I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3695

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Suddenly increased people’s happiness, completely reversed the battle of the twenty-seven ring.

On the night, the twenty-seventh round has become official Wizard’s hell, and it is obsessed with the way to escape.

As for those secret wizard, it has been caught in a crazy state, as if all rationality has been completely away.

Where is the official Wizard figure, they are like flies, and they will launch crazy attacks.

does not reach the purpose, swear to stop.

This time is different from the past, the secret Wizard turns a change, and the strength is only strong than the official Wizard.

Now launched a crazy, the official Wizard is not an opponent, and it is impossible to avoid it.

The initial period of the confusion, the official Wizard also has a high-rise support of the twenty-seven ring, with enough bottom gas and secret Wizard to die.

However, with time, the confidence of mercenaries is frustrated, and the official performance of the ring area is also disappointing.

The emergence of this reward, let the official of the twenty-seven ring completely matched.

They have no such strength, give the same reward reward unless it is supported by other ring regions.

Just encounter such things, other loop areas Effective Impossible, after all, this is not a good thing, it is likely to be dragged into the war queen after sticking.

Wizard World’s large rings, very similar to the layout of the building world, and each other is independent.

In many times, the ring area is competitive, and even there has been war out.

The difference between the two sides is that Wizard World can be free, as long as there is enough transfer fee, Wizard World can go everywhere.

The twenty-seven ring occurs, and the two ring areas nearby know the news, Immediately launches defense.

can enter twenty-seven rings, but it is absolutely not allowed to return.

The void STAR SEA between the

ring zone, the inspection is doubled, preventing some people from being smuggled between the ring regions.


is also the same, from the twenty-seventh ring transmission request, will be rejected by the WitHout The Slightest Hesitation.

The purpose of this is to prevent the enemy’s latent, enter the adjacent ring area.

However, it has proved that such operations have no significance, and the THIME suddenly happens, which is always limited to the twenty-seven ring area.

A lot of watching people believe that the key to solving the turmoil is that the ancestors of the Snake is just that the other party is never willing.

This irresponsible attitude has caused the twenty-seven ring to become more and more confusing.

involved in the ancestor star, not unusual Wizard, can only keep watching.

The confusion is only in the twenty-seven rings, and there is no impact on them, and simply is not necessarily too much to participate.

Twenty-seven Wizard Tower, the crazy secret Wizard continues to remove, the official Wizard’s head is taken to receive the bounty.

The secret of the benefits wizard, the strength is rapid, but it has become more crazy.

Secret Wizard gets a real benefit, knowing such a chance will not always, who can catch Rare Opportunity, and who may fly.

In the process of fighting, there are constantly there are some secret Wizard exhibition characters, with Herfuri names with their own means.

Their perfect performance makes the official Wizard are also shocked, and the arrogance of the bottom is disappeared.

Today’s twenty-seven rings, if someone is proclaimed, it will definitely be disrupted directly by official Wizard.

I have this idea of ​​idiots, my head has been cut off and become a secret wizard for rewards.

With the Wizard Tower, many secret wizards have begun to aim to Wizard Legion.

In today’s twenty-seven rings, Wizard Legion is the largest official strength, with the strongest Battle Stregth.

is only because of the victim of the Milles family, so it has been defensive to guard, and it has never participated in the war.

I am afraid that the outside world is chaotic, but it is still AS Stable as mount tai.

For this situation, many secrets Wizard are clearly glad, if it is Wizard Legion, they don’t necessarily be an opponent.

The advantage of hard work, it is likely to change between the Wizard Legion.

Fortunately, they did not shoot, which gave the opportunity to grow by secret Wizard.

After a tragic killing, the secret Wizard has grown, but also has a quite horrible scale.

from the Super Mall, and arrive in the secret wizard from other ring regions, the quantity is several times the twenty-seven rounds of Wizard.

It can be said that the current twenty-seven rings have been completely secret Wizard, and the official Wizard is hiding in Tibet, and has become the object of everyone.

As long as you dare to open, you will immediately be chased, and then make your head to the Super Mall.

is stimulated by rewards, has killed red eye, naturally, naturally locked Wizard Legion with greedy eyes.

If you use your personal power, the secret wizard is destined to unable to provoke such huge monster, and if the collective expands, the situation will become completely different.

The team of secret Wizard has a similar mind between each other, soon, it will be a shot, decided to start off the Wizard Legion.

also manufactures the momentum and convene more secrets Wizard participation.

More and more secret Wizard, continuous flocking to Milles family ancestors, and then constantly gather in the peripheral area.

This piece of Rising Winds, SCUDDING Clouds provokes the source area of ​​the twenty-seven-rings, and is surrounded by the secret Wizard group in a short time.

They didn’t take action, but taking a wisdom attitude, waiting for more secrets of Wizard to participate in the war.

Wizard Legion’s strength, the Impossible Wizard Tower can be compared to the Wizard Tower.

must be reasonably deployed and concentrated to attach Wizard Legion to attack.

If you don’t do this, their behavior is purely in Courting Death.

I want to go, the secret Wizard, the official Wizard, but the official Wizard is very bad.

They can only passively defend against the war’s eruption.

The previous twenty-seven rings occur, Legion Wizard is not allowed to get involved, it is fear that the situation cannot be out of control.

Wizard Legion together is a power that makes all enemies are frightened, but the unable to withstand a single blow after dispersion.

saying that Wizard Legion’s main task is to defend Milles family, they are absolutely impossible to evacuate before this hidden danger.

Today, the two seven-seven cycloal is a purgatory, and the official Wizard Tower is constantly destroyed. Wizard Legion has no retirement.

Unless abandonment of defensive tasks, evacuate twenty-seven rings, otherwise it will be involved in the war sooner or later.

Wizard Legion commander, now it is a focus, and it is desperately looking for a method of resolving the crisis.

They constantly contact the Lord, try to seek assistance, but there is no news.

Since the war, the Lord has never appeared, and always has remote control behind the scenes.

The results of the twenty-seven rings become more chaotic, and has arrived uncontrollable, but the ring Military Leader has never visible.

Nowadays, the most critical juncture is now, but the Lord has no trace, which makes Wizard Legion commanders are uneasy.

They are extremely suspected that the Lord has suffered an accident, and Wizard Legion has also been completely abandoned.

As sole, first consider how to fight, but how to keep your life.

is from secret Wizard to kill, carry your own head, in exchange for the rich rewards of Cultivator people.