotic energy in this area and increase the attraction to ancient creatures.

At the same time, a large amount of bait pills will be used as food to attract super creatures to gather.

Under normal circumstances, a bait pill can capture a super creature, and its cost is not low.

Once this plan is implemented, it will inevitably cause great waste, and all the bait pills will be swallowed by super creatures in vain.

Although the losses are heavy, as long as the super creatures can be attracted back, no matter how great the price is, it is definitely worth it.

While building a rune array and putting in a lot of bait pills, the two-pronged approach will surely be effective.

If this does not work, the Peak gods still have the means, but the price is higher.

It should not be too late. When the plan is completed, the Loucheng cultivator will immediately start the action.

Several Peak gods will personally take action and coordinate the arrangement of the rune array. Not only are the hunting camps shrouded in it, but also moved towards the surroundings are constantly radiating.

The powerhouse of this level is out of the ordinary. The cultivators can obviously feel the changes near the hunting camp.

I believe it won’t take long for this place to become a cultivation Holy Land.

All the Alchemists went into battle, including the Loucheng cultivator who came to provide assistance, and also assisted in starting to refine the bait pill.

In order to ensure efficiency and quantity, the refining method has also been improved, and a super great cauldron has been used to refining bait pills.

Tang Zhen is so strong that he was chosen as the assistant to the commander-in-chief to supervise the batch refining of bait pills.