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In the morning when Yuzu came to invite Caroline Aunt to have breakfast, May hugged Swablu over to thank him, but there was a small tail hanging behind her, and she moved towards Swablu with envy.

“It’s so good, elder sister’s Swablu is so good, I am so envious, I don’t know if someone will give me one in the future…” Pete reached out and touched Swablu while holding his small eyes Glancing at Yuzu constantly, he looks very funny.

Yuzu all of a sudden understood Pete’s suggestion, but he just pretended not to understand.

Pete was anxious when he saw it this way: “I really want someone to give me a Pokemon in the future!” He also deliberately raised his voice, trying to attract Yuzu’s attention.

Yuzu ignored him, he raised his voice to a higher pitch, and emphasized it again.

Looking at Pete being jumped in a hurry, Yuzu found it very interesting, and he didn’t stop until he made Pete a little eager.

Finally, Yuzu pu chi said with a smile: “Okay, okay, I will also give you a Pokemon when you reach your ninth birthday in the future.”

“Really? Really? I can get one too?”

Pete immediately opened his eyes and smiled, his tone full of expectation.

“Really, really, but I have to wait for your ninth birthday.” Yuzu rubbed Pete’s little furry head.

“Ah, ninth birthday, that’s still a long time away!” Pete suddenly felt a little lost. He is only six years old now, and there are still three years to nine!

At first, May didn’t understand Pete’s meaning, but after Yuzu said that, she immediately realized something, so she opened her mouth and shouted: “Mother, Pete, he cheated Present at Elder Brother Yuzu!”

Pete was young and didn’t know the value of a high Aptitude Pokemon. May, who was about to be ten years old, knew. She felt that Pete did this very badly, so she immediately went to her mother to complain.

When I heard my elder sister calling mother, Pete subconsciously went to cover her elder sister’s mouth. It’s not the first time that elder sister has complained to his mother, and every time he has no good fruit.

It’s just that Pete is too short to cover May’s mouth.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” Caroline Aunt hearing this immediately stuck his head out of the room.

So May ruthless told the mother about Pete’s behavior without omission and in detail. After listening, the mother stared, angrily roared: “Pete!”

Pete saw that his mother was angry and knew he was going to be beaten, so he ran away.

I have to say that May is really proficient in telling Pete’s case. At first glance, he knows that he is a veteran, so in the morning, there was a flurry of hoops in Gym’s yard.

After a while, Caroline Aunt grabbed Pete’s ears and came to Yuzu’s side: “Quickly, I apologize to Elder Brother Yuzu, what I just said is a joke!”

Pete was covering his ears that his mother was pulling, and grinning grinningly, “Why is elder sister OK, I can’t!”

Caroline Aunt hearing this fiercely stared: “Say it!” There are so many ideas for such a bluff. If you don’t correct it now, you will have it in the future? Caroline was very angry.

Finally, Pete reluctantly apologized to Yuzu and promised that the previous words were all jokes. Yuzu just laughed and said nothing.

But then Pete was taken into the room by Caroline Aunt. I don’t know what the two said. When Pete came again, he returned to his usual appearance, and his expression disappeared. Also very sincerely said “I’m sorry” to Yuzu.

I have to say that Caroline Aunt and Mr. Norman are still very good at educating children, knowing that they must correct their incorrect behavior and thinking from an early age.

After having breakfast, Caroline Aunt took May to visit Verdanturf Town. Yuzu didn’t have time to accompany them, so he found Audio and Chatot.

Speaking of familiarity with Verdanturf Town, the aboriginal Yuzu is probably not as good as Chatot, which has been around the streets and alleys of Verdanturf Town all the year round. Where there are fun and delicious foods, it is clear, and it is simply Verdanturf Town.

The reason why an Audino is added is because Audio is more careful and takes care of others.

Chatot, this guy can talk and talk, and his mouth is full of sweet words. After a while, he coaxed Caroline Aunt and turned his head and directly treated Chatot as a male girlfriend.

May is a foodie, and food has an irresistible Captivate power to her, so she really likes Audio, who is good at making delicious food. Last night’s dinner and this morning’s breakfast made May consider Audino a “god”.

So the mother and daughter happily took Chatot and Audino out.

After Caroline Aunt and May left, Yuzu was at home waiting for guests to visit.

Half a month ago, Yuzu’s Pokémon Day Care opened a new business, that is, Pokemon sells the green channel, and the customers of this green channel are Yuzu acquaintances.

The high Aptitude Pokemon types currently sold by YuYu’s Day Care include Meditite, Gligar, Trapinch, Carvanha, Clawitzer, Vullaby, Ponyta, Dream Monster, Swablu and Grass Type.

However, there are still some Pokemon types that cannot be sold for a long time due to their scale, but some remain, such as Flabébé, Aromatics, Litleo, Horsea and the like.

So Yuzu thought of opening this green channel business, which is confidential to the outside world and only for Yuzu acquaintances. The types of Pokemon sold in the green channel are not on the YuYu’s Day Care list, and they will not violate the rules set by Pokémon Day Care.

Because Yuzu does not have many acquaintances, occasionally selling one will not affect the reproduction of the Pokemon race. Moreover, knowing the basics among acquaintances will save the troublesome inspection period and will reduce the burden on Pokémon Day Care. .

The green channel business is notified one by one by Yuzu, and reservations are also required. Yuzu will only accept reservations when Pokemon is sold.

Half a month passed. Yuzu only took one order. The person who ordered Pokemon was Wallace. It was not him who wanted to buy Pokemon. He said it was one of his relatives.

Yuzu waited in the store for about an hour before Wallace acted like a lady, and there was a girl behind him, who thought he was the relative he was talking about.

“Wallace, I haven’t seen you for a while, your daughter is this old?” Yuzu looked at the girl behind Wallace in surprise. It’s not for him to tease Wallace so much. They really look a little bit alike.

This girl, like Wallace, has long green hair and a pair of green pupils. At first glance, I know that these two people are a family.

But the girl’s expression looked sad, and her emotions didn’t seem high.

Wallace hearing this gave Yuzu a punch: “You will tease me. Even if I have a daughter, I can’t compare to you stirring the wind and the rain in Rustboro City.”

Yuzu:. . .

After some explanation, Yuzu found out that this girl was Wallace’s niece. His elder sister’s daughter, named Lucia, is now a Pokemon Coordinator like Wallace. She just made her debut just now.

Yuzu really didn’t know that Wallace had an elder sister, nor did he know that his elder sister had such a big daughter. It seems that the two brothers are quite different in age.

Yuzu pulled Wallace aside and asked in a low voice: “The little girl doesn’t look very happy, what’s the matter? I don’t want to buy Pokemon from me?”

Wallace hearing this sighed said: “Hey, it’s not, it’s like this…” So he briefly said why Lucia was sad.

It turned out that Lucia had a Pokemon that accompanied him since he was a child. Because of Aptitude, he is now leaving the army.

As Trainer’s strength increases, it is very common for Pokemon to be eliminated because of Aptitude and fail to keep up.

However, this situation is more common in trainers with ordinary net worth. Children from Great Family like Wallace and Lucia have a higher starting point than others. Starter Pokemon are carefully selected, at least green Aptitude. , It stands to reason that this situation will not happen.

But Lucia’s situation is special, as long as the retired Pokemon means different to her.

Lucia was a very naughty child when she was young, and she often sneaked out alone to play in the nearby woods.

The forest near Lucia’s house is actually quite safe under Normal circumstances. It’s not at all dangerous Pokemon, but one day there was no idea when an Ariados was brought in, and Lucia happened to encounter it. Arrived.

Most of the Pokemons that could appear in human settlements are not too ferocious, but unfortunately this Ariados is in the spawning period. The reason why it moved to this forest is because of its safety. I think To lay eggs here.

Ariados during the spawning period will become very sensitive and suspicious, and emotionally unstable. Therefore, when Lucia accidentally broke into its lair, it was attacked by Astonish and attacked Lucia.

Lucky Aiden was very young, and she was usually well protected by her family. Whenever she had experienced such a thing, she was frightened and stupefied at that time. She watched Ariados moved towards and threw herself over.

At the crucial moment, Lucia was rescued by a Pikachu.

This Pikachu is an old resident in the woods. I often see Lucia come to play in the woods, and have secretly observed and followed Lucia, so I know her.

Pikachu has always been alone in the woods, so he has a good impression of Lucia, and has always wanted to be friends with Lucia, but his character is too timid and very shy, so he has never dared to approach Lucia Kia.

This time when Lucia first entered the forest, it followed Lucia. Seeing that Lucia was in danger, it rushed out subconsciously.

Pikachu’s strength is not strong, of course Ariados’s strength is not strong, two birds of a feather. It’s just that Ariados was dominated by maternal instinct at the time, and his battle strength was much higher than usual, and soon defeated Pikachu.

Fortunately, Ariados regained his sanity when defeating Pikachu, and hurriedly fled away with a big belly. Lucia and Pikachu survived.

That’s the case, Pikachu is still seriously injured and unconscious.

“I don’t know if I can be friends with her.” This was Pikachu’s last consciousness before he passed out.

The little girl came home crying. The family members were shocked when they saw Pikachu, who was seriously injured in her arms. After listening to Lucia sobbing and telling the story, she was even more afraid.

After careful treatment, Pikachu quickly recovered his health, and has been inseparable from Lucia. After Lucia became a Trainer, Pikachu was chosen as the Starter Pokemon.

Lucia’s family, even Wallace, actually opposed her doing this, but Lucia insisted, and Pikachu had a life-saving grace for Lucia, they had no choice but to agree.

They thought, as long as Lucia suffers in the future, they will naturally know why they disagree.

In the beginning, Pikachu was used as the Starter Pokemon. It was indeed no problem. Lucia also paid a lot of money to breed Pikachu, so even if Pikachu is only Yellow Aptitude, it is much better than other Yellow Aptitude Pokemon.

But with the passage of time, Lucia’s other Pokemon Levels have risen higher and higher, and the drawbacks of Pikachu have emerged. Its stamina is insufficient, and no matter how hard you try, the speed of improvement cannot catch up with other Pokemon.

Until several recent Pokemon Contests, Lucia didn’t really realize the reason why her family opposed her choosing Pikachu as the Starter Pokemon.

As long as Pikachu plays, it will be difficult for her to win the finals. Even if Pikachu can lead her to the finals, she will not have enough stamina at the last moment and let her miss the victory.

Do you say Lucia regrets choosing Pikachu as the Starter Pokemon? She does not regret it, because Pikachu is different to her. It is not only her life saving benefactor, but also her playmate and best friend through childhood.

She is sad that Pikachu can no longer fight with her. Only she knows how hard Pikachu usually trains in order to participate in the Pokemon Contest with herself.

There are indeed many treasures in this World that can change Pokemon’s Aptitude, but they are all treasures, which cannot be obtained with money. Lucia has searched for a long time and has not found one suitable for Pikachu.

She had done a long time building up her mind before she promised her uncle to buy an Aptitude outstanding Pokemon and retrain it. But when she got there, Lucia couldn’t help feeling sad.

Even with the new Pokemon, Pikachu can indeed be by her side, but she knows that such a psychological gap will definitely make Pikachu sad, and the more sad she looks, what will she do when the time comes?

After listening to Wallace briefly narrate Lucia’s affairs, Yuzu pondered for a while and said: “Maybe I have a way to solve your niece’s problem.”

Wallace hearing this froze: “How? What way?”

Immediately he seemed to think of something, and happily said: “Could it be…”

Yuzu nodded default.

At this time, what Yuzu thought of was of course his new product-Aptitude medicine.

Since he has decided to do this business, it is natural to have a few valuable people to promote him. Who else is more suitable than Wallace, a big Celebrity?

Seeing Yuzu nodded, Wallace gave Yuzu a hug and said happily: “Very good, brother! You are my savior!” Heaven knows how much hair he lost for his niece, and his hair is simply better for him Life is still important!

Before Wallace thought it was Yuzu who had heavenly materials and earthly treasures that could change the Electric Type Pokemon Aptitude.

“Okay, brother, let’s make a discussion. When the time comes, you count me cheaper. I have a little tight hand recently.” Wallace said bitterly to Yuzu.

Wallace’s impression that all the treasures that can change Pokemon Aptitude are sky-high.

Yuzu hearing this looked at Wallace suspiciously: “You will still be short of money?”

Wallace quickly nodded.

Yuzu mysterious said with a smile: “If you behave well, I don’t need money.” After all, I have to rely on you as an advertising spokesperson!

Wallace was surprised: “No money? So good?” But how do you want me to behave? I refuse to sell myself.

Yuzu nodded: “But you have to be psychologically prepared. My method has a certain failure probability.”

Lucia’s Pikachu is Yellow Aptitude Pokemon. If you want to evolve into green Aptitude by potion, the success rate is only 40%, and half of the success rate is not reached. It depends on Pikachu’s luck.