I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 1051


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Hearing Ash’s request for a match, Yuzu not at all directly agreed, but feigning ignorance and asked: “I don’t know what you call?”

Ash didn’t have time to answer, Pete quickly introduced him: “His name is Ash, it’s Kanto… from what town.”

“It’s Pallet Town!!!” Ash child glared at Pete angrily. Pete touched the back of his head sorry, then moved towards Ash chuckled.

Yuzu nodded said: “Ash…You came to Hoenn to participate in the Alliance tournament?”

Ash replied: “Yes! So please accept my challenge.”

Yuzu still didn’t agree, shook his head and explained: “The premise to challenge Verdanturf Gym is to get three Badge, Ash, you just came to Hoenn, right? Do you have any other Badge from Hoenn in your hand?”

Ash hearing this froze for a moment, then scratched his forehead sorryly: “hehe…yet…not yet.”

Pete widened his eyes and said, “Hey! Then you can’t challenge father? Challenge my father to have three Badge! I really want to see Ash and father play against each other!” Pete said no in his tone. Out of the loss.

Ash shouted: “Is that right? No way, then I’m too bad luck!”

Mr. Norman, who was chatting with May as soon as he came back, said with a laugh: “What does it matter? When you get three Badge, I will accept your challenge at any time.”

Ash sighed said: “I originally planned to challenge Gym right away, Pikachu, do you think so, right?” As he said, Ash scratched Pikachu’s chin.

“Pikachu…” Pikachu squinted comfortably.

Yuzu turned his attention to Pikachu who hadn’t noticed just now.


Attribute: Electricity

Characteristic Trait: Static electricity

Gender: Male

Aptitude: Unknown

Level: Unknown

Ability: Charm, Tail Whip, Thunder Shock, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Thunder, Agility, Volt Tackle, Signal Beam.

After reading Pikachu’s information, Yuzu was surprised. He didn’t expect to see Pikachu’s Aptitude and Level.

Yuzu can’t see the specific information of a Pokemon. There are usually two situations. One is Florges, Rayquaza, Deoxys and other mythical beasts with divine nature, and the other is Cosmoem or Kartana, which has extreme energy. The ultimate beast of the field.

But the Pikachu in front of me looks different. Yuzu didn’t feel any special energy field in it. There was neither divinity nor ultimate aura. Its overall temperament is almost no different from those ordinary Pikachu in Yuzu Ecology Park.

But the “unknown” signs in the Aptitude and Level columns are so conspicuous in Yuzu’s Divine Vision, which is not normal!

There is also the column of Ability. Hoenn is already in Ash’s third year of traveling. Why is Pikachu so poor in Ability? (Note: Ash Kanto and Orange Islands travel in this book in the same year.)


Seeing Yuzu staring at him all the time, Pikachu waved his hand friendly, Yuzu froze for a moment, and then responded to Pikachu with a smile, just…it’s pretty cute…

Not sure about Pikachu’s situation, Yuzu can only put the question aside. At this time, Mr. Norman heard the loss in Ash’s tone, said with a smile: “Should we come?”

Understanding the situation of Ash, Mr. Norman has the idea of ​​letting May and Ash travel together, so he is willing to satisfy Ash’s wishes as much as possible.

Although May has matured a lot now, this is after all her first time to go out alone. As a father, Mr. Norman is inevitable in her heart. With Ash, a companion who has traveled for several years, Mr. Norman will A lot of peace of mind.

Hearing Mr. Norman’s words, Ash immediately became excited: “Is it really okay? Very good!” As long as he can play against powerhouse, Ash doesn’t care whether it is a gym game.

However, Pete murmured: “I actually want to watch father play against Elder Brother Yuzu more than father vs. Ash.” When he had no choice, he wanted to watch father play against Ash. Now he has a choice. I want to watch father and Yuzu fight.

Pete’s voice is not low, everyone has heard it. Yuzu and Mr. Norman didn’t expect Pete to say that, and Ash immediately changed his slogan: “I also want to watch the two Gym Leaders fight !”

Although Ash really wants to fight against Gym Leader, the opportunity to observe the battle between two Gym Leaders is rare, and he himself will have the opportunity to challenge Gym in the future.

May, who hasn’t interrupted much at this time, also raised his hand silently: “I want to see it too!”

Yuzu and Mr. Norman looked at each other, Mr. Norman smiled and asked Yuzu: “Would you like to come?” At this time, Mr. Norman’s desire to fight was aroused.

Yuzu is not a militant person, but listening to Mr. Norman’s tone with expectation at this time, he obediently nodded and agreed: “Okay.”

Speaking of fighting against Mr. Norman, Yuzu couldn’t help but think of the Balance Badge he had previously obtained from Mr. Norman. At that time, he didn’t know much about the Alliance situation. Mr. Norman didn’t use his full strength when fighting against him. He thought Mr. Norman was a semi-Elite trainer.

Think about it now, how naive he had to be at that time.

The place of the battle is in Mr. Norman’s Ecology Park. It is not the first time Yuzu has entered, so he is no stranger to it.

After Yuzu and Mr. Norman stood on both sides of the battlefield, Ash said to Pikachu: “Pikachu, take a good look at Yo, this opportunity is rare.”

“Pickup! Pickup!” Pikachu shook his fist at Ash excitedly.

May saw that Ash released Swablu and then hugged Torchic at his feet: “Let’s learn the battle between father and Elder Brother Yuzu.”

Pete looked at Ash’s Pikachu, then at the Torchic in the arms of the elder sister, and said with envy, “It’s great.”

“When you are ready, let’s start!” Mr. Norman said to Yuzu. After Yuzu is nodded, he said again, “I am an elder, so I will play Pokemon first. The rule is doubles. ?”

After Yuzu made an OK gesture, Mr. Norman took out two Poké Balls and released his own Pokemon.


Attribute: Normal

Characteristic Trait: Laziness

Gender: Male

Aptitude: Azure

Level :78

Ability: Scratch Yawn, Feint Attack, Desire, Amnesia, Chip Away, Counter, Flail, Focus Punch, Play Rough, Reversal, Swagger, Arm Hammer, Ripper, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Water Pulse, Brick Break , Giga Impact, Rest, Shadow Claw, Earthquake, Bulk Up.


Attribute: Normal

Characteristic Trait: Healer

Gender: Female

Aptitude: Azure

Level :75

Ability: Pound, Sweet Kiss, Refresh, Minimize, Soft Boiled, Double Slap, Heal Pulse, Bomb, Shadow Ball, Grass Knot, Last Resort, Hyper Voice, Water Pulse, Heal Bell, Light Screen.

This Slaking Yuzu knows that he is the biggest contributor to Help Mr. Norman’s standing at the top of the alternate Elite list. It is also Mr. Norman’s famous Pokemon.

As for Blissey Yuzu, this is the first time I have seen him. I have never heard of Mr. Norman before. He knows that Mr. Norman has an Audino.

After releasing Pokemon, Mr. Norman cracking a joke said: “In order to beat you, I will do my best.”

This is actually not a cracking a joke. Although I haven’t played against Yuzu for a long time, Mr. Norman knows Yuzu’s deeds very well.

Yuzu smiled and replied: “I can’t ask for it.”

The Pokemon chosen by Yuzu here are Vivillon and Charizard. Slaking, the main attacker on the opposite side, is obviously a melee Pokemon, and Flying Type Pokemon is the most suitable one.

Seeing four Pokemon appear on the field, Ash and Pete both cheered excitedly.

Because it was Mr. Norman’s first Pokemon, the chance of Yuzu was also given to Mr. Norman.

The first shot was Mr. Norman’s Blissey. Seeing it smiled sweetly, countless pink hearts rushed to Vivillon and Charizard in the air.

Mr. Norman’s Blissey is obviously a therapeutic and interference auxiliary Pokemon. This Sweet Kiss uses brought to the point of perfection, and the densely packed pink hearts are filled with most of them in an instant Sky, Vivillon and Charizard are almost inevitable.

Under the pressure of Sweet Kiss, Vivillon and Charizard separated, Vivillon rose to a high altitude, and Charizard was forced to land.

Slaking, who was originally lazily lying on the ground, saw this scene, and flew to Charizard’s side like lightning. A tearing claw hit Charizard’s abdomen, and Charizard screamed and flew out.

Seeing the performance of Slaking and Blissey, Pete outside the court shouted excitedly: “Father is so amazing, Elder Brother Yuzu, come on!”

Vivillon high in the sky saw Charizard being knocked into the air, and the four butterfly wings vibrated at high speed. One after another invisible sound wave spread out. In an instant, all the pink hearts were shaken into pieces and disappeared.

At this time, Slaking drowsily lay down on the ground again because of the lazy Characteristic Trait, and Vivillon directly joined the Electro Web cover to Blisssey in the distance.

Because he knew Slaking’s Characteristic Trait well, Blissey didn’t expect Slaking to help it back, but saw its body shrink suddenly, and easily escaped Vivillon’s Electro Web after returning to normal.

This is Ability zoom out.

However, Vivillon didn’t give up. Electro Web threw away one after another, but Blissey was always able to cleverly use Shrinking Ability to avoid it.

Blissey, who has no attack power, is full of evasion points.

Charizard, who was knocked off on the other side, flew up again and immediately attacked Slaking, who was unable to move. The hot flames all of a sudden flooded Slaking.

After the flames dissipated, Slaking remained drowsily lying on the ground, his expression unchanged. At this time, Blissey’s Heal Pulse landed on Slaking in time, and Slaking’s injuries from the flames all of a sudden disappear without a trace.

Slaking was originally a Pokemon with strong physical strength, and its defense was above the level. Now, with Blissey’s Heal Pulse, heal at any time, Charizard’s Flamethrower is almost impossible to cause effective damage to it.

As soon as the injury recovered, Slaking jumped up and slammed Charizard with the tearing claw again. Fortunately, Charizard was prepared this time, and Slaking missed the hit.

Charizard and Vivillon attacked Blissey and Slaking, respectively, but the situation was the same as before. Blissey is very slippery and can’t hit at all; Slaking is a good hit, but it can always recover with Blissey’s Heal Pulse.

After seeing the situation on the field clearly, Yuzu immediately realized that an ordinary attack is impossible for the Blissey and Slaking combination of meat shields, so he shouted to Vivillon and Charizard: “Charizard, cover Vivillon for Quiver Dance! “

Charizard nodded quickly approached Vivillon.

Under the cover of Charizard, Vivillon completed six rounds of Quiver Dance at the fastest speed, strengthening his state to the extreme.

The current Vivillon is incomparable compared to before. After the Assist Genesect fossil completes the transformation of the butterfly king, it can complete the Quiver Dance at an extremely fast speed, and can easily stack to the highest 6-Layer.

Seeing Vivillon finished the Quiver Dance, Yuzu shouted: “Vivillon, Charizard, it’s started!”

Mr. Norman’s heart jumped when he heard Yuzu’s words, but before he could say anything, Vivillon used Hurricane Ability to create a wind column centering on it and Charizard.

In the blink of an eye, the huge wind column covered Vivillon and Charizard at its center. Vivillon at the center of the wind column flashed bursts of purple light in the eyes. Its powerful Inner Force acted on the wind column, and the wind of the wind column Under the influence of this Inner Force, the wall began to expand outward.

“roar! !!!”

Charizard took a deep breath and sprayed the hot flame in the mouth toward the wind column that was on the Rapid Spin. After a while, the whole wind column was dyed red by the flame, and the rising temperature swept the entire battlefield in an instant.

At first, the size of the flame column was not exaggerated, but it spread to the entire field in the blink of an eye. Mr. Norman wanted to remind Blisssey and Slaking to get out, but soon realized that there was nowhere to avoid it.

In this way, Blissey and Slaking were simultaneously drawn into the flame wind column. The wind assisted the fire, and Blissey and Slaking had to withstand the flames and the wind.

As long as Vivillon’s Inner Force control is not stopped, and the flames sprayed by Charizard does not stop, the damage caused by the flame wind column to Blissey and Slaking will not disappear.

Blissey and Slaking, who were caught in the flame wind column, wanted to fight back, but the rotating wind column made them dizzy, and they didn’t need any Ability.

Seeing this scene, not only is Mr. Norman on the court silent, but Pete, Ash, and May on the court can’t help but open wide.

It’s spectacular!

Vivillon’s control ability is very strong, and the flame wind column is firmly restricted on the battlefield by its Inner Force, and it has not spread to the outside of the field.

I don’t know how long it took, the pillar of wind slowly stopped, and the flames gradually dissipated. Blissey and Slaking, who had been unconscious, fell from the air, indicating that the victory of this competition belonged to Yuzu.

However, although Yuzu won in this competition, Vivillon and Charizard were also drained, and they all lay on the ground and gasped.

This combo was originally developed by the Vivillon and Volcarona couples. It was discovered by Yuzu that Charizard replaced Volcarona. (Volcarona: I feel a little green on the head.)

Looking at Slaking and Blissey falling on the ground, Mr. Norman said with emotion: “It’s true that a generation is stronger than a generation!”

At this time, Ash off the court is still a little unrecoverable, he can’t help but mutter: “It’s amazing.”

The battle between Yuzu and Mr. Norman left an indelible impression on Ash. For the first time, he realized that Gym Leader was so powerful, and for the first time he realized his weakness.

Ash didn’t sleep that night.