I Have A City An Another World Chapter 3824


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The huge sect square is full of top cultivators from Moyunnan.

Such a scene is really rare.

Just because the cultivator who bows down in the square, the overwhelming majority are Sect Masters, or Supreme Elder, who have extremely noble status.

Just an order is enough to make the world turbulent.

But at this moment, these powerhouses are shiver coldly, as if they have lost all their courage, not to mention the prestige of the past.

It’s not that they deliberately did this, but the pressure was too great, and they didn’t have the ability to resist at all.

Even the First Sect master cannot withstand this terrifying pressure, and they are naturally even more unbearable.

Just outside the square of Sect, there are countless cultivators, all of them bow down and worship together.

The eyes of these cultivators are all focused on two figures, and their hearts are full of awe and panic.

Although no identity was reported, all cultivators knew that two figures must be Loucheng cultivator.

Only with the arrival of Loucheng cultivator can there be such a huge battle.

It must be an extremely powerful cultivator that can make the First Sect Lord so fearful and respectful, even kneeling to greet him in spite of his face.

In fact, cultivators know that strength is not the most important thing, the key depends on what camp it represents?

Even if the visitor is a mortal, but as long as it represents the Loucheng cultivator, the cultivator from the Moyunnan realm must welcome each other respectfully.

The cultivators are more aware that the life and death of the Moyun Yunnan Realm depends on the development of the following events.

If you are satisfied with the Loucheng cultivator, you will be able to avoid a catastrophe, and if something happens, the Moyunnan Territory may no longer exist.

The catastrophe of Xihe Great Realm will repeat itself in Moyunnan Realm.

The pressure brought by the Loucheng cultivator is far heavier than imagined. Many cultivators have already made plans to escape.

The reason for the delay in taking action is because I always have a fluke, thinking that there is still a possibility of easing.

After all, they were also the victims of this incident.

Xihe Dajing was the culprit, and he was the first to declare war on the Loucheng cultivator, but Moyunnan was only forced to join.

Different in nature, the intensity of punishment is definitely different.

Just when a group of cultivators bowed down and was restless in their hearts, a voice sounded slowly.

Indifferent and ruthless, resounding through the sky, people feel the shock of Divine Soul.

“Xihe Dajing overreaches oneself, daring to provoke Loucheng world, so he was hit by the thunder, and the sect within the territory became scorched earth!

Hundreds of millions of rebellious cultivator, all the dead souls under the sword.

Twelve Divine Kings, three dead and nine wounded, are now all desperate.

The first evil has been condemned, and the hearts of the people are pleasing.

Today, I came to Yunnan to specifically deal with this matter. Can you wait to be convicted? “

The speaker was not Tang Zhen, but the Divine King powerhouse who came with him.

Hearing this reprimand, a group of cultivators trembled and hurriedly knelt and shouted injustice.

The First Sect Lord is even more so, as if full of grievances.

“I still hope that the envoy will know that the Mo Yunnan Realm joined the Resistance Alliance because of sheer helplessness.

Xihe Dajing once sent envoys to join the alliance under the coercion. If it is not as expected by the other side, he will inevitably send troops to attack Moyunnan.

Moyun’s realm was weak, so he didn’t dare to refuse, and could only be forced to join it.

But from the beginning to the end, I never thought of being an enemy of Loucheng cultivator, let alone the idea of ​​acting recklessly.

When the war broke out, Xihe Dajing asked to send troops to assist. I directly rejected the other party’s request and resolutely refused to send troops to the war.

I even chuckled in my heart, thanking Loucheng cultivator for coming, and helping Moyunyun get rid of Sea of ​​Bitterness. “

The Lord First Sect explained aloud, as if carrying endless grievances, he finally got a chance to be released at this moment.

When the surrounding cultivators saw this, they couldn’t help secretly wondering, didn’t expect that the majestic and powerful First Sect master would show such a bitter attitude.

Some cultivators were infected, and my heart was full of sadness.

The former Xihe Dajing, and now the Loucheng cultivator, are the existence of their don’t dare provoke.

When will the cultivator of Moyunnan realm stand up?

Sadness seems to be contagious, causing more and more cultivators to cry, trying to escape by selling miserables and showing weakness.

Such a scene is somewhat unexpected.

“These guys…”

When the two Divine Kings saw this, they couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. In order to avoid punishment, the cultivator of Mo Yunan had completely ignored his face.

However, it is understandable. After all, there are examples of Xihe Dajing before, and the tragic situation is enough to scare the courage of the members of the alliance.

As long as you can evade punishment, what can you do if you sell miserably and show weakness?

“Well, no need to be so pretentious.”

The Divine King was coldly snorted, so that the crying cultivator fell silent and did not dare to make any more noises.

“The Loucheng cultivator has clear rewards and punishments, and severe punishments must be given to the villains, and there will never be any mercy.

Also pay attention to reason, will never kill innocent people, affect the reputation of Loucheng world.

Although Moyunjing joined the alliance, there was no substantive action, and the attitude of pleading guilty was fairly good.

In this case, the capital crime is exempted.

However, as a punishment, Moyunnan must have an acknowledge allegiance in Loucheng world, and set up a remote Transmission Formation to accept the permanent stationing of Loucheng cultivator.

Unconditional assistance is provided to clean up the remnants of Xihe Dajie. If anyone dares to collude with illicit relations, they will definitely suffer the most severe punishment.

The above is the punishment result, you can choose to refuse, but the consequences need to be borne by yourself. “

A group of cultivators from the Mo Yunnan realm have their ears pricked up, for fear that there will be a slight omission.

Hearing the verdict, all of them looked excited.

“No, we agree, we agree completely!”

First Sect heard this and immediately expressed his opinion out loud, for fear that if he took a step slower, the Loucheng cultivator would change his mind.

The joy in my heart is beyond words.

At first he thought he was talent, but this time he was inevitable, and he had even prepared for the worst.

It was only at this moment that the Loucheng cultivator did not intend to punish severely, but set a harsh rule.

Must join the camp of Loucheng cultivator, become a mortal enemy with the ancestor Xingchen and the remnant party of Xihe Dajie, and personally take part in the hunt.

Accepting such a request is tantamount to completely cutting off the back of the Moyunnan realm, and in the future can only follow the Loucheng cultivator.

Although unwilling to accept it, the cultivators of Mo Yunnan really have no better choice.

Don’t worry about others, it is most important to avoid this tribulation.

The First Sect master has already stated that the other cultivators naturally have nothing to say, shouting loudly that they are willing to obey the judgment.

The heart that was originally hanging has finally fallen into place at this moment, and there is no need to worry as much as before.

The next thing is naturally much simpler.

Moyun, who had escaped a disaster, moved quickly and started to act according to the requirements of the Loucheng cultivator.

Trace the cultivator of Xihe and Dajing, look for clues related to Divine King and the ancestor stars, and build a remote Transmission Formation connecting Xi and Dajing.

As a supervisor, Tang Zhen naturally wants to stay here, waiting for the order to be executed.

During the period, I contacted other Divine Kings and asked if there were any clues, but I still found nothing.

This kind of thing can’t be rushed, I can only wait for the opportunity.

Fortunately, before the action, the cornerstone platform did not set a date, otherwise it would be a headache.

The turbulent Moyun territory gradually settled down.

Although escaped, the First Sect master is still cautiously, working hard to actively complete various tasks, and strive to be perfect.

I only hope to reverse my bad image in this way.

At the same time, I must try my best to collect news about the ancestors. I always feel that this will please the Loucheng cultivator.