I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3748


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wizard world, twenty-seventh ring.

Countless secret wizards, just and honorable gathered together, with a relaxed expression on their faces.

The seemingly cruel war has been temporarily far away, and the environment is absolutely safe.

No need to sit back and wait, stay in a state of high vigilance at all times, for fear that accidentally you will lose your life.

Large gatherings like this were never dared to organize in the past because they would be attacked by the official wizard.

Even small private gatherings must be cautiously, more cautious than the rats in the ground.

It’s just now the 27th Ring Road, which has long since changed. The official wizard didn’t dare to show up at all, otherwise it would be bring about one’s own destruction.

Just like the secret wizard of the past, wandering around hiding in Tibet, panic all day long.

There are also some official wizards who dare to appear just and honorable because they all have special marks on them.

As long as you sign the Divine Soul contract and leave the official wizard’s camp, such a mark can appear.

Divine Soul contracts like this type can be trusted because no one dares to defy them.

When encountering such an official wizard, the secret wizards are too lazy to take care of them, let alone attack them easily.

After signing the contract, it is equivalent to joining the camp of the Loucheng cultivator. If you dare to attack indiscriminately, you will inevitably be chased by the Loucheng cultivator.

In the mind of the secret wizard, the super mall has a very high status, and it can naturally follow its words.

Unless it is compelled by circumstances, the secret wizard will definitely not smash his own job and choose to compete with the super mall.

With the passage of time, more and more wizards have gathered, and they are all silhouettes of the cultivator.

This situation occurred because the Super Mall issued an order requiring all the cultivators of the 27th ring to gather.

Accepted the reorganization of Loucheng cultivator, and then proceeded to the next step.

Everyone knows very well that the plane war must not stop at the twenty-seventh ring, but expand to the entire wizard world.

The Loucheng cultivator led by Tang Zhen will inevitably launch an attack on other ring areas.

The secret wizard wants to obtain military exploits, and now is the best time. If you miss it, you will inevitably regret it.

Provide assistance to other territories with a victorious war posture, and it is easier to win a two-on-one war.

The characteristic of plane warfare is the ability to support war by war, so that it can become stronger and stronger.

As long as we maintain the momentum of victory, we can completely crush and sweep all the way and suppress all major ring areas in all directions.

Following the secret wizard to participate in the war, you will surely be able to reap a lot of benefits and increase your strength rapidly.

It is precisely because of this benefit that the secret wizard of overwhelming majority chose to accept the task.

There are also some wizards who are unwilling to accept reorganization, or are unable to participate in the war due to special reasons.

For such a cultivator, the Super Mall also has arrangements.

Immediately, this type of wizard is prohibited from entering the mall to trade, and is not allowed to wander around in the ring area.

Otherwise, once it is discovered, it may be beheaded.

The purpose of the Loucheng cultivator is clear, which is to use this method to complete the blockade and suppression of the 27th Ring Road.

The wizards were full of resentment, but they had no other way but to obey the orders obediently.

It is clearer in my mind that the Super Mall has been tolerant enough to not expel them directly.

Compared with other ring areas where a plane war is about to erupt, the originally turbulent 27th ring has become the safest place in the wizard world.

For the cultivator who does not want to participate in the war, but only wants to avoid disasters by closed-door cultivation, it is definitely an excellent place to seek.

There are also many official wizards who have signed contracts. They also accept tasks and join the assembled camp.

How loyal there was, how much hatred there is after being abandoned, these official wizards are like this.

Most of the reasons they chose to join were for revenge and, by the way, to improve their strength.

Compared with the secret wizards, these official wizards of orthodox origin have more potential. With the help of the super mall, the speed of progress is even more amazing.

The bloodline theory of the wizard world is indeed an excuse for the Aristocratic Family to maintain its rule, but it is indeed easier to give birth to geniuses and elites with the inheritance of the superior family.

For the rebel official wizard, the Super Mall will naturally not refuse, but rather welcome this type of cultivator to join.

With them as an example, the hesitant official wizard can be determined to leave the war.

Look at the ancestral land of the Millers family, the monster formed by the rules, which still undertakes the task of guarding.

Because of Tang Zhen’s feeding, it can exist for a longer time.

monster has been completely subdued and has become Tang Zhen’s loyal servant, irreconcilable with the ruler of the wizard world.

The wizard that composes the rule monster has now begun to merge, and this state cannot be reversed.

Wizards no longer have independent thoughts, and gradually become numb and sluggish, and eventually they will be completely integrated with the rule monster.

The growth of the rule monster also represents the fall of the cultivator.

Cultivation world is so cruel, no one can predict tomorrow, if they knew so long ago, these wizards would not come together.

It’s a pity that if you make a choice, you have to bear the consequences.

It was a good thing for Tang Zhen, otherwise the crisis he faced at the beginning would not be so easy.

With the powerful monster awe, wizards naturally dare not impudent, lest they be trampled into flesh.

In addition to these wizards, there are many other Evil Gods who are also waiting in secret.

Tang Zhen was not successful in recruiting due to the intervention of the ancestor Xingchen, which made these Evil God outer gods hate the official wizard more and more.

Later, when they found an opportunity, they retaliated wildly, so that the wizard tower on the 27th ring was cleared.

Otherwise, with the background of the twenty-seventh ring, even if it is besieged by the secret wizard, it is absolutely impossible to be defeated so quickly.

In fact, behind this wave of attacks, there is also the forgotten credit of the shopkeeper. The fallen Spiritual Gods under him have made great contributions in the cleanup operation.

Tang Zhen spent considerable manpower and material resources in order to clean up the twenty-seventh ring, and this has enabled him to have today’s relaxed environment.

Some cultivators claimed that Tang Zhen had picked up a huge bargain, but in fact it was definitely not the case.

A discerning person can see clearly that the difficulty of Tang Zhen’s cleaning of the 27th ring alone is much higher than the full-scale invasion of the Fourth War Zone.

Time passed quickly, and the twenty-seventh ring was completely unrecognizable, and it was no longer what it looked like.

Observing the surrounding changes, the wizards have a hunch that the fusion of the two worlds may end soon.

Looking at the sky and the earth, the more vivid and vivid Loucheng cultivator, the wizards confirmed this more and more.

At this moment, many wizards are secretly nervous.

Because they know very well that once the space-time projection turns into reality, the Loucheng cultivator can launch a fatal attack.

They are actually very worried that the Loucheng cultivator will unload the mill and kill the donkey, cut weeds and eliminate the roots in order to avoid future troubles.

At the same time, make up your mind, once you find that the situation is not right, you will immediately escape to the void.

Of course, the wizards of the overwhelming majority maintain calmness and trust, and have deep expectations in their hearts.

Urgently want to follow Loucheng cultivator and embark on a peak in the cultivation career.

Suddenly, there was a breeze blowing.

Soon, a strand became a strand, a strand became a piece, and finally turned into a gust of wind.

In this strong wind, mixed with strange life aura, the wizards feel trembling.

The breath comes from another world, when it appears, it only represents one thing.

“Loucheng cultivator, here comes!”