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For Yuzu’s “failure probability” Wallace did not take seriously. At this moment, he only thinks that Yuzu is his savior. The niece has been very depressed recently, but it took a lot of his thoughts. If you don’t coax your baby niece, go back to him. It’s not easy to explain to the elder sister.

Wallace said happily: “Let’s tell Lucia the good news soon!”

Yuzu nodded signaled Wallace to call Lucia who was in a daze not far away, and then asked her: “Did you bring Pikachu here?”

Lucia knows that the person in front of him is the Boss of this Pokémon Day Care, and he also knows that he is the protagonist of the Rayquaza incident that has been raging before. Although he does not understand why he asked about Pikachu, he still honestly nodded: “With Up.”

Pikachu and her have always been inseparable, even if she now plans to breed a new Pokemon, she has always carried Pikachu with her.

“Come with me with it.” Then he motioned to Wallace and Lucia to follow him and led them to the reception room. Before going to the reception room, he invited Wigglytuff and said something in Wigglytuff’s ear. In other words, Wigglytuff nodded left after listening.

“Come on!” Seeing Lucia standing still, Wallace urged her.

For a while, Lucia hurriedly followed her uncle and the strange Boss, but she was puzzled: Isn’t she going to buy Pokemon?

After entering the reception room, Yuzu said to Lucia: “Release Pikachu.”

Hearing what Yuzu said, and seeing her uncle nodded to herself with encouragement, Lucia obediently took out Pikachu’s Poké Ball and let it out.

A red light flashed by, and a yellow Pokemon appeared on the table. It was a petite and cute Pikachu. From its shiny fur, it can be seen that this is a very well taken care of. Good Pokemon.

When Pikachu came out, the first thing he noticed was his Trainer, and he ran to hold Lucia Charm. From the heart-shaped mark on its tail, it can be seen that this is a female Pikachu.

Yuzu used Divine Vision to look at Pikachu. As Wallace said, this is a Pikachu from Yellow Aptitude.

Lucia teased Pikachu twice with a smile, and then asked Wallace suspiciously, “Uncle, what did you let me release Pikachu for?”

Wallace gave Yuzu a look, and Lucia heard Yuzu say: “I have something here to help your Pikachu change Aptitude, so I want you to try it.”

Lukia was full of ecstasy upon hearing Yuzu’s words: “Really? Is there really a treasure that can change Pikachu Aptitude?”

Pikachu shook his ears in confusion. He didn’t understand why his Trainer was so happy all of a sudden. It was just happy to see Lucia, and it followed happily “pickup” and “pickup” yelled.

Yuzu nodded and said: “It is true, but my method has a certain failure probability, you have to be prepared for this.”

Compared to the careless Wallace, Lucia hearing this immediately grasped the key: “It will fail? Will failure cause harm to my Pikachu?”

Yuzu was a little surprised when he heard Lucia’s question. Didn’t expect little girl’s first reaction was not the change of Pikachu Aptitude, but the safety of Pikachu. It seems that she really cares about Pikachu.

So he said with a smile: “Don’t worry about this, even if it fails, there will be no side effects on Pikachu.”

Lucia smiled upon hearing these words: “That’s really good!”

At this time, Wigglytuff, who was instructed by Yuzu to fetch the potions, also returned. He handed the potions he had taken from Haunted House Sub-Park to Yuzu and left the reception room.

Seeing the potion in Yuzu’s hand, Wallace asked puzzledly: “The thing you said can change Pikachu Aptitude is the one in your hand?”

Yuzu raised the medicine in his hand and said: “Yes, this is it.” The blue liquid shook slightly in the transparent bottle, and the refraction of light made it emit beautiful rays of light.

Wallace opened his mouth: What about the good treasure?

Yuzu saw Wallace not speaking, and continued: “This is a potion I have developed. It can increase the Aptitude of the red, orange, and yellow Aptitude Pokemon, but the probability of success will decrease. Pokemon has 80% success probability, while Yellow Aptitude’s Pokemon only has 40% success probability.”

After listening to Yuzu’s words, Wallace swallowed saliva and said in disbelief, the words “researched by myself”, “pharmaceuticals”, and “can change Aptitude” filled his brain, making him speechless for a while.

Wallace felt that his Three Views had been impacted, and even Lucia’s eyes widened. Obviously, just like his uncle, he was also impacted.

Yuzu did not continue to speak, but silently looked at the two stunned uncles, giving them enough time to digest the information he heard.

It took a long time for Wallace to slow down: “You…what you said…is…are all true?” Lucia also looked at Yuzu intently, her eyes revealing the same questions as her uncle. .

Yuzu smiled and replied: “Of course it’s true. I wouldn’t have spent so much time just to make a joke with your uncle.”

Wallace:. . .

Lucia:. . .

We just think it’s incredible. This potion does have certain shortcomings, but the flaws are not concealed. It is shocking enough that this potion that can change Aptitude can be studied.

Looking at Wallace and Lucia who were stunned again, Yuzu felt a little funny: “Should we try?”

Two stiff nodded nephews.

Yuzu beckoned to Pikachu and motioned to him. Pikachu looked at his Trainer obediently and came to Yuzu reluctantly after seeing Trainer nodded.

Yuzu handed the potion in his hand to Pikachu: “Hey, drink this down.”

Pikachu took the bottle, looked up and drank the full bottle of medicament cleanly, then felt his belly and burped. The little appearance was very affectionate.

Watching Pikachu finish drinking the potion, Wallace stared and asked, “Is it over?”

Yuzu nodded: “It’s over.”

Three to five minutes later, Yuzu said again: “Should we check and try?”

Wallace nodded with difficulty: “Okay.”

The impact he received today was too great. Although Yuzu has repeatedly emphasized to him that the probability of success of the medicine is only 40%, he still feels dry.

Wallace is already foreseeable. Once what Yuzu said is true, then…this incident may cause a sensation even stronger than the previous Rayquaza incident.

Yuzu saw Wallace’s uncomfortable expression, turned his head and said to Lucia: “Lucia, take Pikachu back to Poké Ball, and come with me.”

Lucia didn’t know how to express her feelings at this time. The joy that Pikachu Aptitude could change, the shock of the birth of the medicine…Anyway, there was a paste in her mind. What made her more relieved was that her uncle seemed to be worse than her. , It’s difficult to speak now.

She nodded collected Pikachu into the Poké Ball, and then followed Yuzu out of the reception room.

YuYu’s Day Care has its own Aptitude testing instrument. Under the leadership of Yuzu, Lucia came to the Aptitude testing instrument. The familiar put the Pikachu Poké Ball on the instrument, and soon the Aptitude position on the instrument lit up. The green light came on.

Lucia looked at the green light on the instrument and didn’t know what to say… Pikachu’s Aptitude really changed…

At this time, Wallace also saw such a bright green light and muttered to himself: “It’s true…”

Although Wallace knew in his heart that Yuzu would not lie to him, after seeing it with his own eyes, the shock was completely different from what he had heard.

Anyway, it’s very sour…

At this moment, Yuzu is also slightly relaxed in his heart: Fortunately, it succeeded.

Although he knows that even if Pikachu fails, he can still change a Pokemon to prove his potion, but that is definitely different from the shock that all of a sudden succeeded to Wallace and Lucia.

For a long time, Wallace expression complicatedly said to Yuzu: “Is this really what you researched?”

Yuzu raised his brows and said: “I think it is.” Actually, it was researched by my Pokemon, and rounding is considered mine.

Wallace didn’t care about Yuzu’s word game: “Didn’t expect that you are not only a genius with Trainer, but also a great researcher.”

Yuzu hearing this is embarrassed, but he knows nothing about scientific research, so he can only hit haha ​​with a grin.

“hehe…hehe…this is all accidental, the researchers and so on are too exaggerated!”

Wallace feels that it is not an exaggeration at all. The medicine in Yuzu’s hands is absolutely epoch-making, and it will definitely stay in history.

Wallace sighed, he is really sour. It would be great if he had researched this potion. It’s a pity that he doesn’t have that talent or luck: “Say, how much do I have to pay you? “

Yuzu hearing this immediately smiled like a fox: “Didn’t I say it before, as long as you behave well, I don’t need the money.”

Wallace expression warned: “Being well? How to behave?”

Yuzu cleared his throat, and then said with a serious face: “That’s it. I plan to sell this medicine. I still lack a spokesperson.” Then he gave Wallace a “You Understand” eyes.

Wallace twitched the corners of his mouth: It turned out to be this idea!

Indeed, for a potion of this kind, you really need a suitable spokesperson. Wallace has an identity and a reputation. This is the most suitable spokesperson.

“Let’s do it.” After thinking about it, Wallace agreed to Yuzu’s request. Being able to endorse this epoch-making thing was also an attraction for him.

Yuzu was naturally overjoyed when he heard Wallace’s reply, and then he took him back to the reception room. The two discussed the follow-up plan together. Lucia held Pikachu and sat aside silently, listening quietly The two discussed without saying a word.

Today, Pikachu’s Aptitude can be improved, it is enough for her to be wild with joy, as for other things, she has no turn to worry about.

It took a long time for the discussion between Yuzu and Wallace to end. At this time, Yuzu suddenly asked: “By the way, can you still buy the Pokemon you originally planned to buy?”

Wallace hearing this turned his gaze to Lucia, and Lucia remembered that their purpose today was originally to buy Pokemon.

Seeing Lucia hesitating, Wallace thought about it for a while and suggested: “It’s better to buy one. It’s time for you to breed a new Pokemon.”

Lucia heard what her uncle said and nodded agreed. She was taught by her uncle since she became the Pokemon Coordinator, and her uncle knew everything about her. Since the uncle thought it was time to breed a new Pokemon, then Listen to uncle.

Seeing that the two nephews reached a consensus, Yuzu said with satisfaction: “Okay, I will bring out the prepared Pokemon.”

In a short while, Chansey Yuanyuan came to the reception room with four Poké Balls.

Yuzu placed four Poké Balls side by side on the table and said: “I prepared four Pokemon for Lucia according to the preferences you described to Lucia after your appointment.”

Wallace nodded, I am very satisfied with Yuzu’s arrangement.

Then Yuzu opened the first Poké Ball. The first Pokemon was Scatterbug.

“Lucia is a Pokemon Coordinator, and Hoenn’s Trainer likes the breed and beautiful Beautifly. Although the final evolution of Scatterbug is not Beautifly, Vivillon is not inferior to Beautifly in terms of appearance conditions. It is because Vivillon is not Common, it’s easier to make Lucia unique.”

Wallace nodded, I think what Yuzu said is very reasonable. He has seen the Vivillon from Yuzu. It is indeed very beautiful. Although Lucia is unlikely to breed Vivillon to that extent, as long as you are careful, it is definitely not. It will be bad.

Yuzu then introduced Lucia some advantages and disadvantages of Vivillon.

The second Pokemon prepared by Yuzu for Lucia is fragrant.

“The powder fragrance is a pure Fairy Type Pokemon, not to mention its appearance, its evolutionary fragrance can learn a lot of auxiliary abilities, and the Pokemon Contest is more doubles competition, if you can find one that works well with fragrance Pokemon may be able to achieve unexpected results.” Yuzu continued to be introduced.

Wallace hearing this was nodded with satisfaction again. When he went to Kalos to participate in an event before, he was fortunate enough to meet the Gym Leader of Laverre City. She had an aroma essence. It was very difficult to deal with.

After seeing the powdery fragrance of powder Doduo, Lucia’s eyes were bright and she seemed to like the powdery fragrance very much.

Yuzu couldn’t help saying with a smile: “Don’t worry about making a decision. Let’s take a look at the next two.”

Wallace and Lucia are nodded at the same time.

“The third Pokemon I prepared is Lapras. First of all, Lapras is absolutely impeccable in appearance. Wallace is a Water Type Trainer. You should be able to see how my Lapras is.” After Yuzu opened the Poké Ball, Lapras lifted her slender neck gracefully, Shui Lingling’s big eyes looked at Lucia, and Lucia’s small heart all of a sudden was hit.

This Lapras is a family of Yuzu’s main Lapras, but this was only born later. Aptitude was originally Yellow, and it evolved into green after using Aptitude potions.

The Lapras in Yuzu Ecology Park used to have low Aptitude Pokemon, none of which had high Aptitude. It was only after the research of Aptitude medicine that it improved, but there are still many low Aptitude Pokemon, and they have been moved to the new park.

Hearing what Yuzu said, Wallace affirmed Yuzu’s statement to Lucia nodded. This is indeed a good Lapras.

Seeing Wallace and Lucia were very satisfied, Yuzu laughed and said: “No hurry, no hurry, let’s see the last one.”

The last Pokemon prepared by Yuzu is a string ball.

This is the offspring of Shiny Ariados and Galvantula. These two guys are very capable of giving birth, and each child has more than one birth. They are even more capable after moving into Bug Paradise.

Anyway, there are many skein balls and Joltik in Bug Paradise. This skein ball is a newly born one, and genetically has its mother outstanding gene. It is a shiny skein ball.

“Although Ariados are not so rare Pokemon, it is undeniable that they are actually very practical. Both interference and sneak attacks are good at. Besides, my string ball is Shiny Pokemon. Ariados.”

Wallace has seen Shiny Pokemon, but it is the first time to see Shiny line ball. It is indeed a rare Pokemon. It can be seen that Yuzu really worked hard to prepare these Pokemon.

“The most important thing in choosing Pokemon is to close your eyes. If you like each other, you can cultivate feelings and better understanding in the future.” Yuzu said to Lucia, who was hesitant.

It’s really difficult for Lucia to make a decision now. When she saw Fen Xiangxiang and Lapras, she really liked it, but it is undeniable that the ball of thread that suits her best.

Although the ball of thread evolved into Ariados is not as good as the Vivillon Contest that the first Scatterbug evolved, and is not as lovable as Lapras and powdery fragrance, but seeing this thing is doomed.

If it’s other things, what else to choose? It must be all, but Pokemon is different. Choosing is a lifelong matter.

Looking at Lucia hesitated for a moment and chose the ball, let alone Yuzu, even Wallace, who was her uncle, was a little surprised.

They could all see it just now. Lucia’s eyes lit up when she saw Fenxiangxiang and Lapras, but the ball of thread was the last choice.

Seeing that Lucia had chosen, Yuzu reminded: “If you think about it, you can’t change it. You will be the only trainer of the ball in the future. You have to afford today’s choice.” /p>

Lucia hearing this firmly replied: “Think about it, I will treat the ball well.”

Yuzu slightly smiled: “Well, I’ll hand the ball to you.”

Because the line ball is Shiny Pokemon, the price is much higher than the normal line ball. Yuzu asked Wallace for 500,000.

“No, it’s so expensive. I’m your spokesperson, so I can’t be cheaper.” Wallace grumbled dissatisfiedly.

Yuzu without the slightest hesitation’s refusal: “No price. This and that are two different things. I didn’t ask you to be the spokesperson of my Pokemon. If you have the ability, you pay for the potion and I don’t want this ball of thread. You have money.”

Wallace:. . .

“You are ruthless!”

After speaking, he happily paid, and then took Lucia and left YuYu’s Day Care.

Before leaving, Yuzu told Wallace that he would hold a conference about Aptitude potions in the near future, and Wallace would have to be there.