I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3694

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Milles throws up, no more than half a bit.

He is hidden in the bottom of his heart, that is, the soil of the yin, but it has no longer exists.

Under the strand of Milles, the original ancestor Remnant Soul struggled, but there is no effect at all.

Even if it is a model of the ancestor, it is constantly pleading or cursing, but Milos has always resin unmoved.

is determined to have a natural heart such as steel.

accompanied by a miserable call, the ancestor Remnant Soul is flying ash, and it will never have an impact on Miller.

Hidden dangers have been eliminated, Milles will also be his book even if it is promoted to Spiritual God.

The family ancestors under the insidious risk, and Impossible has an invaded opportunity.

A Sly Individual Has More Than One Plan to Fall Back on, this Cunning Milles family ancestors must have other rebirth means.

is just such a guy, it doesn’t need to take care of it, and SIMPL is insufficient.

Get rid of the constraints, SHEDDING BODY, Exchanging Bones, gives people a completely different feeling.

Thousands of meteorologicals, the rules are gathered in the surroundings, as long as he is willing to try, you can be promoted to Spiritual God.

This is so popular, Milles has been full of expectations, and now it has been tentacked.

But this moment of Milles, it is no longer eager to promote, and the mentality has become unbeatable.

His original mentality strength is not enough to promote Spiritual God, but because of the assistance from the super mall, it is possible to temporarily borrow the power of Spiritual GOD.

is through this Time experience, indicating the road for Milles, know how to promote Divine King.

hugging and guarding the family’s thoughts, Milles can’t wait to be promoted, but I don’t realize that I have fallen into Plot Against.

The influence of the ancestor Remnant Soul is definitely a big relationship.

After getting rid of the mind, Milles hopes to be able to calm down, so it can be more secure.

He still yearning to Divinity King Realm, hoping to be able to stabilize Each Step, so there is a greater possible possibility.

Although this road is difficult, he is not willing to give up.

“You can calm down, this is naturally a good thing, waiting for you to become a spiritual god, it will realize how small itself is.

Become ALOOF AND Remote’s Spiritual GOD, in fact, just start, there is a long section of the road to go in the future. “

Only the existence of Tang Zhen, who has passed Wind and Rain vicissitudes, is qualified to say such a word.

can be understood by Milles, it is not important.

“Many Thanks you teach!”

Being Reborn’s Milles, greeted Tang Zhen, thanks to his timely reminder and guidance.

“After adding the land city of World, you are the land city of the crack territory, I naturally can’t sit on your encounter.”

Tang Zhen waved, this is also the real reason for him, for today’s crack territory, Spiritual God Cultivator is still extremely scarce existence.

No matter when, Spiritual God Cultivator is the more the better, which is the most direct reflection of the territory strength.

If it is the land of Milles, it is the loss of crack territory. If you choose to stand by, he is the loss of duty.

Milles, Tang Zhen directly left, and Milles who was changed would need carefully.

After the approval, he is promoted.

Although the average war is about to begin, when it is urgent, Tang Zhen does not expect Milles to provide much boost.

can even say that in this war, Spiritual God is just a role.

The true protagonist or these Divine King Powerhouse.

According to Tang Zhen’s speculation, the war between Divine King Powerhouse, Impossible is like a common Cultivator battle, spelling you to die.

Between the two sides, and after the casualties, the situation will be analyzed and judged.

If you confirm the winning hope, then after you are increasing injury or death, you will inevitably terminate the war.

The next time, both sides may launch negotiations and strive for the results of both parties.

If you can’t do it, it is likely that there will be war eruptions.

is of course possible, one of them chooses to give up, avoiding greater sacrifice.

god king level other Cultivator is a very reasonable existence, knowing what choices do during when doing.

This is also true of the building Cultivator. Once confirmed that Wizard World is not possible, it is also very likely to end the invasion war.

Changeable Situation on the battlefield, all the anticipation speculations does not represent the results, which step will develop to which step will be developed, and it needs a significant development.

Tang Zhen also has to take advantage of this opportunity to continue to strengthen its own strength and should respond to war that may open at any time.

His topic card, but as promoting Divinity King Realm, some means are no longer suitable for use.

It is time to combat it, check your own card, and strive to emerge in this super high-level war.

If everything is planned to develop, then after this war, the crack territory will also have a rise opportunity.

Tang Zhen, which is Herkwei, will get a higher position, and will no longer have an eye-catching guy to dare to provoke.

In the ancestral place of the Milles family, Tang Zhen began preparation before the war, and looked at the outside Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds.


Today’s twenty-seven rings is already in general.

Employing the task, flocking from all walks of Wizard World, just to earn rich rewards.

After waiting until the battle, it was found that this is a purgatory quagmire, and once it can’t be detached.

The unknown gods, crazy and ferocious secret wizards, they are spread on the land of war, and the official Wizard will make a special death.

With the continued war of war, the situation of mercenary is more bad.

Through the private pass, Continuously sneaks the secret wizard of arrival, letting the twenty-seven-rings high-level levels have a huge pressure.

This sudden war has caused quite horrible consumption in just a short time.

Even if it is a 20th ring, it is still not affordable to face such a horrible war.

Paying the compensation of mercenary and become more difficult.

After this, the mercenaries immediately stopped inflow and began to wait and see.

If the 28th ring funds are shortage, they cannot pay the war, they will definitely not be so water.

For the secret of secret wizard, the official Wizard is jealous, if it is not for high commissions, they will never choose such an opponent.

It was originally thought that the situation of the twenty-seven rings has become a bad enough, but this is just the beginning.

On the night, the secret wizard of the twenty-seven ring suddenly became more and more crazy.

There is no hidden to cover up, just under the broad public, the secret wizard from other loop areas.

After the secret wizard arrives, it also looks crazy, seeing the official Wizard will attack.

The previous secret wizard is carrying hatred, fighting for faith, just to change the tragic situation of secret wizard.

They don’t live, don’t los, and vow to change this unfairness.

But now the secret wizard is completely a group of madmen, as if it is completely rational.

Every official Wizard is like a treasure in their eyes, and it is desperate to fight for killing.

I am afraid of a slow speed, and the benefits fall into the hands of others.

so crazy behavior, let the official Wizard get more frightened, do not understand what happened.

Soon there is news, the cause of the incident occurred.

There is a secret Wizard, publish a task in the Super Mall, and the official Wizard is priced.

The rewards given are extremely unparalleled, and as long as entering the super mall, you can directly receive the reward.

In the hands of official Wizard, there are also attracting bills, and free access to the super mall.

I saw the reward and the corresponding bounty price, and I was shocked.

The interest is moving, no wonder the secret wizard is so mad.

After they see the reward standard, they can’t wait to disguise the identity, and then reward in the head of the companion.