I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3604


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Anyone didn’t expect that the ancient creatures would do such a thing, and even attacked by taking advantage of the chaos.

This kind of special existence is powerful, but is nature stupid, and it can even be said to be an elm knot.

Otherwise, with their strength, I’m afraid they would completely rule the Primordial Realm long ago.

Being able to seize a fleeting opportunity to launch an attack on the cultivator is definitely an unexpected behavior.

Many cultivators would rather believe that this is just a coincidence, caused by ancient creatures being angered by an accident.

Through this behavior, vent your dissatisfaction.

If the ancient creatures seize the opportunity and launch an attack by adding fuel to the fire, it is definitely a terrifying thing.

At this moment, the situation is critical, and the cultivator can’t tolerate it, so they can only do their best to resist the impact of the rules.

Ancient creatures are powerful, but their attack methods are very straightforward, unlike the rules of mutation that are difficult to crack.

Fighting with ancient creatures for a long time, the cultivators have accumulated enough experience for a long time to know how to deal with the solution.

It’s just a worsening situation, which has caused the difficulty of resolving to increase exponentially, and there are waves of fatal dangers.

My heart is full of resentment, and I want to smash the culprit into meatloaf.

After all, this change has nothing to do with them, but it was innocently involved.

If it is not limited by the rules, you must retaliate and make the fool pay for his actions.

For Tang Zhen who caused all this, he became more vigilant and jealous, feeling that this guy is a disaster star.

Since entering this place by mistake, it has caused a series of changes, but the cultivator who provokes him hardly ends well.

Myriad worlds has many rules, there will always be some cultivator, cultivation rules are rare.

Can make enemies bad luck, encounter various unexpected rules, they have encountered or heard of.

There is a cultivator suspect right now. Tang Zhen’s cultivation is similar to the curse rules, which can rebound the spread of bad luck.

If this is the case, when facing Tang Zhen next, he must be more cautious in his defense.

The outbreak lasted for a few breaths, and the stronger rule force came into play to completely suppress the chaotic rules.

The power of chaotic rules will not be on the table after all. It can only be arrogant for a while, but it will never last forever.

Just like the rule attack issued by the cultivator, it can only last for a very short time, and it will be suppressed and melted by the orthodox rule in a flash.

Only the achievement of Divine King powerhouse, can we formulate the rules of forever exist in the world, and get the approval of Plane World.

Looking at the cultivators that were affected before and after, all of them were battered and exhausted, and obviously suffered heavy losses in the accident.

There are even some cultivators who can no longer withstand the impact of the rules and are struggling.

The cultivator who suddenly went crazy and continuously attacked Tang Zhen has now disappeared without a trace.

As the root cause of the accident, he suffered the strongest backlash of the rules, and it was scattered ashes and smoke dispersed in an instant.

This is the real retribution, and harming others will not harm yourself.

It can be determined from this that the rules of the original land can definitely crush these Venerable Lords easily.

If you are unlucky and break the rules and cause backlash, it is very likely that the soul flew away and scattered.

Even if the cultivator did not die, it would never be better next. The affected cultivator wanted to tear him to pieces.

even more how and Tang Zhen, once he rushed to the same ladder, he was bound to be beheaded.

Other cultivator can live, but he must die!

No matter whether you move forward or backward, all will be dead end. It really makes no difference whether you die sooner or later.

Of course, if you can choose, the other party will not be willing to fall, and even Final Struggle will involve more cultivator bad luck.

In the eyes of cultivators, for such a scourge, the sooner you die, the better.

The change of this time has made the cultivator’s heart sound a warning bell. If it is because of fear of Tang Zhen and his life, it is really not worth it.

The scattered ashes and dispersed smoke of the cultivator that attacked, and the cultivator that was affected nearby were also terrible.

There are also two cultivators, Divine Soul almost collapsed, and they have obviously lost their qualifications to compete.

Tang Zhen, who was regarded as the source of the chaos, was unscathed and was still cracking the rules.

Looking at his crack speed, it turned out to be a bit faster.

The cultivator that was hit hard was grief-stricken, but also helpless, and finally turned into a sigh.

“Your Excellency, I am willing to give way!”

A cultivator forcibly suppressed Divine Soul to prevent it from disintegrating and dissipating, and at the same time softly surrendered to Tang Zhenfu.

Given his current situation, it is very difficult to save his life, and he is not qualified to compete with Tang Zhen.

You can save your life if you choose to admit defeat.

For these cultivators, making such a choice is bound to endure great suffering.

In order to seize this opportunity, they almost gave up everything, and they were really unwilling to give up like this.

It’s just that the situation forced me to make such a choice, even if my heart is cut, I have to endure it silently.

Seeing that a cultivator voluntarily surrendered, the other cultivators who were severely traumatized would naturally not continue to hesitate.

For fear that in the next moment, Tang Zhen will suddenly rush up and ruthlessly kill himself.

In the state of heyday, there is no certainty of victory, let alone powerless to defend himself now.

However, in a short period of time, all the five cultivators in front of Tang Zhen gave up the competition with him.

It does not mean giving up opportunities, but being able to be non-aggressive when on the same ladder.

If they have enough ability, they will still catch up.

Actually, the cultivators know that even if they recover as before, they may not be able to catch up with Tang Zhen.

If nothing else, they would only deserve to be reduced to a spectator in the chance competition that made Divine King.

His gaze crossed the five cultivators who had conceded defeat, Tang Zhen looked towards the front of the stairs, between him and the general asked the ghost, now there is only one cultivator left.

Looking at the state of the cultivator again, I obviously felt a great deal of pressure, and I don’t know how long it can last.

As for asking You Shen, he happened to be looking back at Tang Zhen, still with that greedy look.

Tang Zhen’s previous performance seemed to scare him not at all, but he became increasingly greedy.

Ask You Shenjiang’s true confidence stems from his being a Loucheng cultivator. Tang Zhen knows this very well.

Have a magical mind, Divine Kingdom, with a lot of hole cards, which is by no means comparable to a cultivator of the same level in the original polar world.

Perhaps in the opinion of General Youshen, Tang Zhen can’t help himself even if he has the most powerful methods.

But where did you know that Tang Zhen is also a Loucheng cultivator, and his deity is much stronger than him.

Although the deity cannot be reached, the Avatar’s strength is not weak, and even stronger than the deity in some aspects.

Ask about Youshen general’s confidence and hole cards, in Tang Zhen’s eyes, is so ridiculous, maybe others don’t know the method of Loucheng cultivator, but Tang Zhen really knows it well.

Although this is very clear, Tang Zhen will not take it lightly.

From this moment on, he has secretly gained momentum, ready to launch the final sprint.

As a result, at this moment, the ancient creatures stopped attacking.

Weird and headache-inducing, it can return to the original power of rules and rippling indiscriminately again.

Under the impact of the force of the rules, the five cultivators in front of Tang Zhen appeared continuously in the area behind him.

In the wounded state, they could not hold the regular scouring and were thrown to the rear.

The five cultivators had already anticipated what happened to them, but at the moment they felt relieved.

Who expected to be farther ahead, suddenly there was a roar, and the cultivator in front of Tang Zhen was suddenly attacked.

The body began to flicker violently, and it looked like it was about to disintegrate, and it was obvious that it had been severely injured.

In just a few breaths, he appeared in front of Tang Zhen, and then passed away in a flash before retreating behind the old man in the robe.

If he hadn’t tried his best to resist the impact of the rules, he would most likely be sent out of the space.

If this is the case, it is really hard to predict.

The cultivator who has stabilized the state, looked towards the front of both shocked and angry, as if to launch an attack, the ghost will choose up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

But from the beginning to the end, Wen Youshen didn’t even look at him, just stared at Tang Zhen intently.

“From now on, your barrier is me. Only if you cross me will you have a chance to move on.

Tell me your method, otherwise you will stop here, there is no possibility of going there again! “