I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3697

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Message issued by the Miller family, immediately caused an uproar.

A battle is about to start, inevitably will be injured, and Didn’t Expect will happen to happen.

is even more eye-catching than war.

For those who are unwilling to participate, trying to avoid this war, this news is definitely the gospel.

makes them between the two difficulties and has a new choice.

is only the Milles family today, has been put on the building world, and can no longer brush members of Wizard World.

If you add it, it is equal to the wizard world.

For the old Wizard World, a lot of Wizard disgust, but wants them to get from, but they will definitely become hesitant.

They look forward to Wizard World to change the pattern, even if they hope, they are willing to wait for it.

Even if you join the building world, you can change the fate immediately, and they will also care about it.

Even moreh How today’s Milles family, the situation is safe, and there is a sense of the ancestral star.

If you are not allowed, you will suffer from the extinct strike.

In this special environment, choose to join the Miller family, it is not a clever choice.

Because there is a great possibility, this is a dead road.

If you do not choose to join, it is possible to be swept by war, and when the time comes can’t escape.

Wizard refunds two difficulties, Simply does not know how to choose.

This is only the distress of ordinary Wizard, replacing the building of the building, but suffering from the existence of the way to join, this is an opportunity to EXTREMELY RARE.

Nothing clearly, the Milles family gave up the landstown World, the new owner or the god king level other Powerhouse.

Join the Milles family, it is equal to directly adding to the building world.

Under normal circumstances, you want to add the land city world, Simply can’t find the gate.

is only performed inside the War Zone because of the screening of the building of Cultivator, rarely absorbed the external Cultivator.

If the invasion of World’s Cultivator has excellent performance, it is the object that can be listed as a call.

The more high-level WAR ZONE, the more difficult it is if you want to join.

These existence heard the news, first is surprivable, and then it is unable to say excitement.

For these existence, the opportunity of this Extreme Rare is definitely not easy to miss.

When this message is issued, the nearest Wizard is still hesitating, but there are some existence that has already fly.

He is in an urgent burning, one by one to win the second, and if the speed is slow, miss this rare opportunity.

There is formal wizard, there is secret Wizard, but the most is not accepted by Wizard World, but the existence of powerful and secret.

Any agency is coming, leading eight parties.

Participate in the Niklus family, near Water Tower, is still hesitant.

They are still watching, do not want to make decisions so quickly, so as not to regret later.

Cultivation organizations like this type, most of which have strict rules, absolutely don’t want to add it.

If you want to make a choice, between the landlord World and Wizard World, the secret Wizard is more inclined to the latter.

Secret Wizard Although the official Wizard can be selected, they will also join it.

In their eyes, the official represents the orthodox of Wizard.

There are still many secrets Wizard, they are used to freezing, once joined to organizational organizations, it will feel uncomfortable.

So they hesitate, just unable to be determined.

Until now, the secret Wizard believes that the recruitment order of the Miller family is targeting yourself.

But the thing that happened, but all the wait doctors were surprised.

After several hours of the recruitment order, there is a powerful breath of One after ANOTHER, and the constant Moved Towards Milles family is close.

Regardless of Wizard Legion, or those secret wizards, these atmospheres are immediately identified.

Unknown gods, at least the witch Divine Grade other Powerhouse.

The appearance of these unknown gods immediately set off an uproar, no one knows where he is home, but it will definitely affect the victory of the war.

But before identifying the identity, no one is willing to have conflicts with the other party, and avoid the other party’s forward route.

Knowing Spiritual God To pass through, but still deliberately stop, this is a disrespectful and provocative.

Replacing the style of tyrannical Spiritual GOD, it is likely to be severely punished, even if you lose your life is not very strange.

The more the hidden rare gods, the more emphasis on this etiquette, maybe this is a strong self-esteem and vanity.

He is easy to make it, but if it is done, it must be given a face.

Who is Don’t Give Face, who is the enemy.

Between the enemy, a passage is smoothly opened, directly arriving at the Milles family.

As for Daoist, you have already doubtched to the Safety Sector field, and they can’t afford this existence.

Under the Focal Point of Ten Thousands, these gathered gods, connected Continuously appeared at the door of the Milles family.

In the next moment, He turned its true form, the appearance is strange and horrible.

The mortal only needs to look at it, it will completely fall into crazy collapse, and finally died in desperation.

Even with powerful Wizard does not dare to look directly at such a strong existence, otherwise it will need a long time to resolve the rule power of Divine Soul.

is not all the gods, I like to use the melancholy means to show your power, which will only be afraid.

Wizard World’s ancestors, He will only release orthodox rules, let belons yourself get an Attribute growth.

Even if you see the true body, it is absolutely will not suffer a negative impact, and it is affected by various pain.

Under the contrast, it is more highlighting the Terrifying and terror of Evil GOD, which is actually the positive of the ancestors.

can only hide the abyss of the purgatory all day, or the darkness of the darkness, Struggling On Whilst at Death’s Door under the periphery of the ancestors.

After revealing the body, these strong strange existence, started the home of the home.

“Forgotten Township, Guardian Naruchis, request to join the Milles family!”

“Fallen deep valley, Whisperer Haolvos, request to join Milles family!”

“Nether Soul village, inspector Barberf, request to join the Milles family!”

An alarm sound, echoing over the ancestral land, these weird and low-key existence have reported their true name.

This is a kind of sincere performance, indicating that you are willing to join, there is no deception of falsehood.

Looking at the horrible figure, the continuous application is continuously applied to join the Milles family, and the temple of the onlookers set off the stormy sea.

It is still thinking about whether you can join the Milles family, and who will choose to join?

This moment has already had an answer.

These Condensing Divine Spark is not recognized by Wizard World, He is the best recruitment object.

Join the Miller family, becoming a member of Wizard World, is the opportunity to seek.

As long as the success is successful, you can turn around, and Open and Aboveboard exists under the sun.

This has great help to His Cultivation, and it is not necessary to worry about punching.

Compared to these SPIRGG GOD strength, the official Wizard SIMPLY NOT WORTH MENTIONING.

It was still hesitant to guess the secret Wizard of the Milles family, but it felt ashamed at this moment.

Some secret wizards are very high, hesitating whether to join, but we find yourself with these Evil God’s foreign gods, find yourself Simply Not Worth Menting.

I suddenly realized this moment, maybe from the very beginning, secret wizard is not the main recruitment object.

They have always been Believe Oneseelf Infallible, in fact, the goal of the Milles family recruitment is those who are not recognized by Wizard World, but have powerful Evil God and foreign gods.