I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3524


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The white clothed Venerable Lord walked ahead, leading a group of prisoners, and rushed into the gate of the tower.

It seems that the prisoners who followed him should be tribal cultivators.

Compared with the Loucheng cultivators who fight each other, these tribal cultivators are more united and have a higher hope of escape.

Tang Zhen had realized before that that there are hidden dangers in the Loucheng of the Primordial Realm, and many Loucheng cultivators have forgotten their roots.

If things continue this way, the situation will get worse.

Just as a passer-by, Tang Zhen didn’t bother to take care of him, nor did he have the qualifications.

The guardian cultivator who broke the road, Tang Zhen also rushed into the tower.

Behind the mountain cry out and sea howl-like roar, it is destined that the prisoners are impossible to retreat, and they can only enter the tower to capture a glimmer of survival.

Entering the gate of the high tower, but as if entering another world, the sound from the square disappeared instantly.

There were bloodstains all over the place, as well as criss-crossed knife marks, apparently after a brutal fight.

The weird thing is that I didn’t see the corpse, there were no other prisoners, and I didn’t know where it went.

This situation may be related to space magic.

Tang Zhen didn’t panic, knowing that this type of magic can only trap the target for a while.

As long as the key items are destroyed, you can instantly get out of trouble.

Recalling that when watching the battle before, there were constant rebirths of guardian cultivator, Tang Zhen faintly guessed the conditions for clearance.

If I want to pass the level, I am afraid I will kill the guardian cultivator.

As soon as my thoughts came up, I saw one after another silhouette appear out of thin air, it was those cultivators with hideous faces.

A total of five people in total surrounded Tang Zhen.

The continuous rebirth of death and rebirth made them murderous-looking, surrounded by black mist.


Guardian cultivator sends out roar to attack Tang Zhen.

Tang Zhen is not afraid, brandishing a big knife in his hand, and rushing up to the guardian cultivator.

One by one Magical Artifact is flying, moving towards Tang keeps coming, every wave is a fatal attack.

Tang Zhen knows his own advantages and knows how to deal with such a scene. Even if he is besieged by the guardian cultivator, he has always maintained his calmness and calmness.

The big knife flew in his hand, the cold glow flashed from time to time, and the guardian cultivator was continuously cut into two pieces.

In a short period of time, all five guardian cultivators were killed.

Tang Zhen had a short spear stuck in his abdomen, and the strong armor was shot through, but he forcibly pulled it off.


The short spear was thrown on the ground, making a clear crash.

Ignoring the wound on his body, Tang Zhen looked towards the wall not far away, and saw a step slowly appearing.

Follow this ladder to reach a higher level.

Dragging the knife full of blood and meat, Tang Zhen slowly ascended the stairs, and soon entered a higher level.

In the spacious hall, there is only a thin silhouette, wearing a primitive robe.

Its head hangs down, as if asleep.

Just after Tang Zhen came up, that silhouette trembled and slowly lifted the head.

On the top of this head, there is only one big eyeball, occupying the entire face.

With bloodshot eyes, staring at Tang Zhen, as if looking at something strange.

Tang Zhen is also looking towards the opponent, inevitably looking at each other.

Just as the eyes met, the fine blood vessels in the eyeballs burst out one after another.

The scary eyeballs became more hideous at this moment, and they shed scarlet tears.

At the same time, sparks flashed in the air, making people feel like hairs standing upright.

Tang Zhen saw a flash, but his mind was so clear that he knew that he had encountered a Spirit Attack.

Before entering the fragmented world, this kind of Spirit Attack is a trifling matter. It is basically impossible to cause any harm to Tang Zhen.

At this moment, Tang Zhen was obviously affected, and there was a momentary trance in his spirit.

At the same time, that silhouette suddenly raised his hand and moved towards Tang Zhen and pointed towards him.


There was a crashing sound, and Tang Zhen stepped back slightly.

I saw him holding the long knife horizontally in front of him, blocking a long tentacle. As long as the speed is so slow, his eye sockets will be penetrated by the tentacle.

“Sneak attack is not so easy!”

Tang Zhen sneered, suddenly grabbed the tentacle, and took the initiative to wrap it around him.

During the entanglement process, the one-eyed monster was also pulled over, obviously far less powerful than Tang Zhen.

I saw him raise his other hand, and the tentacles moved towards Tang Zhen shot, fast and ill.

However, Tang Zhen was faster, grabbing the flying tentacles again, and at the same time the long knife in his hand shook slightly.

The tentacles wrapped around the body were cut to pieces in an instant, and then swept out.

The one-eyed cultivator was unable to dodge, and was beheaded by Tang Zhen with a single knife, his huge eyeballs constantly rolling on the ground.

Blood spurted out, and the headless corpse fell to the sky.

Shaking off the tentacles on his body, Tang Zhen didn’t even look at the corpse on the ground, moved towards the stairs that appeared in front of him and walked slowly.

In a trance, Tang Zhen walked a forest path.

I saw the bright moon hanging high, but it seemed to be covered by mist, giving people a strange and hazy feeling.

On the forest path, there is only Tang Zhen alone, all around silent.

Looking at the surrounding environment, Tang Zhen frowned slightly, guessing that he had fallen into the illusion again.

Tang Zhen didn’t dare to take it lightly, because murderous intention is easier to hide in the illusion, and a little carelessness may lose his life.

When you are in a fantasy world, the first thing is not to get rid of it, but to ensure your own safety.

Only after ensuring safety can we consider how to break it, because danger will come at any time.

Tang Zhen thought of this and took a step forward.

He has a feeling right now, and the darkness behind him pushes forward, leaving him no retreat.

It seems that there is something terrifying hidden in the darkness.

Returning is a knife, slashing into the black night behind him, but there is no response.

However, Tang Zhen saw that among the grass not far away, a tentacle retracted into a dark corner.


This situation is enough to show that the enemy is hiding in the dark, waiting for the opportunity to attack.

Tang Zhen did not hesitate and continued to move forward, but soon stopped.

I saw him stretch out his hand to grab the weeds on the ground, put it in front of his nose and smell it lightly, showing a confused expression.

“Something’s wrong…”

Walking a few steps forward, looking at a skeleton in the grass, there is a vague guess in my heart.

I am not in an illusion, but a fragment of time and space, otherwise the scene is absolutely impossible to be so real.

It should be the ancient creatures, sealing the time and space fragments in the tower, and it will be triggered as long as the prisoners enter.

In a fragmented world, there are space-time fragments hidden, this method is really insidious.

The two previous levels will cause prisoners to misunderstand how difficult it is to climb the tower not at all.

If you really move such a mind, you must fall into a trap.

Even if you are vigilant, this level is unavoidable, unless you can restore your strength and remove the entrance hidden on the ladder.

Otherwise, as long as you step on the ladder, you will inevitably enter the time and space fragments, and there is simply no possibility of avoiding it.

Aware of this, Tang Zhen knew that he had no retreat. To leave this space-time fragment, he had to find a hidden exit.

According to his experience, as long as this type of time and space fragments, you only need to keep moving forward.

When you reach the end, the exit will naturally appear.

However, since it is intercepted by ancient creatures and used to intercept prisoners who are trying to escape, it is definitely not a good place.

The danger hidden here must have reached the extreme allowed by the rules, so that the prisoners who enter can be killed.

After guessing in his mind, Tang Zhen stopped hesitating, and strode forward.

Just because this space-time fragment has a time limit, if it cannot pass for a long time, it will be directly crushed into dust.