I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 1006


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Seeing that May was nervous and didn’t want to talk to herself more, Ilima didn’t force it anymore, so she sat not far away from May thinking silently how to leave here.

He is not the same as May. He was not caught because he ran into this group of people doing bad things. He was caught on this flying machine after being attacked by a man wearing a Black mask.

After going out from the hotel that day, he went to participate in a small battle exchange competition held in the town. After participating, he was inexplicably attacked.

The strength of the masked man who attacked him was too strong. He had no resistance at all, and he was subdued by the opponent almost once he met him.

He still didn’t want to understand why the other party arrested him, let’s say that the other party was a human trafficker, but the other people they arrested were all small children. He is so old that he is not easy to sell when he is taken back! If it was his enemy who came to the door, there was no such person in his memory, and the other party didn’t do anything to him.

This makes him confused!

On the other side, Haunter entered the flying machine and wandered in stealth in the flying machine. While checking the internal environment of the flying machine, he inquired about how many enemies there were.

The scale of the flying machine is a medium-sized transportation flying machine, and the internal structure is not complicated. Haunter quickly figured out the general situation inside.

In the cockpit, Haunter noticed an unusually burly masked man. He was wearing a Black mask. At first glance, he knew that he was the principal of this flying machine.

Haunter didn’t intend to alarm the opponent, what it has to do now is to wait for the boss to catch up, instead of acting without permission to beat the grass to scare the snake.

But it underestimated the sharpness of the masked man. Haunter just wanted to leave the cockpit when he heard the masked man shout: “Who!?”

Haunter was taken aback, and immediately realized that he had been found, and immediately escaped from the cockpit through the wall.

The other people in the cockpit were all shocked by their boss’s scream, and they quickly asked: “Boss, what’s wrong?”

The masked man said solemnly: “An outsider has come in, hurry up and find him out!”

One of the big guys hearing this complexion changed, said in a bad tone: “It must be Tony and the idiots who brought people up!”

The Tony in the big man’s mouth is the bald guy who took May into the Flying device.

Because Haunter was found, there was a riot in the entire Flying Machine.

However, it is not easy for these people to find Haunter. It has followed Dusknoir a long time ago, but Aptitude has not been good in the past, and it can’t even evolve into the thickest Gengar.

Although it is not strong, it has an advantage, that is, it is very good at hiding and hiding, which is why it was sent out.

If the masked person’s perception were not too sensitive, the average person would not be able to detect it.

Just as Haunter was twirling the people who searched for it on the Flying device, he suddenly discovered that there were several Weaviles outside at some point. These Weavile eyes were shining like searchlights. Knowing that it is looking for its whereabouts.

Weaviles turned out to be using Foresight Ability!

As soon as he saw these Weaviles, Haunter felt frightened, so he settled down decisively and didn’t dare to wave again.

Floating aimlessly in the Flying device for a while, Haunter found the room where May and Ilima were held. Looking at the children in the room, Haunter rolled his eyes and used Psychic to quietly move the door of the room opened.

The meditating Ilima suddenly heard a “ka-cha” from the direction of the door. He was familiar with this sound, because it was the sound when the robust man who sent the children in opened the door.

Looking at the dark purple shadow flashing across the doors and windows, Ilima thought about it and came to the door. With a gentle pull with his hand, the door was opened.

Ilima didn’t know why the door was opened, or if it was a trap set by the other party, but he decided to take a risk and take a look, because if he kept locked here, he would never be able to do anything. Breaking.

Ilima’s movements caught the attention of other children, but these children had no eyesight and looked dull. They just looked towards Ilima quietly, not at all reacting otherwise, only May asked, “Are you leaving here?”

Ilima nodded said: “I must find a way to get out of here.”

May said in a trembling voice: “Then can I be with you?”

Ilima was hesitant to hear this. Originally, it was very difficult for him to escape by himself. Now, with the addition of a little girl without the power of a chicken, it is even more difficult.

“Okay!” Ilima’s mind flashed countless thoughts, and finally gritted his teeth and agreed.

This little girl is from Verdanturf Gym. Verdanturf Gym may already be looking for her at this moment. It is very difficult for him to escape by himself. Maybe he will have to rely on people from Verdanturf Gym to rescue him.

I just don’t know who arrested them and why they arrested them.

Hearing Ilima’s reply, May quickly got up from the ground and followed behind Ilima. Although she didn’t know that Ilima was who, and had doubts about Ilima, she knew that she could not sit still.

Although May is scared in her heart, she is Mr. Norman’s daughter after all, and she is very courageous when it matters.

So the two people walked out of the room together. As for the other children, they are temporarily helpless and can only hope that they will find someone to rescue them after they get away.

“Where are we going?” May asked with a frightened expression, pulling the corner of Ilima’s clothes.

“Go and find the Pokemon I was taken away. Without them, we can’t get out of here.” Ilima replied after thinking about it.

May nodded, follow Ilima obediently.

At this time, the two people didn’t know that the entire Flying machine had been disturbed by Haunter.

On the other side, Yuzu, following the clues left by the Pokemon of Xatu, Arcanine, Houndoom, and Ghost, rode Charizard out of Verdanturf Town, crossed Lavaridge Town and Napru Gym, and went east until it chased the sea. .

Seeing Arcanine and Houndoom parked on the beach, Yuzu signaled Dragonite to go down, and then shouted to Arcanine and Houndoom, “Are they going to sea?”

“woof!” Arcanine nodded.

Immediately after a Ghost Pokemon appeared under Arcanine’s call, Yuzu asked this Ghost Pokemon a few words, and under its leadership, he rode Charizard moved towards the other side of the sea. .

In the Flying device, May and Ilima were found by the robust man searching for Haunter within a short distance. The robust man thought that they were the enemies that caught the boss’s attention, so they searched for them.

Fortunately, Ilima is a vigilant man, and he took May through crisis after crisis, and finally found a warehouse where Pokemon was held, and found his own Pokemon in it.

However, as soon as he opened and closed his Pokemon cage, a shrill alarm sounded in the warehouse, and the two had to Run Away in a hurry.

But at this time the whereabouts of the two had been completely exposed, and soon surrounded by a group of big men, Ilima had to take out Pokemon to fight each other.

In order to protect May’s safety, Ilima gave the only one Water Type Pokemon in his hand to May.

Before, through the window of the flying device, Ilima knew that they had come to the sea. He told May that he would jump off the flying device when he had to.

“You give it to me, then what do you do?” May asked with an uneasy expression without immediately taking the Poké Ball handed over by Ilima.

Ilima relieved and comforted her: “Don’t worry, I have my way.”

May was very scared and could only hold the Poké Ball that Ilima gave her tightly, nodded with tears.

Seeing more and more enemies rushing over, Ilima had to let May go first and stay behind to block the enemies. May knew that it would be useless to stay, so she could only turn around Run Away with the Pokemon given to her by Ilima.

May ran around the Flying device in a panic, and it didn’t take long for someone behind to chase him up. She was too scared and shiveringly released the Water Type Pokemon given to her by Ilima, which is a Primina. .

Primarina is the Starter Pokemon of Ilima, and he is also the only one that is not a Normal Pokemon.

Primarina did not entangle with the enemy too much, and always prioritized May’s safety, but two fists were hard to beat four hands. Primaina was a Beat Up that couldn’t withstand several Pokemons.

Looking to be invincible, Primaina clenched the teeth moved towards the flying device’s window with a shot of Hydro Pump. After breaking the window, she curled her tail with her tail, leading May to jump down from the window.

Looking at Primina and May who jumped down from the window, Beat Up and their robust men. Look at me, I look at you, and finally you can only go back and return.

Ilima on the other side quickly lost their opponents, but at a critical moment, purple mist suddenly filled the surrounding area. The mist gathered more and more, and it didn’t take long for people to see.

“This is Smog, it is poisonous, please cover your nose!”

In the purple mist came the shocking Growl of robust man one after another.

Ilima was also taken aback by the sudden Smog, and then there was a chuckle in his ear, almost scaring his soul away. It took him a long time to realize that he didn’t know when he was around him. Haunter.

Haunter waved a paw, greeted him with a grin, and wrapped him in Inner Force to prevent him from inhaling Smog’s poison gas, which made him realize that the inexplicable Haunter was here to help his.

Although he didn’t know where this Haunter came from and why he wanted to help him, at this moment he can only accept Haunter’s Help.

Under Haunter’s guidance, Ilima walked away quietly through Smog, which blocked his sight. When the masked man arrived, he saw the scene of his subordinates rushing out of Smog in panic.

After the subordinate’s report, the masked man realized that the kid he had caught ran away.

It’s just a coincidence that the masked man will meet Ilima.

He noticed Ilima’s excellent performance at the Verdanturf Town game exchange meeting, so for a while, he wanted to take Ilima captive.

Their full-time organization is to kidnap people everywhere, and then take them to the organization’s base to brainwash and train these people, so the normal kidnappings are all children aged five to ten years old.

It is the first time to catch Yilima, who is about to reach adulthood. The main reason is that the other person is too outstanding, so that the masked man has a passion for talent.

Their organization is not a rateless human trafficker organization. They have eyeliners arranged everywhere. These eyeliners will live like ordinary persons, but they will carefully observe their neighbors or acquaintances, and the focus of observation is on them The child of the home.

These eyeliners may be hidden in the crowd for one or two years, two or three years, or even four or five years without any hands, and once they are done, they will not be discovered.

Who would have thought that a neighbor who has lived with his family for many years would be the eyeliner and accomplice of human traffickers? Maybe they will show up in your home to comfort you after your child is lost.

After they choose a target, they spend a lot of time investigating the interpersonal relationship of the target family, but anyone who may cause trouble to the organization will not be selected as the target by them. Once the person selected as the target loses the child , It must be helpless.

Verdanturf Town has not been their stronghold before, but just a transit point. Since taking the post of a powerful Gym Leader, they have no intention of using it as a target.

However, there are no wet shoes when walking along the river. The men of the masked man still did stupid things, which inadvertently attracted the attention of Verdanturf Gym and caused them trouble.

“Idiot! So many people can’t catch one, what’s the use of raising you guys!”

The masked man raised his hand and slapped his subordinate. The subordinate lowered his head and dared not say a word, his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

No one knows better than him how terrifying his boss is. He has seen human specimens in his boss’s room more than once, and the faces of those human specimens are all his former colleagues.

These people are all cultivated by the organization since childhood. Talented people have become thugs like them, and those who are not talented are sent out by the organization to act as eyeliners.

Perennial brainwashing makes them very loyal to the organization, even if it is to sacrifice their lives for the organization.

No one knows when their organization was established, but the manpower and material resources spent to build such a deep-rooted organization are immeasurable, and the time it takes is at least ten years, or even several decades.

Under the anger of the masked man, his subordinates began to carefully search for the whereabouts of Ilima.

But Haunter is too cunning, no matter how they find it, they can’t find where Ilima is hiding.

I don’t know how long it took, the Flying machine shook violently, and a robust man ran out of the cockpit in a panic and came to the masked man: “Not good, our spaceship is under attack!”

The masked man furiously shouted: “What are you panicking! Isn’t our spaceship invisible? How come we will encounter attacks?”

He wiped the sweat from his forehead: “I… I don’t know.”

“Trash!” The masked man yelled, “Go back and continue to look at the cockpit, I’ll take a look outside!”

At this time, it was Yuzu and Charizard who attacked the flying device outside. Under Charizard’s Fire Blast, the stealth ability of the flying device slowly receded, exposing the charred and damaged shell.

It didn’t take long for Yuzu to see the hatch on the top of the Flying machine slowly open, and a man wearing a black mask came out.

Yuzu was taken aback when he saw this mask, because he was no stranger to this mask.

Previously, Steven told him that it was two masked men who attacked Nankai trio. One was wearing a black mask and the other was wearing a white mask. The patterns of the masks were very special.

Yuzu knew it was the same as Steven described as soon as he saw it.

In other words, this person might be one of the people who attacked the Qikai trio.