I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 1050


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Sure enough, as Officer Jenny Wisse said, the instructions came quickly, and on 2nd day Yuzu received the second notice from Officer Jenny Wisse.

In the instructions above, the first thing Yuzu needs to do is go to Petalburg City to meet Mr. Norman and the other two examiners, and then the four examiners will discuss the specific details of the evaluation together.

After receiving the notice, Yuzu was asked to leave immediately, so he rode Dragonite to Petalburg City early in the morning.

From Verdanturf Town to Petalburg City, if you follow the normal route, Yuzu will have to go through the Rustboro Tunnel to Rustboro City, and then transfer from Rustboro City to Petalburg City.

Yuzu, however, doesn’t make such a long detour. He rides Dragonite directly across Petalburg Woods Sky and will reach Petalburg City on the same day.

Crossing Petalburg Woods is difficult for others, and it is not a major event for Yuzu.

As Dragonite becomes stronger and stronger, its flying speed is getting faster and faster. In the afternoon, Yuzu arrived in Petalburg City on time at Dragonite’s full speed flying.

Actually, the meeting time with the other examiners is tomorrow, but Yuzu is used to preparing early, so he came to Petalburg City one day in advance.

Before coming, he had greeted Mr. Norman and would stay at Petalburg Gym in the evening, and it was not the first time he came to Petalburg Gym, so he rode Dragonite straight to the door.

When he landed in the yard of Petalburg Gym in the Dragonite, he saw Pete spinning back and forth in the yard at a glance. After seeing Yuzu, his two eyes shined.

“Elder Brother Yuzu, you are here!”

As soon as Yuzu got off Dragonite, Pete ran up to him choking.

Yuzu rubbed his head and asked, “Are you here waiting for me?”

Pete quickly nodded: “Yes, yes, I haven’t seen you for a long time, I miss you.”

Yuzu heard him exaggerate and looked at him suspiciously: Why don’t I believe it.

Without waiting for Yuzu to speak, Pete pulled his arm into the room: “Come in, come in, my mother is preparing to eat. She heard that you are coming, and she has been preparing all afternoon. “

Caroline in the kitchen heard the movement and put her head out of the door frame. When she saw Yuzu, she greeted happily: “Little Yu is here, you sit down, I’m busy here. Pete, give it to Elder Brother Yuzu Pour tea.”

“Got it!”

Hearing mother’s order, Pete responded loudly, and then hopped to pour tea for Yuzu.

After pouring the tea, Pete graciously held the tea cup and placed it in front of Yuzu: “Come on, Elder Brother Yuzu, taste the tea I made for you myself.” He also emphasized the word “in person”. Yuzu couldn’t help but glanced at him with the impossible to understand.

What happened to this child? Yuzu thought silently.

He glanced at Pete, who had acted weird since the moment he saw him, and took a sip from his teacup: “Well, the tea is making good.”

Pete hearing this happily said: “Yeah, yeah, I was serious just now.”

Ignoring Pete’s overdignity, Yuzu looked around in the living room, only to remember that May was not there, so he asked Pete strangely, “Where is your elder sister? Why didn’t you see her as soon as I walked in?”

Hearing about Yuzu’s question, Pete quickly replied to Yuzu’s side: “The elder sister went to Professor Birch to get Starter Pokemon two days ago. I should be back tomorrow.”

Yuzu hearing this suddenly realized that it was the day when May was leaving for a trip. He really didn’t know about this.

However, Pete finished answering Yuzu’s words, and his butt sitting on the sofa moved towards Yuzu, then moved towards Yuzu, and then said with a careless expression: “Starter Pokemon is so good, I also want a Starter Pokemon Ah, I really want to be nine years old soon.”

Originally, Yuzu didn’t quite understand Pete’s meaning, but when he heard him say “nine years old”, all of a sudden reacted, because he promised that when Pete’s 9th birthday, he will give him one Pokemon is present on birthday.

He just said why this child waited for him in the yard so anxiously, yet he was so courteous to understand that the elder sister was going to travel, and he couldn’t wait.

Yuzu was amused by Pete’s leaky tips. He deliberately pretended not to understand. Pete became anxious when he saw it. He jumped off the sofa and walked back and forth next to Yuzu, still mutter incantations in his mouth. : “I want to be nine years old soon. I don’t know if the 9th birthday Present can be received in advance.”

Yuzu said with a smile on his face: “Of course, the ninth birthday present is meaningful only when it is nine years old, otherwise how can it be called the ninth birthday present?”

Pete was scratched by Yuzu’s “incomprehensible style”, but Yuzu just pretended to be confused, and finally he had no choice but to give up.

After teasing for a while, Pete, Yuzu then went to the kitchen to help Caroline. Although his kitchen is all from Audio, his cooking skills are actually good.

In the evening, Mr. Norman finally returned from Gym. By this time, Yuzu and Caroline had already prepared a table of dishes.

In the evening, after four people sat around the table, Caroline enthusiastically served Yuzu with dishes: “Although my cooking skills are not as good as your Audio, the food should be good. Come, don’t be polite and eat more.”

Yuzu, Mr. Norman, and Caroline were chatting while eating, but Pete was the only one who couldn’t intervene, and was stuffed over there.

The three people chatted and talked about May.

Caroline couldn’t help sighed: “Hey, I don’t know what happened to May’s child. What kind of Pokemon would she choose from the Professor?”

Pete, who was picking rice, saw an opportunity to interrupt, and immediately raised his head and said: “Elder sister will definitely choose Treecko.”

Caroline slapped him angrily: “You want to choose yourself! Shut up and eat!”

Pete mumbled dissatisfiedly: “What’s wrong with Treecko. Look at it, you’ll know what I said is right when the elder sister comes back.” After speaking, he continued to bury his head in the rice.

Mr. Norman put down the chopsticks in his hand, then comforted Caroline: “Don’t worry, May is no longer a child, she will know how to do it.”

In fact, after returning from the abduction incident, May did mature a lot, and even actively asked him a lot of questions about Trainer.

With her Swablu training for a while, she is no longer a Rookie Trainer, so Norman believes that her daughter has the ability to handle all sudden occurance.

Caroline hearing this also put down the chopsticks in her hand: “That’s what I said…” But as a mother, she will inevitably worry about child when she is away, especially a girl.

That’s it, the meal ended in the topic of talking about May.

2nd day Yuzu was woken up by Pete early in the morning. He actually accompanies Yuzu to go out for morning training. It’s really a bad thing that Little Brat can get up so early.

After the morning training, Yuzu and Mr. Norman went out. Today is the day when the other two examiners went to Petalburg City. They arranged to meet at the Pokemon Center.

Yuzu also heard what Mr. Norman said yesterday before knowing who the other two examiners are to come and join them today.

The two examiners are from the Overseer Bureau, and Yuzu is not surprised. The two special departments of Overseer Bureau and Tracker Agency are internally and externally. Gym assessment is obviously an internal matter of Alliance, so it is not surprising that people will be selected from Overseer Bureau.

Yuzu was surprised by the identities of these two individuals.

The two are a man and a woman. The female is Luvia, who is a little older; the male is Iori, who is Arnold.

Many people may not know Luvia, but they must know Luvia’s younger brother, because her younger brother is the famous Wallace.

Luvia is much older than Wallace, so Wallace is not yet married, and the daughter of elder sister Luvia (Lucia) is already early to travel.

I have to say that this family’s Genetic gene is amazing. Luvia has the same light green hair and the same light green eyes as Wallace and Lucia, and even her face is four to five points similar.

Another Iori is also a person who has inextricably linked with Wallace.

Iori’s elder sister is Fortree Gym Leader Winona, and Winona is Wallace’s ex-girlfriend, which means Iori is Wallace’s former little brother-in-law. (I borrow the relationship between Wallace and Winona in the comics. In the comics, Wallace and Winona were boyfriend and girlfriend.)

As for why Yuzu knows this kind of gossip, it’s thanks to Wallace’s friend Steven.

Anyway, people in Alliance are inextricably linked, and two people you meet may have a few twists and turns.

The four people met for a while and started to assign tasks. Because there were only four people and two or two groups were required, the assignment was very simple. Both sides were a combination of one big and one small.

The oldest Mr. Norman and the youngest Iori are a group, followed by Luvia who is slightly Arnold than Mr. Norman and Yuzu who is older than Iori.

The route assignment is:

Yuzu, Luvia group from Petalburg City —— Rustboro City —— Napru Gym —— Mauville City ……

Mr. Norman and the Iraqi Organization from Petalburg City-Dewford Island-Slateport City-Mauville City ……

As for Gym’s assessment content is very simple, there are three items in total.

First, inspect the game between Gym Leader and Challenger on site.

Second, draw the amount of Badge issued by Gym in the past four years.

Thirdly, retrieve the list of Gym challengers, and compare the approximate results of the Challenger Alliance tournament during the period.

The third item is the key point, which is the best proof that a Gym has fulfilled its responsibilities.

Each Gym has a list of challengers when receiving challengers. As long as you get the list of challengers from the Gym, you can retrieve the results of the Alliance tournament participants for the past four years from the Alliance archives for comparison. obvious at a glance.

Perhaps this assessment method cannot be perfect, but it is the most direct and effective.

After everything is discussed, Yuzu and Mr. Norman return to Petalburg Gym, and they will depart from Petalburg Gym tomorrow.

As soon as the two entered the yard of Petalburg Gym, they heard lively voices from the room, especially Pete, I didn’t know why do you shout.

As soon as Mr. Norman, who was walking in the front, was about to lift his foot into the house, a Torchic ran out with a stuffy head, hitting Mr. Norman’s lap, and then sat down on the ground.

Pete ran out following Torchic, and after seeing Yuzu and Mr. Norman, he said happily: “father, Elder Brother Yuzu, your work is over! The elder sister is back!”

Mr. Norman hearing this happily said: “Well, it’s fine to come back.”

Yuzu followed Mr. Norman into the house, and he saw May inside, apart from this There was also a teenager sitting side by side on the sofa with Pikachu. The teenager was Ash.

Although I guessed that Ash might follow May when he returns. But when I really saw Yuzu, I felt a little bit delicate.

But Pete didn’t know Yuzu’s complicated mood, he excitedly pulled Yuzu and introduced Ash.

“Elder Brother Yuzu, let me tell you that this person is the top four of the Quartz Tournament and the third runner-up of the Silver Conference. He is barely considered a powerful Trainer, but he is far behind you and father.”

Pete’s words sounded like they were complimenting Ash, but his tone was so bad that Yuzu felt embarrassed for him.

But Ash is the top four in the Indigo Plateau Conference and the third runner-up in the Silver Conference? Shouldn’t it be the top sixteen and eighth? Yuzu didn’t pay much attention to Alliance tournament before, and I really don’t know Ash’s results.

What went wrong?

In fact, when Yuzu didn’t know, he handed Alyssa’s Calm Mind method to Misty’s Staryu in Kanto, which caused Misty’s strength to be much higher than the original, so that it even affected Ash.

Alyssa’s Calm Mind method is very Top Rank. In order to make the best use of this Calm Mind method, Misty trained a Water Type and Psychic Type Slowpoke after Yuzu left Cerulean City.

This Slowpoke later evolved into Slowbro, and became the two Trump Cards in Misty’s hands together with Starmie that Staryu evolved into.

In the process of traveling with Ash, Misty relied on his extraordinary strength to clean up the arrogant and impetuous Ash that should have been traveling Early-Stage, so that Ash was very steadfast on the journey And hard work, in contrast to his Alliance tournament results came up.

Especially later Misty also got an extraordinary natural talent Psyduck (commonly known as the Duck God). Although this Psyduck is not a Psychic Type Pokemon, but a powerful Inner Force is stronger than Psychic Type Pokemon. He learned about Calm Mind from Alyssa. After the law, a powerful Inner Force was completely liberated.

Although that Psyduck has not evolved, there are few Pokemons that Misty and Ash can beat it.

Of course, none of these Yuzu knows.

Ash was very dissatisfied with Pete’s words: “What is reluctance? Do you know how difficult it is to play in the semi-finals and third place, but I took a lot of work!” Although he and Pete have just met, but two People are very lively, so Pete and Ash have already played together.

Pete strangled his neck and slammed Ash and said: “When I say reluctantly, I mean reluctantly. My father and Elder Brother Yuzu are Gym Leaders, hey, much better than you.”

Anyway, in Pete’s mind, his father is the best, and he is thinking about Yuzu’s birthday Present, so he barely counts Yuzu as well.

After listening to Pete’s words, Ash froze for a moment, and then excitedly said to Yuzu: “Hey? Are you a Gym Leader? It’s really good! Please must come and play with me!”



It should be said that this is really Ash!