I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 1049


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After Breloom broke through to the Elite level, Yuzu’s life became more and more calm. In addition to going to Gym to meet and cope with challengers, he took the Pokemon leisurely and wandered around the town.

Since realizing that he sometimes subconsciously ignores Pokemons, Yuzu has started to pay attention to this issue.

With more and more Pokemon as his main force, Yuzu also knows that he is impossible to do everything, but in order to avoid favoritism, spending a while every day shopping with Pokemon has become a compulsory course for him.

Of course, Chimecho has the biggest opinion about Yuzu taking a partner out for shopping every day. No matter who’s turn to accompany Yuzu out that day, it will follow him secretly. Especially when Yuzu took Roserade out on the first day, it was almost slapped with it.

It stands to reason that Chimecho is small and can fly by himself. It doesn’t matter if you pick it up every day, but to be fair, Yuzu rejected it very seriously.

Breloom, the good old man, saw that Chimecho was making a lot of noise, and he even proposed to give him his chance. Yuzu was very angry when he heard it, and was used to it!

However, after being rejected, Chimecho did not give up. It is Psychic Type Pokemon and Champion Level. It is not difficult to follow Yuzu secretly without being discovered.

The bad thing is that Little Brat is too greedy, and feels that following Yuzu far away is not addictive. You have to stay as close as possible.

Yuzu is very sensitive to breath because he has Ghost special ability. Chimecho will be spotted as long as he gets closer.

Can’t follow Yuzu up close, which makes Chimecho feel very boring gradually, so he gives up his stalker behavior.

The residents of Verdanturf Town gradually discovered this habit of their own Gym Leader. It only took a few days from the initial surprise to the current nonchalant.

Looking at Yuzu with Breloom next to him today, Budding Deer next to him tomorrow, and Serperior the day after tomorrow, everyone greeted Yuzu and Pokemon naturally.

Sometimes Yuzu fails to show up on the street in time for something, and everyone will stop Audio who keeps the door to buy vegetables and ask all sorts of questions.

Some time ago, as Yuzu became more and more famous, neighbors in the neighbourhood sometimes worried about whether Yuzu would become uncomfortable now, but as Yuzu appears regularly on the streets these days, everyone’s hearts are sighed. In relief, Little Yu is still Little Yu before.

But two things happened in these two days, one made Yuzu feel very happy, and the other made him feel a little sad.

Among the happy things, the six Chanseys, Meimei, Yuanyuan, Ball, Tuan Tuan, Love and Fatty, have successfully evolved into Blissey. He also tasted the food made by Audino with their eggs. .

Sure enough, Blissey’s eggs are much better than Chansey’s eggs, no wonder Nurse Joy Ce never wants him to eat it once.

However, Blissey’s egg production is low, and Yuzu the past few days ate it once, and it is still not enough. When the other Chansey evolves in the future, when the time comes, he can open his belly and eat.

The condition for Chansey to evolve into Blissey is intimacy, but obviously the intimacy reached by Meimei during their evolution is not with Yuzu. Yuzu has a good relationship with them, but it is still not enough to allow them to evolve.

Since Golbat in Ecology Park “unable to understand” evolved into Crobat, Yuzu knew that the intimacy required for Pokemon evolution is not necessarily produced by humans, and the intimacy between Pokemon and Pokemon can also enable them evolution.

Meimei, the six of them have come to Ecology Park for a long time. It is normal to get along with the Pokemons in Ecology Park every day, and the intimacy with one of the Pokemons is so close that they can evolve.

But this person is greedy. When there was no Chansey, Yuzu wanted to taste Chansey’s eggs. Now there are a lot of Chansey’s eggs, and he starts to miss Blissey’s eggs again.

And another thing that makes Yuzu a little depressed is that Officer Jenny Wisse is about to call out Verdanturf Town.

Officer Jenny Wisse has since served at Verdanturf Town, and she has gained a lot of credit behind Yuzu. In addition, her own abilities are also good, and she has received more and more attention in the Officer Jenny family.

No, her achievements have accumulated to a certain extent. Now she will be transferred back to the headquarters of the Officer Jenny family for reuse. I am afraid she will not return to Verdanturf Town in the future.

In the past few years as Gym Leader in Verdanturf Town, Yuzu, Officer Jenny Wisse, and Mayor Ishida have got along very well, and they have a good understanding of each other. Now Officer Jenny Wisse is suddenly moving away, and Yuzu is really reluctant.

But reluctant to give up, Officer Jenny Wisse’s transfer back to the Officer Jenny family headquarters is a good thing for her to start. This is also her expectation and goal until now.

Officer Jenny Wisse used to be the chief of the Verdanturf Town police station. Now she is being transferred, so there will be a new chief who will take up the post. But when the new chief can get along with herself like Officer Jenny Wisse, Yuzu I’m not sure.

As for whether Alliance will promote a new chief from the existing officers of the Verdanturf Town Police Station, Yuzu thinks it is impossible. The existing officers are not qualified enough, or the probability of external transfer is greater.

Sure enough, Yuzu soon saw the newly transferred police chief.

There are two people transferred to the Verdanturf Town Police Station, and both are from the Officer Jenny family. According to Officer Jenny Wisse, Yuzu is currently in the limelight in Alliance. Officer Jenny Wisse had a very good relationship with Yuzu. In order to maintain the friendly relationship with Yuzu, the Officer Jenny family sent two members to Verdanturf Town. Work in the police station.

Director Ren is named Shirai Masato, who is in his early forties and is the son-in-law of the Officer Jenny family. Although his status in the Officer Jenny family is not particularly high, he is exquisite, long sleeves help one dance beautifully, and a sociable person.

Not surprisingly, Masato Shirai will serve as the chief of the Verdanturf Town police station for a long time and will not be easily transferred.

The other person who came to the police station was a serious member of the Officer Jenny family, named Officer Jenny Hitomi, who was only 18 years old and was the niece of Masato Shirai. Masato Shirai’s wife and Officer Jenny Hitomi’s mother are sisters.

In comparison, Officer Jenny Wisse is not so closely related to Shirai Masato and Officer Jenny Hitomi.

Officer Jenny’s family is very large, and there are countless members. Officer Jenny Wisse is not a core member. She can be transferred back to the headquarters with her own efforts. This is how she recommended Yuzu to Mayor Ishida to compete for the position of Gym Leader. the reason.

She was optimistic about Yuzu at the beginning, so she hoped that Yuzu could take Verdanturf Town farther, and also pushed her by the way. It turns out that her vision was right.

The importance of Verdanturf Town now is different from before. There is an Alliance Master Rank Trainer here. In the past, with Officer Jenny Wisse’s position in the family before, there was no chance to work in such an important place.

And Officer Jenny is different. She is the rising star of the Officer Jenny family and has a more central position in the family. According to Officer Jenny Wisse, Officer Jenny came to Verdanturf Town just to save his qualifications. When the time comes, he will definitely be transferred from Verdanturf Town. It is completely different from Officer Jenny Wisse, who needs to fight step by step.

Yuzu met Masato Shirai and Officer Jenny Hitomi at the Verdanturf Town Police Station. As the Gym Leader of Verdanturf Town, it is natural to get to know the new Chief of Police. After all, they will be colleagues with each other.

It was Officer Jenny Wisse who called Yuzu over and introduced them to him, who is about to leave. Because there is still a lot of work to be handed over to Shirai Masato, she is still staying in Verdanturf Town temporarily.

The name speaks for itself, the first impression of Masato Shirai is that he is very refined. He doesn’t look like a policeman, but like Lao. Even if he wears a police uniform, he gives people a refined in manner.

However, Officer Jenny Wisse gave Yuzu Shirai Masato the information in advance. This person looks elegant, but his strength is quite good. He is a quasi-Elite trainer. He has handled a lot of big and important cases, and he has no shortage of qualifications and strength. .

Compared with Shirai Masato and Officer Jenny Hitomi who are not very close, Officer Jenny Wisse and Yuzu have a better relationship, so as long as no family secrets are involved, Officer Jenny Wisse knows almost everything about Yuzu.

Compared with Masato Shirai, who gave a very “harmless” first impression, Officer Jenny Hitomi’s presence is much stronger. I saw her standing upright, both hands crossed near chest (she may not have this thing) ), raise upwards, how can I put it… it’s just… domineering, or arrogant?

Yuzu detected the girl’s psychology at a glance. Her domineering attitude probably stems from her superiority brought by her background. She should be a little white who has no social experience. In Yuzu’s eyes, this girl is quite naive.

After introducing the two sides to each other, Officer Jenny Wisse said to the three of them: “I have something to do, so you can talk for a while.”

Said Officer Jenny Wisse opened the door and was about to go out, but she just stepped out of the door and said to Yuzu: “Ah, by the way, Yuzu, don’t leave later, I have something to tell you.” /p>

After Officer Jenny Wisse left, Yuzu chatted with Shirai Masato. As for the “great” Officer Jenny Hitomi next to him, he didn’t pay much attention.

After the chat, Yuzu was going to find Officer Jenny Wisse. Masato Shirai slipped a Poké Ball into Yuzu’s hand without a trace, and then smiled and said to Yuzu: “Little Present is not respectable, I will invite Gym Leader in the future. Shimizu, take care.”

Yuzu squeezed the Poké Ball in his hand, looked deeply Masato Shirai, and then said with a smile: “All members of the Alliance, mutual related photos, mutual related photos.”

After Yuzu is gone, Officer Jenny Hitomi dissatisfiedly said to Shirai Masahito: “Uncle, why are you so pleased with that person? As for!”

Masato Shirai knocked on Officer Jenny Hitomi’s forehead and said: “Why not, when you become a Master Rank Trainer someday, someone will please you like this.”

It’s not just the Master Rank Trainer item. According to the information they received, Max Revive of the Joy family seems to be related to this Gym Leader Shimizu, plus his extraordinary strength, Mr. Gotto’s dísciple identity, which All items deserve his favor.

“hmph! What’s so great, wait, I’m sure I can become a Master Rank Trainer too!” Officer Jenny Hitomi coldly snorted indifferently and turned away.


Looking at the back of his niece leaving, Masato Shirai sighed helplessly. Hitomi is a very good protected. He has never experienced anything. One day he will fall.

Masato Shirai’s background is not good. Before he became the son-in-law of Officer Jenny’s family, he was just an ordinary Alliance Trainer, and he naturally experienced more things than an average person.

Officer Jenny Hitomi’s mother and his wife have a high status in Officer Jenny’s house, and Officer Jenny Hitomi has a good Trainer innate talent since he was a child, and this has led to the development of the present personality of Officer Jenny Hitomi.

Remembering that before leaving, his wife repeatedly asked herself to take good care of Xiao Hitomi, Shirai Masato’s head immediately began to hurt, and the task was arduous.

After leaving with Masato Shirai, Yuzu came to Officer Jenny Wisse’s office to look for her, because she hadn’t formally left yet, Officer Jenny Wisse’s office was still in use.

Hearing Yuzu knocking on the door, Officer Jenny Wisse said with a smile: “Come in.”

Yuzu entered the office, found a place at random and sat down and asked, “What are you going to tell me?”

Officer Jenny Wisse sighed: “Hey, this is probably the last time I have worked with you.”

After finishing talking, she stopped the work at hand, tidyed up the table a little, and said, “That’s it. The four-year Gym competition is about to arrive. Before that, the Alliance will evaluate each Gym. .”

“So?” Yuzu asked suspiciously.

“The examiner named above is you. We at Verdanturf Gym do not need to accept the examination, so it is not surprising that this examiner falls on you.” Officer Jenny Wisse continued to explain.

Verdanturf Gym has just been rated as a veteran Gym, and it is the right of Verdanturf Gym to not accept Gym assessment.

Yuzu heard the words of Officer Jenny Wisse nodded and said: “I know, when will the assessment start? Are there any other assessors?”

Unconsciously, it has been almost four years since Yuzu became the Gym Leader, and the four-year Gym competition seems to be held again.

In order to maintain the activity of each Region Gym, the Alliance will conduct a gym assessment every four years to eliminate unqualified gyms, and then hold a gym competition, devolve a part of the gym to establish a quota, which was the position of Yuzu’s Gym Leader. Come.

Hearing Yuzu’s question, Officer Jenny Wisse replied: “There must be other examiners. It seems that there are four examiners. You act together in pairs. As far as I know, Mr. Norman must be one of them. I don’t know the identities of the other two, but I’m sure they will not be Gym Leader. This is the rule.

As for the specific time of the assessment, I am still waiting for notification here. When the notification comes down, I will tell you immediately. Today I just let you prepare in advance. When your assessment work starts, I will probably leave Verdanturf Town. “

This is why Officer Jenny Wisse said this was the last time they worked together.