I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 1000

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Hearing what Yuzu said, the old Grandma thought for a while before saying: “What does Gym Leader Shimizu want?”

Although they were not able to ask about Rayquaza’s news, Rayquaza’s dragon’s blood is also very attractive to them. They have enshrined Rayquaza for generations, they also yearn for Rayquaza, and want to explore the secret of Rayquaza as a “god”.

Seeing the old Grandma staring intently at his hand holding dragon’s blood, Yuzu felt confident: “Then it depends on how much Grandma wants my dragon’s blood. I heard that the Dragon’s blood has been raised. Bagon.”

In order to prevent the other party from not knowing what to bid, Yuzu also gave a thoughtful reminder.

Old Grandma is not a stupid person, on the contrary, he is very shrewd. Hearing Yuzu mentioning Bagon, he immediately understood that the purpose of the young man before him was probably the Bagon raised by Draconid Tribe from beginning to end.

Pokemon world each region relatively large-scale breeding of Dragon Type quasi-gods is only the three forces of Dragon Race, Draconid Tribe and Dragon Land. The Dragonite of Dragon Race is well-known in the world, and the Hydreigon of Dragon Land is well known. The Draconid Tribe, who came out and raised a violent newt, is the most mysterious.

Speaking of this level, the old Grandma knew that the other party was determined to win Bagon, and said bluntly: “I don’t know how many Bagons does Gym Leader Shimizu want to use this bottle of dragon blood vessels?”

The old Grandma never knew what Yuzu’s bottom line was, so he was unwilling to open a bid easily.

Yuzu knows very well what the old Grandma is thinking. He also wants to test the opponent, so he has never asked for a price, but since the opponent likes to play so much, then… I’m not welcome, I’ll speak for you. do not regret!

“Since the old Grandma is quick to talk, then I said cheeky, I want three pairs of adult violent salamanders, 30 young Bagon.”

Hearing Yuzu’s asking price, Zinnia suddenly yelled: “Don’t be too much!” Even if Draconid Tribe has a lot of Bagon and violent newts, but if you give Yuzu three pairs of adult violent newts and 30 Bagons After that, it was enough to make the Meteor’s place hurt.

Not only is Zinnia unwilling, but Grandma’s face is also stiff, but she is an elder after all, so she can only forcefully maintain a gentle smile on her face and said: “Gym Leader Shimizu is too much.”

Yuzu hearing this secretly curl one’s lip: It’s not that you told me how much.

However, Yuzu also guessed from Zinnia’s expression that the asking price for three pairs of violent salamanders and thirty bagons was excessive, but Meteor-Ri could definitely afford it.

I have to say, it’s worthy of being the Meteor Village, which is as famous as the Royal Dragon Race and the Land of Dragons. The family property is indeed rich.

“Grandma, three pairs of violent salamanders and thirty Bagons are a bit large, but Rayquaza’s dragon’s blood is worth this price, isn’t it?”

Speaking, Yuzu opened his palms again, revealing the bright red dragon’s blood in the palm of his palm. Grandma and Zinnia’s eyes were immediately attracted, and the gleaming rays of light on the dragon’s blood pierced their hearts.

Old Grandma can see it. The young man in front of him must be a geese who has plucked his hair. If you don’t get a little blood today, you can’t get dragon’s blood.

Like the Royal Dragon Race with the Royal Dragon Force and the Dragon Land with the Dragon Force, the Dragon’s Tribe in Meteor also has its own special abilities. Old Grandma and Zinnia only need to see Rayquaza’s dragon’s blood. Mind will be firmly attracted.

This is also one of the reasons why the two have never suspected that the dragon’s blood taken out by Yuzu is fake.

Old Grandma looked embarrassed and said: “Unfortunately, we can’t produce three pairs of violent salamanders and thirty bagons in Meteor. How about we give you 15 bagons?”


To be honest, the old Grandma felt that it would be more than 15 Bagons. This is a quasi-god larva, not a Wurmple all over the street! The number of quasi-gods in their meteors does not add up to a hundred, fifteen is too much!

Yuzu hearing this was taken aback, didn’t expect that this old lady was quite good at bargaining, and she was not as cruel as her in half-cutting, so he said with a look of regret: “That’s a pity, today I have this bottle It seems that dragon’s blood cannot be taken out.”

Old Grandma almost got blood in his heart.

“Gym Leader Shimizu, we really can’t get that many Bagon!” Old Grandma said bitterly.

Yuzu thought for a while and it’s really not good to force each other too much. He just wanted to trade with Draconid Tribe, and didn’t intend to offend them, so he changed his words: “Well, then I only need two pairs of violent salamanders, twenty. Bagon.”

Young man, you don’t speak martial arts!

The old Grandma hearing this almost failed to maintain the calmness on his face, and still “as long as”, then I really thank you Hold Back!

So the two sides bargained back and forth. In the end, Grandma paid a pair of violent newts, and eighteen Bagons were traded for Rayquaza dragon’s blood from Yuzu.

Although the asking price has been cut in half, Yuzu is actually very satisfied. After all, the initial asking price was really he said casually to test the other party, not at all, he planned to really want that many, he is true Asking prices everywhere.

But the family property in Meteor is so richer than he thought.

A pair of violent salamanders and eighteen bagons, which he couldn’t even think of before.

Even if it’s the Dragon Race or the Land of Dragons, if they want them all of a sudden to take out so many quasi-god larvae, they must be in order to it!

It seems that Draconid Tribe really attaches great importance to Rayquaza! Yuzu thought to himself.

After the two parties reached a consensus, the old Grandma endured a bloody mood and said to Yuzu: “We don’t at all carry Pokemon on our body. Gym Leader Shimizu will give us some time to send Pokemon over.”

Yuzu smiled and waved his hand: “It’s easy to say, easy to say, I’m waiting for you.”

Looking at Yuzu Chunfeng’s triumphant expression, Grandma really wanted to hit him with the crutch in his hand.

“Then let’s say goodbye!” After speaking, the old Grandma took Zinnia and left without looking back.

The old Grandma stayed in Verdanturf Town for the next few days. She gave her token to Zinnia. Zinnia returned to Meteor Land to inform Clansman of the situation, and sent the Pokemon that Yuzu wanted.

In a blink of an eye, another seven days later, Grandma took Zinnia to the door again. Both parties paid the “money” and delivered the goods with the other. Yuzu got the Pokemon he wanted, and the other party also got Rayquaza’s dragon’s blood.

After the old Grandma and Zinnia got Rayquaza dragon’s blood from Yuzu, they didn’t stop in Verdanturf Town for half a minute, and immediately flew out of Verdanturf Town on a storm salamander, while Yuzu took the new Pokemon to Ecology Park.

After entering Dragon’s Cave Sub-Park, Yuzu immediately took out the Poké Ball and released twenty Pokemon, but after watching Bagon and two violent salamanders with Divine Vision, his face sank.

Meteor’s Lane did send a pair of adult violent salamanders and eighteen young Bagons as agreed, but all they sent were crooked jujubes.

Two adult violent salamanders are fine. They happen to be a female and a male. They are still a couple, but the Bagons have a bigger problem.

The Aptitude of Quasi-God and Quasi-God’s larvae are indeed maintained above green and green, but there are also advantages and disadvantages in green Aptitude, which can be seen from the brightness of the Pokemon Aptitude aura, learning, and Genetic Ability.

Needless to say, most of the Bagon data sent from Meteor Zone are below standard.

Originally, it’s nothing. Anyway, he has many Dragon Type Pokemons, as well as big guys. He has rich teaching experience. The Bagons will have less Ability and he will teach them slowly. If you can’t learn it once, you can learn more. As long as Pokemons Just be healthy.

The problem is, five or six of the eighteen bagons are sick. At first glance, they know that this is the Innate Physique weakness that was brought about from birth.

This is being pitted!

It seems that Grandma is an elder, and Yuzu is also willing to give Senior a trust. How can I think that the other party should play this kind of rateless trick with him!

It seems that I am still too young! Yuzu gritted his teeth secretly in his heart, we have made this beam.

Fortunately, the system told Yuzu that as long as the long-term expectation is in Dragon’s Cave Sub-Park, Bagon’s weakness will be slowly healed, but their growth will be relatively slower than that of healthy Bagon.

Hearing the news that Yuzu sighed in relief, he didn’t care too much about growing slowly, as long as Pokemon can grow up healthy.

Later, Yuzu thought with optimism that although he was suffering, it might not be a good thing for those weak Bagons. Healthy Bagons will be treated well in the meteor. These weak ones are not necessarily Up.

I came to YuYu’s Day Care. At least he can ensure that they grow up safely and healthily, and will not die halfway.

Of course, Yuzu’s sympathy is limited to the Bagons, and he has taken down his hatred of playing him in Meteor!

A few days passed in a blink of an eye. On this day, Yuzu suddenly received a call from Mr. Norman. It turned out that these two days were May’s birthday. Caroline Aunt planned to take her to Verdanturf Town for a trip.

It’s just that Mr. Norman is too busy to come with Caroline Aunt and May, so he had to call Yuzu to help him.

speaking of which, as the characteristic tourism industry of Verdanturf Town is gradually promoted, more and more people visit Verdanturf Town. Yuzu also didn’t expect Caroline Aunt to take her to Verdanturf Town on May’s birthday. .

Mr. Norman’s request, Yuzu, of course, would not refuse. He helped Yuzu with that many favors, such a small favor, Yuzu is of course happy to do it.

Two days later, Yuzu waited at the station of Verdanturf Town to Caroline Aunt who got off with May, but there was a small tail behind them, that was Pete.

Yuzu was a little surprised to see Pete coming, because Mr. Norman not at all mentioned that Pete would come.

“Caroline Aunt, here! Here!”

There are quite a lot of people at the station, and Yuzu hurriedly moved towards Caroline Aunt and May who glanced around and beckoned.

Hearing Yuzu’s voice from a distance, Caroline Aunt beamed with joy, and quickly pulled the curious Pete and greeted May moved towards Yuzu.

Yuzu saw Caroline Aunt carrying a lot of luggage, and hurriedly greeted her, and took what she had in her hand.

Caroline Aunt brought a lot of luggage. I didn’t want to trouble Yuzu, but after seeing Yuzu release Bloom, he didn’t refuse.

As soon as Breloom came out, Pete stared at it intently, and Breloom was a bit sorry for him.

“Pete, long time no see.”

Yuzu touched Pete’s head and said, then turned to May and said “long time no see”.

“Uh, uh, Elder Brother Yuzu long time no see, is this the Breloom you keep talking about on the phone?” Pete asked Yuzu with bright eyes.

Yuzu hasn’t seen Mr. Norman for a long time, but she always talks on the phone and sometimes chats with Pete, but she’s a lot stranger to May, so when Yuzu just greeted May, she He just responded shyly and didn’t say much.

“Yes, let me go back to Verdanturf Gym first. When you go back to the Gym, take a closer look. There are many other Pokemon in the Gym.” Yuzu smiled and said to Pete.

Although Pete is young, he has been influenced by Mr. Norman since he was a child. Not only does he admire Mr. Norman, he also likes Pokemon very much.

“Really? Very good!” Pete nodded excitedly.

“By the way, how long does Caroline Aunt plan to take May and Pete here?” Yuzu asked Caroline Aunt as he walked.

“You Norman Uncle is busy all day long not going home. I am fine at home anyway, so I plan to stay here for a while, and then leave when I want to go!” Caroline Aunt was full of complaints when he mentioned Mr. Norman.

Yuzu laughed heartily and said: “Then I have to treat you well.”

“By the way, didn’t Mr. Norman say that Pete was not coming on the phone?” Yuzu asked curiously.

When I heard Yuzu’s words, Pete blushed sorry, but May interrupted and said: “He secretly followed us into the car, and we only found him halfway.”

Hearing May’s words, Pete dissatisfied with Doduo and said: “Who told you to leave me alone at home, I know Elder Brother Yuzu has a lot of Pokemon here, but you are too cunning!” /p>

“You dare to say, go back and clean up you!” Caroline Aunt angrily pointed at Pete’s forehead, and Pete quickly hehe haha ​​to face Mother Charm.

The entire group quickly returned to Verdanturf Gym and Yuzu placed them in Gym’s guest room.

Caroline Aunt was exhausted physically and mentally after sitting in the car for several hours. After placing the luggage, he called Mr. Norman and hid directly in the room without moving.

It is Pete’s young age and very energetic. When he came back, he took Yuzu to see the Pokemon raised by Yuzu.

Yuzu had no choice but to agree, and then asked May: “May I want to take a look together?”

May is not as interested in Pokemon as Pete, but hesitated for a while and was still nodded, so Yuzu took the two to Xinyuan.

There are many kinds of Pokemon in the new garden, and the Pokemon in Sub-Park is basically available here.

As soon as he entered the gate of the new garden, Pete saw Druddigon lying at the door and leaned forward excitedly.

Don’t look at Druddigon’s bad reputation in Dragon Type Pokemon, but it does look very Pressure at close range, even more how Yuzu is an Elite.

Seeing Druddigon’s hideous face, May was frightened for a moment. Seeing Pete touched Druddigon, he immediately tried to stop him. Yuzu gave her a soothing look.

“It’s okay, Druddigon has a gentle personality and won’t hurt Pete.”

Said that Druddigon has a mild personality, it is better to say that it is a salted fish not just in name only, but also in reality. I drank the poisonous chicken soup from Yuzu a few days ago and clamored to train hard and return to Dragon’s Cave Sub- as soon as possible. Park, but after adapting to the new life here, he fed the dog with all his old vows.

Druddigon felt someone approaching, raised his eyelids to see that Yuzu was taking the two cubs, and immediately closed his eyes Rest.

Druddigon’s Characteristic Trait is Rough Skin, so its scales do not feel good, and it doesn’t care about Pete, Pete quickly lost interest in Druddigon.

Passing through a not-too-long corridor, the three finally entered the new garden, where you can see a flower field. Above the flower field are beautiful Beautifly, Vivillon, and colorful Dustox.

Seeing this scene, May can’t help but said: “So beautiful!”

And Pete had already cheered and rushed into the garden, muttering dearly at all kinds of Pokemon.

Don’t look at Pete’s young age. He has a solid grasp of the basic knowledge of Pokemon, but he doesn’t know how to apply what he has learned.

In this way, Yuzu took May and Pete in the new garden until the sun went down.

2nd day is May’s birthday. As soon as she opened her eyes, she found a red and white Poké Ball next to her pillow. After opening it curiously, she saw a bird with a pair of white and fluffy wings. Pokemon appeared on her bed, looking at her with round eyes.

Caroline was combing her hair after getting up, when she suddenly heard May’s sharp Growl coming from next door, and then her room door was pushed open.

“mother, mother, look, look…”

May was emotional, she raised her hands, and she stammered when talking.

Caroline saw the Swablu in May’s hands, said with a smile: “You will be ten years old next year. This is your birthday Present from Elder Brother Yuzu. You can thank him later! “

Yuzu greeted Caroline before sending Swablu. Caroline wanted to refuse. After all, a rare Pokemon from Green Aptitude is worth a lot of money and too expensive.

Yuzu insisted repeatedly. After making a phone call to her husband, she did not object.

Mr. Norman has really helped Yuzu too much. If May does not accept Yuzu’s Present, Yuzu will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, to Yuzu now, a green Aptitude Pokemon is really nothing.

The reason why Yuzu thought of sending a Swablu to May as his birthday Present was because he thought of in the original animation, May met a Swablu while traveling, but had to separate because of the migration problem of Swablu. This It seemed to make May sad for a long time.

Now with this Swablu as the base, May will not be so sad in the future.

May listened to Mother’s words and was happy and nodded.

In the past, May was really not very interested in Pokemon, but after visiting the new garden with Pete yesterday, she saw a lot of cute Pokemon. After some interaction, she found that Pokemon are still very interesting.

She didn’t feel it before seeing Dad’s Pokemon, probably because Slakings couldn’t match her aesthetics. (Mr. Norman: Daughter, my heart is broken!)

Girl, I like Swablu better than Slaking. Now May sees how Swablu likes it.

Yuzu knows that May was not very interested in Pokemon before, so the Swablu chosen for her has a very well-behaved and stable personality, but I am afraid that too noisy Pokemon will aggravate her dislike for Pokemon. Looking at it now, this Swablu really has May’s appetite.