I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3526


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Along with One-Eyed Giant’s wailing, Tang Zhen attacked again, exploding that round eyeball.

Blood and minced meat splashed, One-Eyed Giant became blind, sending out more mournful scream.

He waved the tree trunk in his hand, sweeping and smashing it all around. For a while, the dust was flying, and the surviving family and vegetation were all in bad luck.

Either he was smashed into meatloaf, or he was interrupted, looking at a mess.

The great cauldron used for cooking was also directly knocked over, and the cooking corpses were scattered on the ground.

Tang Zhen has dodged to the edge a long time ago, avoiding the crazy blind giant, and continued to look for a chance to leave.

The blind giant has been abolished and can no longer pose a threat to Tang Zhen. Unless the opponent continues to chase him down, there is no need to waste time.

It’s not that he feels pity, but try to save strength and ammunition to deal with other difficulties and crises.

Ignoring the roar wailing behind him, Tang Zhen crossed the old tree with dead bodies, only to find that the road ahead had disappeared.

Only one cliff appeared, which seemed to be bottomless.

The rest of the place is pitch black, not at all roads exist, and you must not enter rashly.

Otherwise, you will fall into the void. If you can’t return in time, you will definitely die.

Tang Zhen quickly determined that the cliff in front of him was the end of time and space fragments.

Just one step forward and you can successfully leave.

Out of cautious consideration, Tang Zhen pulled a cane from the tree and tied it firmly to his waist.

Looking at the ten thousand zhang abyss in front of him, he jumped directly, and immediately felt the wind of Wuthering Mountain continue to fill his ears.

The feeling at this moment is like falling off a cliff, it seems that you will fall to pieces in the next second.

Tang Zhen laughed heartily, waved a knife and cut off the vines on his body.

At the same time, Tang Zhen was down to earth.

The darkness in front of him disappeared instantly, he had left the woods shrouded in moonlight, and returned to the tower again.

Looking around at the moment, there is still no one.

Variously, I can hear a tumult of noise, just above my head, behind me is a group of wriggling vortex.

Looking at the stairs not far away, Tang Zhen quickly rushed over, and soon reached a higher level.

The ground is full of corpses, all split up and in pieces, and it looks terrible.

Looking above the head again, there is another thrilling sight.

In this empty giant tower, there are innumerable rune slabs suspended, which must be at least 100 meters high.

The slate is criss-crossed in the air, and will move randomly from time to time, like a scared rabbit.

On these rune slabs, there is a silhouette of one after another standing, it is the prisoner who rushed in before.

They stepped on the rune slab and jumped upwards, and at the same time they had to fight the Guardian who occupied the slab. During the fight between the two sides, the corpses continued to fall from in the sky.

Some are prisoners, but more are Guardian.

The prisoners who can kill this step are all real powerhouses, and they are not so easy to be killed.

Maybe closer to the exit, the rule suppression suffered by the prisoners is significantly weakened, and even extraordinary power can be used.

Although it’s just a little bit, it’s enough to kill Guardian in seconds.

Feeling the changes in themselves, the prisoners became more excited. They seized the opportunity and moved towards the tower Guardian continued to attack.

Only by killing all of them can they cross a height of 100 meters and reach the top of the tower.

The fight was extremely fierce, one after another agile silhouette flicked quickly, grabbing control of the rune slabs.

The Guardian on the slate can also come back to life. This is the real trouble.

Even the later prisoners can’t pick up the slightest bargain, so they can only fight all the way up.

Everything depends on strength, the stronger you can climb higher.

Tang Zhen didn’t waste time, jumped up and landed on a rune slate.

Just not far from him, there are several rune slabs dancing, each with a Guardian.

The opponent wears a one-eyed mask and a black robe, and his back is full of fluttering tentacles.

The ends of these tentacles have one after another pale eyeballs, all staring at Tang Zhen at this moment.


Tang Zhen yelled violently and attacked suddenly.

Like a tiger entrenched on a cliff, but suddenly the engine rushed directly to a higher rune slab.

Attacking from a low place to a high place is a disadvantage, especially when the enemy is fully defending.

As Tang Zhen launched an attack, the enemy on the opposite side also raised the bronze sword and aimed it at Tang Zhen head-on.

Occupying the advantage of the terrain, it is another full strength attack, and Tang Zhen is about to beheaded with one sword.

Unexpectedly, Tang Zhen’s arm trembled, and a section of it suddenly grew, and the broadsword slapped Guardian on the head one step in advance.

As soon as there was a crisp sound, Guardian’s head was smashed to pieces, and Tang Zhen took advantage of the opportunity to occupy the opponent’s rune slate.

It’s just that his movements didn’t stop, and he jumped up again, and at the same time threw away Guardian’s bronze long sword.

Not yet close to the rune stone slab, the bronze long sword has penetrated Guardian’s body, and Tang Zhen quickly made up for it.

With a kick of Guardian, Tang Zhen barely touched the ground, and attacked again.

As for this type of attack, the speed must be as fast as the wind, and it must also be powerful.

Only by doing this can Guardian be effectively killed.

At this moment, Tang Zhen is like a tiger coming out of the mountain, constantly attacking, as if not exhausted.

Continuous attacks, every time I do my best.

At this moment, if they accidentally fall from a height, the prisoners who are still flesh and blood will inevitably be thrown into a mass of mud.

Tang Zhen’s speed is getting faster and faster, and he has caught up with the cultivators who arrived first, and those who came later have launched an impact.

Soon he saw that the white clothed Venerable Lord was not far above his head, and he was also sprinting up quickly at this moment.

There are eight flexible arms dancing around this guy’s body, just like a weird spider.

Looking at the previous spider puppet, you know that the white clothed Venerable Lord cultivator is proficient in puppet refining, not only can it rampage among the monsters, but also borrows a lot when robbing rune slabs.

These puppet arms are weapons, all of them are extremely flexible, and Guardian can’t fight them at all.

A Guardian was beheaded, the white clothed Venerable Lord stood on the rune slate, and eight sharp claws bend down at the same time.

Like an explosive spring, it rushes to the next stone slab of rune. Before getting close to the Guardian, the sharp claw has already moved towards the opponent.

Occupying the rune stone slab, throwing Guardian’s body into the air, the white clothed Venerable Lord looked all around coldly.

It happened to see Tang Zhen speeding like the wind, he shot the Guardian directly into the air, and rushed down like an evil tiger.

Looking at the aura of Tang Zhen’s methods, it is obviously Loucheng cultivator.


The white clothed Venerable Lord sneered. Although the same locusts tied to one rope, he did not want to see the Loucheng cultivator get rid of the crisis.

He wanted to intercept Tang Zhen, but after another thought, he temporarily gave up this plan.

Until the last step, the Loucheng cultivator is still useful, it can be used to fight against intercepted monsters.

If you kill the Loucheng cultivator now, you will have to bear the pressure. It is really unwise to think about it.

“And leave you in a short time…”

After passing Tang Zhen’s gaze, the white clothed Venerable Lord continued to move up, faster and faster.

Tang Zhen, who didn’t know who was following closely from behind, also slowly retracted his gaze, but the expression under the helmet was slightly solemn.

At that moment, Tang Zhen could clearly perceive the killing intent that the white clothed Venerable Lord had issued against him.

Although it was fleeting, it was enough to make Tang Zhen more vigilant.

Before leaving the fragmented world, the white clothed Venerable Lord intends to slay the cultivator of Loucheng, which is really impatient.

When you encounter such a guy, you must be vigilant enough to not take it lightly for a moment.

However, Tang Zhen knows very well that the tribal cultivator has nasty plans, and the Loucheng cultivator also has it.

If it is to seize the opportunity, who will not give life to the other party.

Until the last minute, no one can be sure, who is the real winner!