I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3605


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Qing Youshen’s posture, still domineering and arrogant, seems to have controlled Tang Zhen’s destiny.

If you don’t cooperate, you’ll be impossible.

Looking at Tang Zhen’s previous powerful performance, and then listening to the declaration of the general, it feels very ridiculous, thinking that the courting death of the general overestimate one’s capabilities.

Those cultivators who are watching do not think so.

Just because of the threat of asking You Shen, he also had an amazing performance. As a latecomer like Tang Zhen, he forcibly rushed to the middle area.

It is already quite difficult to achieve this.

The cultivator rushing to the forefront may not be the strongest, but is also affected by means and luck.

The first opportunity has a great influence on the ranking. The cultivator at the top of the ladder is the first to enter the initial place.

Perhaps it is this reason that makes cultivators reluctant to give up easily. They can also do what they think others can do.

Looking at Tang Zhen’s reaction again, he looked indifferent.

“If you want to get cheaper, it depends on whether you have the ability.”

not at all Too much nonsense, Tang Zhen continued to move forward, the speed of cracking is still fast.

Qing Youshen will stare at Tang Zhen intently, as if to see through his secret.

Everyone knows that Tang Zhen must have unknown methods, so he can move forward quickly.

Cultivators also have a lot of speculation about what kind of method it is.

At least one thing is certain. Tang Zhen will inevitably condense a large number of rules seeds, which can greatly weaken the impact of rules.

Each cultivator has a deep understanding of similar effects.

The more regular seeds condense, the stronger the strength they possess. This is already a point recognized by the Primordial Realm.

All of these cultivators in the original land are truly top-level existence, and the number of condensed regular seeds is not small.

However, the number of Tang Zhen condensed may be much more than them.

In addition to having a lot of rules seeds, Tang Zhen is likely to have other secret techniques, or a certain Divine Item, which can help him speed up breaking the rules.

The more you can’t guess, the more you want to know.

The greed and desire in his heart made him feel scratching.

No one knows at all. The cultivation rule of Asking Youshen is a special rule derived from greed and desire. .

The generation of rules is related to temperament. This greedy rule makes him by fair means or foul in order to achieve his goals.

As long as it is a good thing, as long as he sees it, then he must get it.

This kind of greed is not a bad thing. To have the current cultivation realm, the rules of greed are indispensable.

As for how much harm it will bring to others, asking You Shen will never care. In the weak are prey to the strong cultivation world, his approach is normal.

And when he does things, he will also follow the rules. For example, the plan to hunt Tang Zhen is unfolded in the world outside the Loucheng.

Because Loucheng world has rules and restrictions, it is not allowed to kill each other inside.

Now the greedy desire erupts again, making him desperate to obtain Tang Zhen’s means, and then snatch the opportunity to become the Divine King.

As long as you can achieve Divine King, your identity will be changed like Heaven and Earth turning upside down, and you will truly enter the top of the Loucheng world.

Things that I couldn’t ask for in the past, I won’t be attracted to it again.

For example, the lord of the territory, this is the identity Wenyou once desired, but if he becomes the Divine King, he will become not worth mentioning.

To achieve all of this, it depends on his next actions and whether he can get what he wants.

Qing Youshen will think of this, his eyes become more intense.

He knows that Tang Zhen is very difficult to deal with. With just a few words of threat, it is simply impossible to make him compromise and obey.

We must use our own means to force Tang Zhen to tell her secrets.

The cultivator behind him was shot back, just to show off one’s military strength to Tang Zhen.

Just looking at Tang Zhen’s reaction, it seems that it is not at all effective.

Qing You Shen Jiang sneered, his methods were more than these, but he didn’t use them.

He wants to let Tang Zhen know what the hell does not cooperate?

Looking at Tang Zhen who was on the move, and asked Youshen to attack suddenly, it seemed that he was not afraid of the regular riot backlash.

“This damn lunatic!”

Ask the cultivator behind You Shen, who suddenly became both shocked and angry. If the rule backlash comes, he is the most likely to be affected.

Previous changes have caused a group of cultivator bad luck. Under such circumstances, Qyoushen dared to repeat the same mistakes.

Is he overconfident, or is he completely mad like the previous cultivator?

Qing Youshen’s attack, not at all, a problem occurred in the middle, and it fell on Tang Zhen in an instant.

Tang Zhen had been prepared for a long time, and resolved the opponent’s attack, but his eyes became colder.

“This is just the beginning!”

Qing Youshen said with a sneer, raising his hand again to attack, completely unscrupulous.

As a result, at this moment, the power of the rules flashed and exploded, and his behavior had triggered a backlash.

In the next instant, the rule punishment will come.

I asked the ghost general but didn’t rush, took out something and hovered it above his head.

It was a golden brand with a weird rune inscribed, which looked more like a mark of identity.

On this sign, there are two quaint words, which are flashing golden light at this moment.


The desolate and unforgiving voice came out suddenly, with irresistible force.

The impending rule punishment, after the sound was made, disappeared in a flash.

The cultivator who was watching the battle immediately showed an expression of surprise and envy.

“This is a Divine King order!”

“Only the Divine King order can be exempted from rule punishment, but it needs to be customized by the Divine King powerhouse.”

“To enter a pardon is equivalent to Divine King setting a rule. The more pardons stored, the higher the value.”

“This is a priceless Divine Item, why does he have this thing?”

“It must have a close relationship with Divine King, so he got this body protection Divine Item. No wonder he dares to be so arrogant!”

The cultivators suddenly realized that they asked Youshen to dare to challenge the rules unscrupulously, because he had the Divine Item in his hand that could oppose the punishment of the rules, which was truly a death-free gold medal!

Hearing the exclamation of the surrounding cultivator, Q You Shen Jiang showed a proud expression.

“This Divine King decree in my hand is sealed with twenty pardons. It is an overkill for breaking obstacles. It only allows me to move forward twenty steps.

But if it is used to deal with you, it is definitely more than enough. I can guarantee that within ten moves, you can be blasted into scum! “

Looking at Tang Zhen, who was also suffering from the backlash of the rules because of resisting his own attack, asked You Shen Jiang with a smile.

“So I ask you again, do you want to hand over your secrets?

If you dare to refuse, I promise you will not only get no chance, but you will even lose your life.

There is only one chance. Tell me your choice now, otherwise you will die immediately! “

Speaking of this, the god general Wenyou suddenly twisted his face and his mouth made a crazy roar.

Those cultivators who watched the battle heard this, one after another looked towards Tang Zhen, with provocation and mockery in their eyes.

Originally, they thought that no cultivator could stop Tang Zhen, but they didn’t expect such a change.

The Divine King order to ask the ghost general can indeed pose a fatal threat to Tang Zhen. Both the attack from Wenyou and the backlash of regular power are enough to make Tang Zhen the soul flew away and scattered.

Unless he has powerful means to fight against the Divine King order for the ghost general, or the storage pardon order for the Divine King order, it is not as much as Wenyou said.

If Tang Zhen is not reconciled, he can only take a gamble.

It’s just this kind of gambling. It won’t do any good if you win. If you lose, you might get killed.

Tang Zhen was silent for a few breaths, looking towards the ghost general.

“How can you guarantee that you will not attack me after I tell the secret?”

When I heard Tang Zhen’s question, numerous cultivators secretly nodded. This is indeed the truth.

The Divine King Order can fight against the backlash of the rules. Even if Asking You Shen will violate the contract, the Divine King Order can still resist and resolve.

In this case, you really need to beware of asking Youshen to go back on one’s word to destroy Tang Zhen and enjoy the secret exclusively.