I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3523


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Before being blown to pieces, the mutant City Lord once issued an order to kill the enemies in the forge.

For the purpose of retaliation, the highest level Kill Order was issued, and the attitude was extremely resolute.

When the mutant residents receive the order, they will naturally launch an attack.

Although the mutant City Lord was killed and the mutant residents turned into a pile of scattered sand, they still had fierce attack capabilities.

They look for their target everywhere, but when there is something unusual, they will immediately swarm.

The sound of a cannon just now attracted all the mutant residents nearby, and the blacksmith shop was completely enclosed.

Without any hesitation, the mutant residents attacked and rushed into the blacksmith shop frantically.

They are simply fearless of death, fearless and fearless, enough to destroy all flesh and blood.

Even buildings built of mud and stone cannot sustain the destruction of these monsters.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, a loud noise suddenly rang out, and the ground violently shaken.

The blacksmith shop disappeared in an instant, the shock wave moved towards all around spreading, thick and dense dust rose into the sky.

In the terrifying sound of the explosion, the mutant residents instantly turned into fragments, and there were corpses everywhere in the ruins.

The wailing of mutated residents is coming one after another

The terrifying and tragic explosion, not at all scared off the mutant monsters, on the contrary, even more fierce rushed.

Mutated residents who are out of control simply don’t have enough discrimination. They act on instinct, and attack when they hear abnormal movements.

I don’t even know what I did, and I just died in vain.

The smithy had been empty for a long time. After the last shell was fired, Tang Zhen had already ignited the pre-placed bomb and fled the smithy as quickly as possible.

The direction he was heading was the high tower of worship that was fighting endlessly.

Now all the prisoners in the city have been forced to approach the tower area, and the overwhelming majority mutant residents have also been attracted.

Although the explosion just happened attracted some mutant residents, it is not worth mentioning compared to the residents of the whole city.

At this moment, the ritual square was crowded with crazy mutant residents, howling and rushing to the tower.

In addition to trying to attack and devour the prisoners, it is also because of the desire in the heart that drives them to approach the gods they worship.

The ferocious appearance is no different from the hell evil spirits.

The strange eyeballs of the residents that are constantly turning like antennae are echoing the vortex monster above the tower.

It seems to be using this method to observe the situation on the battlefield.

The prisoners besieged by the mutant residents are fighting desperately at this moment, trying to get rid of their predicament.

Although there have been many reincarnations, today is different.

This is the only time, so close to success, no one is willing to give up easily.

Otherwise, when you wake up from a dream, everything will be back to the beginning, leaving the fragmented world indefinitely.

Since you are involved, you have to do your best.

At this moment, there is one place that is most noticeable in the sacrifice square. I saw a huge puppet slaughtering rampantly.

The height of this puppet is more than ten meters, and the whole body is covered with heavy armor.

There is also a flash of rune on the surface of the armor, which means that it is fully operating at the moment.

The appearance of this puppet resembles a deformed spider, but it is really armed to the teeth.

The armor is full of spikes, covered with the corpses of the mutant residents, and the long claws are full of blades. The swings engulf huge strength, and the mutant residents will be cut to pieces with no difficulty.

After a long tail was broken, two huge tongs cleared the way, and no one could stop it.

On the back of the giant puppet, a large group of prisoners stood waving their weapons.

Long spear is like a poisonous snake. The mutated residents around moved towards the mutated inhabitants keep stabbing, and when they touch the body, it becomes a transparent hole.

Walking on the battlefield with weapons in hand, the strength of each prisoner cannot be underestimated, all of them are brave and brave generals comparable to the enemies of thousands.

Cooperating with the spider puppets, it is completely rampant among the monsters, and there are countless corpses everywhere.

Because of the closed operation room, the puppet’s controller cannot be seen, but I know that it is definitely not a simple character.

The other prisoners did not have puppets, but they also showed their abilities and tried their best to move towards the tower sprint.

Among them are some prisoners, armed like hedgehogs, covered with sharp spikes.

The monster can’t get close at all, otherwise it will be pierced directly.

At the same time, relying on a brute force, he kept rushing forward, but every step was extremely difficult.

There are also some prisoners forming a small team, back to back hands holding shields, as if retrograde in the stormy waves.

Just looking at them, I’m afraid it will be difficult to reach the end.

Fortunately, the prisoners of the overwhelming majority have rushed to the bottom of the tower, and even entered the tower.

Tang Zhen is also breaking through, and the situation is equally dangerous.

Although it got rid of the crisis of the blacksmith shop, there are still tall towers that need to break in, and the mutant residents blocking the road cannot avoid it.

Fortunately, Tang Zhen had already guessed that this would happen before then, so he prepared in advance.

At this moment, Tang Zhen was covered in heavy armor, with almost no gaps left.

There is also a weapon in his hand, a broad-bladed sword, like a black door.

Fortunately, there is a blacksmith’s shop as a secret stronghold to allow Tang Zhen to build these equipment, otherwise he can only use his fleshy body to carry it hard.

Dragging a big knife, Tang Zhen rushed into the monster group, constantly slashing left and right.

After each knife is swung, there will be slices of monsters cut in midsection, and they will continue to crawl around on the ground.

The crazy monster kept approaching, trying to tear Tang Zhen into pieces, but the heavy armor made them helpless.

Tang Zhen’s armor is specially designed and made, so it cannot be opened easily.

Even if the mutated residents hold weapons, it is difficult to break through the defenses of the armor, not to mention that the monsters of the overwhelming majority attack with their bare hands and use only sharp claws.

With strong defensive armor, combined with great strength and skill, Tang Zhen forcibly broke through the blockade of mutant residents and rushed to the top of the tower altar.

Not far from the front is the high tower, but the corpses are already piled up like a mountain, but the battle still continues.

The prisoners who broke through the blockade of the mutant residents are pouring into the tower at this moment. This is the final pass.

I can’t see the inside scene from the outside world. I don’t know what the conditions of the prisoners are, but I know that they must have not rushed to the top of the tower.

Because the uppermost area is still silent at the moment.

As soon as Tang Zhen arrived, the huge spider puppet also rushed to the bottom of the tower.

The prisoner standing on top of the puppet continuously jumped down and removed the long spear rod in his hand.

Holding a gun head more than two feet long, used as a self-protection weapon, one by one murderous-looking.

The narrow space in the tower is definitely not convenient for long spear to display. It is very important to change the weapon shape in time.

Above the spider golem, the closed hatch was opened, and a white clothed prisoner got out.

It is the white clothed Venerable Lord, but now he is wearing a Battle Armor and is also armed to his teeth.

Seeing Tang Zhen standing not far away, the white clothed Venerable Lord frowned slightly, but looked away in a flash.

Looking at his appearance, you know that Tang Zhen was obviously not recognized.

At this moment, the situation is urgent, and there is no time to identify each other’s identities. The prisoners are vying to enter the tower with fear.

Everyone knows that opportunities are impossible at any time, and if you want to survive, you must fight hard.