I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3696

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Twenty-seven ring Wizard Legion faces a huge crisis, and the tragic war is likely to explode.

facing a huge crisis, many of the Legion Wizard is no intention to fight.

The secret wizard will win, enough to let Legion Wizard feel shocked, continuously removed the destroyed Wizard Tower, let Legion Wizard have completely lost trust in the official.

This twenty-seven ring is not worth reminding them to pay guard.

is in the crisis, there is a rumor.

rumored twenty-seven rings of the Lord, which is the PATRIARCH of the Milles family, actually being killed in people.

Now the Lord, including the ancestors of the Snake, in fact, the behind-the-scenes of the same camp.

They colluded with each other, and finally conspiracy succeeded, but the twenty-seven rings were turbpled.

Nowadays, they need them to Pulling Strongly Against a Crazy Tide, and the culprits have disappeared without discrimination when solving this crisis.

includes the ancestors of the Snake, and there is a new ring owner, there is no movement.

The official Wizard of the twenty-seven ring is involved in the most innocent victim.

The culprit is so happy, and it is not asking for this matter, and what is Shameless!

After this message, it immediately triggered huge turmoil, and the Legion Wizard was angry.

They suddenly realized that they have been fooled, and their heart is full of anger.

The previous secret Wizard riots, to the Wizard Tower, the Asking of the Legion Wizard received the assistance information.

can be so, but there is no Legion Wizard to return to rescue.

is not afraid, but the military order is like a mountain, and the Legion Wizard is not allowed to leave.

Legion Wizard is in an urgent time, always paying attention to the outside world, I am afraid that the Wizard Tower of the Wizard is destroyed.

This brutal message is continuously transmitted, so that Legion Wizard is painful.

They naturally put this hatred, in the secret Wizard, can’t hate these damn enemies with the most cruel means.

Today’s secret Wizard comes, it is possible to fight at any time, and Legion Wizard is also preparing to fight.

They want to kill secret wizards to pay homage to the home of Wizard Tower, as well as those who are unfortunate.

Wizard Legion also took the opportunity to create hate, thus exchanged greater cohesiveness.

The result is at this time, secretly exposes, and immediately floats.

I feel fooled by Legion Wizard, no more than half of the fighting spirit, and ask the commander to give an explanation.

The situation is gradually out of control, and the generals of Wizard Legion have begun to become panic.

Despite the continuous explanation of suppression, the rumors are more intensified, and the situation has become more and more bad.

The ancestors of the Snake have been recognized that the fallen of the Miller family is related to He, this thing is minply can’t do leave.

Today’s twenty-seven rounds of the Lord, his upper position also exists many doubts and has been opposed by many Wizard.

Suddenly the upper position, it has always been officially appeared, and the twenty-seven rings that have been hidden behind the scenes.

This kind of rings, naturally be natural.

Many Legion Pastor, I have long been dissatisfied with this, but I have no opportunity to attack.

Nowadays are collective requirements, and the new Rio is now appearing, and the explanation is made for this matter.

The war has not yet started, but the civil chaos happened first. This is definitely a taboo.

The commanders of Legion are more concerned. If this thing can’t be solved, what is the wandering Wizard?

Wizard Legion has caused secret Wizard concerns, and the tendency of the display is becoming more and more obvious.

They travel all day to explore, find a variety of vulnerabilities, and be prepared for the upcoming war.

did not immediately hand, just lacking confidence, all thinking about the battle to win.

Over time, the secrets of the arrival of the battlefield are more and more, and the confidence that must win is getting more and more.

Some Wizard Singlehanded, but Overwhelming Majority makes a team, because it has been killed in the battlefield, so a murderous-loops.

The reward given by the Super Mall makes them like a hungry wolf, and always look for opportunities to launch offens.

When the two sides are against the array, those who are far away have always sent it to the Cultivation Wizard, but it is in a state of dilemma.

They want to avoid war, but they have found avoided.

As long as you are in this area, you will inevitably be affected by the war, allowing them to leave this place, but they are too reluctant.

Even more how to leave at the moment, you can leave it, you must cross the block of Wizard Legion, and then face those crazy secret wizard.

No matter where the part is, now the grass is all soldiers, and it is absolutely unacceptable to provoke.

Otherwise, it is slightly flash, it is possible to drop the life.

This group of official Wizard has both official Wizard, which also has a secret Wizard from each ring area of ​​Wizard World.

They have no intention to participate in the war, but only in order to pursue the avenue, but it is still involved in this wave.

Although the heart is abnormal, there is no way.

Take the war is approaching, and Daoist will get together for the self-policy and start together.

They know that their strength is weak, can’t fight against Two Great Factions, can only find ways to unite.

As a purely seeking DAOIST, they are not non-white, and they will not be determined by identification.

So in this area, secret Wizard and formal Wizard can be peaceful, even can even sit.

is just a general trend, let them have to make a choice.

either join the respective camps, or forced to choose cooperation, become a neutral organization between the inclusion between TW Great Factions.

After all, Apart from this, there is no third road.

Just seek DAOIST feels fear, I don’t know how to be good, the Milles family suddenly has Mutation.

Originally enveloped the family ancestral land, claimed to be unscrupulous. ARRAY, there is no sign of choice.

Milles family ancestral land, there is no cover in front of the world, anyone can freely enter and exit.

Suddenly happened, immediately attracted the attention of the outside world, and I don’t understand what happened.

The last time the Divine King, enough to shock all the enemies, and dare not recruit Milles family.

Including Legion Wizard, they are just around, so they are reluctant to suffer from fatal strikes.

This time is quiet and silent, so that the outside world has gradually ignored this last shocking the world, but suddenly becoming a very low-key Wizard family.

Today, both sides are about to start, the Milles family suddenly withdraws the protection of Array, which is definitely very abnormal.

The first feeling of Wizard is the Miller family tried to do things.

has Divine King Powerhouse sitting in the town, and even defeated a state of the ancestors. Today’s Milles family ancestral land, it is called the first danger of the twenty-seven ring.

Even the eyes of the entire Wizard World pay attention to this area. Once there is any wind blowing, it will attract attention to those ancestors.

I am afraid that the movement here will affect Wizard World.

TWGREAT FACTIONS that connect each other has been focused, and the attention is placed in the Milles family.

They all want to know that in this key moment, what is the operation of the Miller family?

didn’t have a long time, the Member of the Milles family appeared, and a message was published on the outside world.

From immediate start, the Milles family is unlimited to recruit Wizard, and any access to the ancestone can get Divine King asylum.