I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3606


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Not only Tang Zhen wants to know, the cultivators around him also want to know how to solve this problem.

A situation like this is tantamount to self-contradiction, and it is really helpless.

Faced with the gaze of a group of cultivators, asked the ghost general but laughed wildly, face revealed a trace of disdainful expression.

I saw him looked towards Tang Zhen and said in an unquestionable tone: “I can sign a contract with you. This is the only thing I can do.

As for whether I will comply, it all depends on your performance, otherwise I don’t mind using the Divine King order.

Don’t say I’m deceiving, in fact, your own destiny is still in your own hands. “

This remark was quite arrogant, seeming confident, and it really fits his style.

If you gain power, you will be rampant. It seems to leave a little way to survive, but in fact it is still in your own hands.

This is clearly to warn Tang Zhen that if he is not satisfied, he may launch an attack at any time.

I almost told Tang Zhen not only to tell him all the secrets, but also not to participate in the next chance competition.

Otherwise, he will use the Divine King order to launch a fatal attack on Tang Zhen.

Divine King’s formidable power has been seen by cultivators, and it can definitely kill Tang Zhen.

The behavior is indeed shameless, but the cultivators have nothing to say.

Including Tang Zhen, the previous battles used strength to overwhelm the weak, and if they were not as skilled as people and wanted to survive, it was bound to give up and compromise.

If Tang Zhen is unwilling, he should think about the cultivator he was forced to retreat. Which one feels better than him?

The more the cultivators think about it, the more they feel that Tang Zhen deserves his sins, but retribution is imminent.

But there are some cultivators, but they feel more and more melancholy.

The method of asking the ghost generals was extraordinary. At this moment, he took out the Divine King order that broke the rules, which can directly counter the backlash attacks of the rules.

If we get Tang Zhen’s method again, I’m afraid it will fly into the sky, no one can stop him.

At that time, asking the ghost will gods block then kill gods, and become the most likely existence of the Divine King chance.

Thinking of this possibility, the expressions of the cultivators grew gloomy.

At this moment, all eyes fell on Tang Zhen, waiting for him to reply.

Some cultivators secretly looked forward to it, hoping that Tang Zhen would refuse to ask the ghost general, and then the two sides would fight fiercely.

Both sides suffer, or perish together.

Only when both of them are killed, can we guarantee fair competition, instead of being so nervous as they are now.

The cultivators know even better that Tang Zhen’s probability of rejection is extremely low.

I can’t bear this moment, I’m afraid it will have endless troubles, let alone bet my life.

Sure enough, as expected by numerous cultivators, Tang Zhen was ultimately nodded and expressed his willingness to sign a contract.

After all, apart from this, he has no other choice.

“Very well, if you are acquainted, I shouldn’t be treating you badly.”

At this moment, I asked the ghost general, simply did not hide my pride, and laughed unscrupulously.

It seems that everything in this initial place is helpless, regardless of the cultivator or the rules.

The greedy desire is satisfied, and the arrogant aura is more than three points, completely to the level of supercilious.

Obviously, you can see that the imposing manner of the ghost general has changed, a posture of Only I Am Supreme, and an irresistible greed.

As if all the good things should belong to him, if others own it, they must be snatched into their own hands.

Seeing that Tang Zhen agreed to sign a contract, indicating that he would not attack each other on the same ladder, some cultivators couldn’t help but sneer secretly.

His heart was full of disappointment and annoyance, but he couldn’t help but ask You Shen, and he vented his anger on Tang Zhen.

However, after another thought, Tang Zhen, who chose to admit defeat and be soft, is still not one of them who can resist.

If you fight against Tang Zhen, they will still be defeated.

“Hehe, but the dying generation…”

Some cultivators sneered secretly, thinking that it would not take long for Tang Zhen to die in the hands of General Asking You Shen.

Observing the performance of the ghost general, you will know how selfish and greedy he is, even if he is far away, he can feel that greedy breath.

How can such a guy tolerate Tang Zhen’s survival and rob him of the opportunity to become the Divine King.

As long as the secret is told, Tang Zhen will definitely die.

The contract between the two parties was quickly signed, and then everything seemed to be calm again.

Ask You Shen, who got his wish, but stared at Tang Zhen fiercely to prevent him from deliberately slowing down.

If Tang Zhen is really so, he will definitely take action immediately as a warning and punishment.

The greed and expectation in his eyes became more substantial, and he couldn’t wait to immediately hook Tang Zhen in front of him to figure out his hidden secrets.

Tang Zhen remained silent, and seemed to ask You Shenjiang’s mind clearly, not at all slow in his actions.

Compared with the previous speed, there is even a slight increase.

Seeing that Tang Zhen is so intrigued, Ask You Shen will show a satisfied expression and wait with a smile on his face.

Like an executioner holding a knife and an axe, watching the prisoner walk onto the execution ground by himself, and then be cut off his head by himself.

Everything is under my control, but others cannot resist, and can only offer all the good things.

That kind of anger and helplessness is the greatest enjoyment of Asking Youshen.

He asked You Shenjiang in a happy mood, and looked at Tang Zhen more carefully, wanting to appreciate his desperate and unwilling expression.

But after a few glances, his expression became solemn, and his greedy eyes became a little colder.

“You are not reconciled, and you want to kill me!”

Qing Youshen will suddenly speak and ask Tang Zhen coldly.

As a result, Tang Zhen looked up, gave him a cold look, and then there was a little movement.

This is a bullshit, and Tang Zhen doesn’t bother to reply.

Seeing Tang Zhen ignore himself and asking You Shen will feel offended, his expression instantly becomes gloomy and hideous.

According to his idea, Tang Zhen, who was controlled by his own control life and death, should try his best to please himself.

It’s definitely not the way it is now, without the slightest respect.

The angry face just appeared, and it was replaced by a smug smile in an instant, and the laughter became more and more rampant, and it was almost impossible to suppress in the end.

Tang Zhen looked towards General Asking You Shen, underneath his calm face, there is a strong killing intent hidden to the extreme.

He is silently waiting for the opportunity, and he must not act rashly before the last moment.

The appearance of the Divine King order made Tang Zhen more vigilant. The existence of this special Divine Item doubled the difficulty of hunting the ghost generals.

A Divine King order that is as expensive as this treasure can be obtained, indicating that Wenyou’s identity is not simple, and Divine King powerhouse is likely to be the backer.

It is definitely not simple to ask about the background of the ghost general. It is not too difficult to be able to get in touch with the Divine King powerhouse.

Tang Zhen couldn’t determine whether the opponent had other hole cards besides Divine King’s order.

As far as the last minute is concerned, there must be no mistakes, remember to bear the humiliation.

Qing Youshen will stop laughing wildly, staring fiercely at Tang Zhen, his voice is terrifying but resolute and decisive.

“Stupid guy, give up completely, you are impossible to kill me.

Because you don’t even know that the methods I have are powerful enough to make you despair!

Take away the thoughts you shouldn’t have, do what you should do, maybe you can live a while longer! “

At this moment, the god general asked You You was extremely arrogant, and he unscrupulously arranged Tang Zhen’s fate.

Faced with the ridicule of Asking You Shenjiang, Tang Zhen kept silent, but kept moving forward.

Seeing Tang Zhen’s reaction, I asked You Shenjiang to sneer, but he didn’t say much.

As Tang Zhen continued to advance, there was only one step between the two sides.

The cultivators all looked over, waiting for Tang Zhen to cross the stairs and confess his secret scene.

Wen Youshen Jiang was all smiles, staring at Tang Zhen intently, with greedy and expectant eyes.

Compared with Tang Zhen’s tight-handedness and the Divine King order, Ask You Shenjun really has no scruples.

Tang Zhen also raised his head, glanced at the ghost general.

“Don’t forget the contract.”

He is reminding the ghost general not to go back on one’s word and do things that violate the contract.

Ask You Shen Jiang just sneered, but didn’t make any response, deliberately increasing Tang Zhen’s psychological pressure.


Tang Zhen sighed softly, tearing open the regular obstacles blocking the road, and stepped forward to the stairs.