I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3607


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As Tang Zhen stepped to the ground and stepped onto the stairs, the cultivators onlookers exclaimed at the same time.

Qing Youshen General actually controlled the Divine King Order, floating above his head again, then attacked Tang Zhen.

Looking at his attacking posture, there is no mercy at all.

Ordinarily, to ask about the hole cards that Youshen will have, this should not have been done, because once Tang Zhen died, he would eventually get nothing.

What happened to impossible actually happened at this moment, which was beyond the expectations of all cultivators.

No cultivator knew, and asked why the ghost general was so abnormal, but he could feel his uncontrollable rage.

Only asking You Shen will know why he did this.

As soon as Tang Zhen stepped forward, he asked You Shenjiang about a Divine Item on his body, and he started calling the police crazy.

This is to remind the ghost general that a life and death catastrophe is about to happen.

This special warning Divine Item, and that Divine King order are of the same origin, are the Divine Item he asked for from the Old Ancestor in his territory.

The value of Divine Item is simply incalculable.

When encountering life and death, this Divine Item will automatically warn and send a message for help.

If the Divine King powerhouse receives it, it will be possible to make a move away and help the Owner resolve the fatal crisis.

The arrogant arrogance of Ask Youshen General may be related to these two Divine Items.

But I never thought that such a Death Tribulation warning Divine Item would be triggered by a cultivator he had grasped.

Wenyou feels incredible, but without any hesitation, he will counterattack without the slightest hesitation.

Although it is only in a flash, it is enough for a cultivator like him to do a lot of things.

The Divine King order is activated, used to dissolve the backlash impact of the power of the rules, and the mysterious rules of one’s own cultivation are also in full operation at this brief moment.

There is a Divine King order to offset the impact of the rules, and there is really no hesitation in asking Youshen.

It’s just that he really doesn’t understand why Tang Zhen has the courage to launch a sneak attack at the risk of backlash of the rules.

is it possible that I know I will die, so I choose either the fish dies or the net splits?

If that’s the case, Tang Zhen’s scheming is really deep, perhaps he has long been holding a perish together attitude.

Qing Youshen will think of this, the surprised and angry in his heart is irrelevant. He allows himself to wantonly control the fate of others, but absolutely does not allow others to treat himself like this.

The greed for life even made him burst out at this moment.

All kinds of methods have been used, and they will never give Tang Zhen a chance to breathe.

At the same time, Tang Zhen’s attack also screamed.

Qing Youshen will take the lead, which is indeed beyond Tang Zhen’s expectation, but this does not change the final result.

No matter what happens, his attack will inevitably be sent out to fight his enemy.

Compared with the surprised and angry asking the ghost general, Tang Zhen is extremely calm and has no reservations.

After all, from the very beginning, he played the role of a dead man, ready to come and go.

The enemy will not die and will never retreat.

All the accumulated hole cards are used, and there are no more reservations. After suffering untold hardships, they are only for this moment of explosion.

Looking at the Divine King order floating above Wenyou’s head, Tang Zhen sneered again and again, his words full of sarcasm.

“Could it be that you really think that with this Divine King order, you can be unscrupulous, no one can kill you.

If this is the case, I will let you know today, what is a believe oneself infallible fool! “

Tang Zhen tone barely fell, and a regular divine talisman flew out.

This is his first use of this special Divine Item in the initial place, and the most powerful attacks are stored.

The power of chaotic rules made Tang Zhen feel thrilling.

As soon as the attack was launched, the cultivator and the cultivator who were watching the battle were all attracted by this unknown divine talisman.

Gulan God World rules divine talisman, they have never heard of it, but they can feel the threat.

But in an instant, the rule divine talisman has been detonated, and the violent and chaotic rule force rages on.

Feeling the attack from the rule divine talisman, I asked Youshen to greatly change the complexion, and Tie Azure’s face was covered with frost.

“You think you can kill me with this thing, it’s ridiculous!

Don’t you know, my Divine King order can resolve rule attacks! “

Sure enough, when the attack came, the Divine King made it run quickly and resolved the damage caused by the rule divine talisman.

As soon as I asked Youshen, I couldn’t help feeling more proud, but the eyes looking towards Tang Zhen became more killing intent.

“I said, you are not my opponent, but go die for me obediently!”

Unexpectedly, Tang Zhen’s smile remained unchanged, and his mocking smile grew stronger.

“You idiot, who told you that I only have one rule divine talisman!”

Along with Tang Zhen’s laughter, regular divine talisman exuding a dangerous aura appeared one after another around his body.

“Your Divine King order can only resolve twenty rule attacks, but my rule divine talisman has fifty.

Today, it’s up to you to see how you survived this Death Tribulation! “

Tang Zhen tone barely fell, and the regular divine talisman was like a bee swarm disturbed, and flew to the god general Wenyou in a flash.

In the face of this horrible attack, I asked Youshen to have eye socket cracked. I didn’t expect such an accident to happen.

This one-time attack on the Divine Item made Wen Youshen feel depressed and vomit blood, especially in this environment where he could only stand and be beaten, and Wen Youshen could only choose to take the damage hard.

The incomparable questioning of the ghost general, can only rely on the Divine King order to help resolve the rule divine talisman’s violent attack.

Tang Zhen’s ridicule, coupled with the formidable power displayed by the rule divine talisman, made Wen Youshen feel inexplicably flustered.

Even he couldn’t be sure whether the Divine King order he considered to rely on could help him withstand the next attack.

“Want to kill me is just wishful thinking!”

Ask the ghost roar again and again, his expression distorted like an evil spirit, no one can kill him, let alone the right to kill him!


With the eruption of the rule divine talisman, the original land fell into turmoil.

Not only the two warring parties, including the cultivators before and after the ladder, have also been severely affected.

The nearest cultivator kept cursing in my heart, and at the same time tried their best to resolve the attack.

They are truly depressed. They encountered such attacks for no reason, and faced death crisis many times.

While annoyed and resentful, my heart was even more shocked, because the strength of the two warring parties far exceeded expectations.

If you replace them with Tang Zhen and Wen You Shen, I’m afraid they would have been bombarded.

Looking at Tang Zhen and Wen Youshen, they still have no birth or death.

Under the strikes of the rule divine talisman, the Divine King has been invalidated and dropped to the ground like garbage.

Looking at the surroundings of General Wenyou, there are eight bronze statues, each holding an odd-shaped Divine Item.

The interaction between the bronze statues formed a special little world, which is also full of rules.

To ask the ghost to be in it is equivalent to relying on the power of this little world to resist the rule divine talisman’s attack.

Although there is only a square inch of land, it is more than enough to overcome difficulties.

The cultivator who watched the battle was secretly shocked. This is obviously another powerful Divine Item, which may be as precious as the Divine King Order.

Simply no cultivator knows. Ask where you got the Divine Item from Youshen, but know that he has resisted the rule divine talisman’s attack.

The original mortal calamity was also asked by the ghost to resolve it.