I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 1087


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Yuzu didn’t pay attention to what happened between Sneasel and Persian, even if he knew it, he probably wouldn’t care. In his opinion, there are so many Pokemon in Ecology Park, and it’s normal to have a little conflict with each other.

In the past few months, Yuzu has successively delivered two Cloysters, a Dewgong, Lapras and two Vulpix from the previous Samson Principal who were originally living in Shallow Sea Beach Sub-Park. Snow Mountain Sub-Park.

Cloyster, Dewgong, and Lapras reacted too much to changing their homes not at all. Instead, they felt that the ice lake of Snow Mountain Sub-Park was more suitable for them, so they settled down in the ice lake with peace of mind.

However, when the two Vulpix lived in the icicle forest, they had a very good relationship with the Glaceon. On the other hand, they couldn’t deal with Sneasel very much. The ice rock occupied by Sneasel was divided out again, which made Sneasel feel very accurate.

In the past few months, Yuzu has been thinking about how to deal with the main tasks released by the system, but there has been no progress.

A few days ago, Yuzu took the time to watch the Grand Festival Contest held by May. This time Robert did not participate in the Grand Festival, but May and Drew still did not win. It was Saori who won.

This situation is normal for Yuzu. Saori has been on the Pokemon Contest for so many years. How can he be better than Rookie such as May and Drew. There is nothing wrong with winning.

Because Robert did not participate in this Grand Festival, so his old Rival Bella did not participate either.

Bella is still working in the distribution department of Verdanturf Town. Because of the innovative medicine, Yuzu often meets with her. If she is not often seen doing special training, Yuzu suspects that she has given up her identity as a Pokemon Coordinator.

Although May failed to win the Grand Festival, Yuzu felt that she had performed very well in this Grand Festival. As a Rookie, May is talented in Pokemon Coordinator. As long as he works hard, it will not be difficult to become a Peak Level Pokemon Coordinator in the future.

While sitting in the audience watching the Grand Festival game, Yuzu found that his neighbor was actually a fellow.

After some talks, Yuzu learned that this colleague runs a small Pokémon Day Care, which sells ordinary Aptitude Pokemon, and the customer group is ordinary person Pokémon Day Care, which is a bit similar to the one before Yuzu did not take over YuYu’s Day Care.

This kind of Pokémon Day Care is small in scale and insufficient funds. It does not have its own Ecology Park for breeding pokemon, so you need to purchase Pokemon from other Breeding Farms.

The main customers of small Pokémon Day Care are not Trainers, but ordinary persons who buy Pokemon as pets or playmates. Therefore, the Pokemons they buy are ordinary Aptitude Pokemon with relatively low cost.

Talking to this colleague, Yuzu suddenly had inspiration.

Yes, he can wholesale the ordinary Aptitude Pokemon that he can’t sell at those Breeding Farms of Mimic Alliance to those small Pokémon Day Care who need to purchase. He can do the same things that Alliance’s Breeding Farm and Breeder Base can do!

With this idea, Yuzu rushed back to Verdanturf Town immediately after the Grand Festival.

Although there is a general idea, the implementation is not simple. Yuzu didn’t plan to hand over his Pokemon to those small Pokémon Day Care casually. Although the Aptitude of these Pokemon are very ordinary, he still hopes that they can have a good destination as much as possible.

So before choosing a partner, Yuzu has to go through a detailed investigation, which Pokémon Day Care has a good reputation and which ones are suitable for cooperation with YuYu’s Day Care, this is very important.

Yuzu’s selected cooperation targets are small Pokémon Day Care in the towns near Verdanturf Town. It is not convenient to cooperate with YuYu’s Day Care too far away. This kind of small Pokémon Day Care is available in every town and it is not difficult to find.

In order to better understand the situation of the small Pokémon Day Care in the surrounding towns, Yuzu contacted the White Light Intelligence Agency and asked them to help investigate the private reputation of various Pokémon Day Care.

Whether the reputation of a Pokémon Day Care is good or not is not enough to look at the surface. Yuzu needs more detailed information.

White Light Intelligence Agency’s work efficiency is still as high as ever. In just three days, Yuzu obtained all the small-scale Pokémon Day Care information in the surrounding area.

The headquarters of White Light Intelligence Agency is in Mauville City, very close to Verdanturf Town, so they know the surrounding situation very well, and the information they bring to Yuzu is also very detailed.

After a week of careful selection, Yuzu finally selected seven small Pokémon Day Care. Of course, these seven Pokémon Day Cares are just the cooperation targets selected by Yuzu. Whether the cooperation can be achieved in the end depends on the decisions of these small Pokémon Day Cares. Yuzu is not so arrogant that he wants to cooperate and others will catch up.

However, as long as four or five of the seven families can reach a final cooperation with YuYu’s Day Care, the low Aptitude Pokemon accumulated by YuYu’s Day Care will be enough to solve.

After thinking for a long time, Yuzu finally sent an invitation letter to the seven Pokémon Day Care in the name of holding a small Pokémon Day Care exchange meeting, inviting them to come to Verdanturf Town to discuss the experience of operating Pokémon Day Care together.

After receiving the invitation letter from YuYu’s Day Care, the seven Boss of Pokémon Day Care almost started to fall the chin one by one. I really don’t understand why YuYu’s Day Care would invite themselves to any exchange meeting.

Where is YuYu’s Day Care? Because of it Boss Shimizu Yuzu, now YuYu’s Day Care is like the sun at high noon in the entire Pokémon Day Care world.

The Boss of these seven Pokémon Day Care felt that YuYu’s Day Care should hold exchange meetings, and it should be the right way to invite those large-scale Pokémon Day Cares, such as Fragrant Day Care and Nightly Day Care. What is the significance of participating in fish and shrimp?

In fact, what Yuzu doesn’t know is that in the eyes of these small Pokémon Day Care, YuYu’s Day Care has always been the kind of noble and glamorous existence, which is beyond expectation.

In the beginning, YuYu’s Day Care became famous in a small area because of its high Aptitude Pokemon sold in a monthly ration. At that time, YuYu’s Day Care did not sell the low Aptitude Pokemon business.

YuYu’s Day Care, a small but refined sales model, did not attract the attention of large-scale Pokémon Day Care at the time, but many small Pokémon Day Care felt that this Pokémon Day Care was not normal, especially YuYu’s Day Care who bought Pokemon Trainer must go to Verdanturf Town to accept Pokémon Day Care’s rules.

This kind of behavior is arrogant in the eyes of some small Pokémon Day Care Boss, meaning: “Look, I have a continuously high Aptitude Pokemon. I can do whatever I want, and customers have to listen to me!” Emboldened. Would Normal Pokémon Day Care dare to do this? Think bankruptcy is too slow?

In short, the first impression that YuYu’s Day Care gave to many small Pokémon Day Care is “forced high”. Once this initial impression has become “highly compelling”, the filter will come out naturally.

With the rumors of Yuzu Gym Leader, defeating Rayquaza, Alliance Master Rank Trainer one after another coming out, YuYu’s Day Care’s reputation is getting bigger and bigger, and many small Pokémon Day Care will think: Just look at me, people have confidence of!

Now, in the eyes of those small Pokémon Day Care, YuYu’s Day Care is definitely not inferior to the status of those large Pokémon Day Care, even if YuYu’s Day Care does not open one after another like those large Pokémon Day Care, But the more so, the more they feel that YuYu’s Day Care level is different.

Now such a high-end Pokémon Day Care invites them to the exchange meeting. The bosses of these seven small Pokémon Day Care feel flattered.

How does it feel so unreal?

With a sense of anxiety, all seven small Pokémon Day Care companies gave YuYu’s Day Care a reply to “join”.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day when the exchange meeting started, and seven small Pokémon Day Care bosses came to Verdanturf Town as scheduled. Because they are all Pokémon Day Care in the surrounding towns of Verdanturf Town, these bosses arrived very early.

and the others were all here, Yuzu invited everyone into the reception room of the store. Seeing everyone looked nervous, Yuzu said with a laugh: “Today is a small exchange meeting. Don’t be nervous. , Whatever you want, whatever you want!”

But the bosses feel that they can’t be free. In their eyes, Yuzu is a great character that he can’t reach!

However, with the start of the exchange meeting, everyone found that Yuzu’s personality is very easy-going, and gradually he became less nervous.

Although Yuzu’s real purpose of hosting this exchange meeting is to find partners, but since he invited several people in the name of exchanging Pokémon Day Care business experience, he did not fool them, but actually organized everyone to share Each other’s business experience and difficulties encountered.

When the exchange meeting was almost over, Yuzu suddenly suggested: “Do you want to visit YuYu’s Day Care’s Ecology Park?”

Yuzu is talking about Xinyuan. Since you want to work with them, you have to show them what Pokemon YuYu’s Day Care has.

“Can you? That’s really good!”

“It was so fortunate to be able to visit Boss Shimizu’s Ecology Park, this trip is really worth it!”


Several bosses are very happy to hear what Yuzu said. They don’t have an Ecology Park in their own home, and of course they envy other people’s homes. However, the cost of construction and maintenance of Ecology Park is too high, and these small Pokémon Day Cares simply cannot afford it.

If it were not for the help of system, Yuzu could not have built Ecology Park at the beginning. The construction of Ecology Park is not the most expensive, the most expensive is its maintenance.

Normal Pokémon Day Care’s Ecology Park is basically impossible to open to the outside world, which can be related to my own secrets. But Yuzu is different here, his secrets are all in Sub-Park, and Xinyuan is used to make looks.

Under the leadership of Yuzu, the seven bosses came to the gate of the new garden and looked at the “luxury” Ecology Park. They were full of envy.

I don’t know when I can have such an Ecology Park! This is the voice of the seven bosses at the same time.

“Hey, this is Druddigon, isn’t it? Looks so mighty!”

“Dragon Type Pokemon is used to guard the gate, it is worthy of YuYu’s Day Care!”


After entering Ecology Park, a few people saw Druddigon sleeping at the door at a glance, and everyone was talking at once and discussed.

Druddigon, who was disturbed by Rest, gently opened his eyelids, and saw a group of strangers chirp chirp twitter twitter in front of him, impatiently shaking Ground with his sturdy tail, until he was stared at by Yuzu. It took a while to be honest.

The nearest place to the entrance is a small artificial lake in Xinyuan. There are many Claunchers living in the lake. Apart from this there are some Carvanha, Clamperl, Remoraid and so on.

At this time, the Claunchers came out of the water, some were lying on the shore with their eyes closed, some were fighting with pliers, and some were paddling with their tails…

“This is a Clauncher only available in Kalos Region. Now it is one of our YuYu’s Day Care’s signatures. It is rare in Hoenn.” In order to achieve his goal, Yuzu tried his best to praise his Pokemon.

The seven bosses are familiar with YuYu’s Day Care’s signature Pokemon. They naturally know the name of the Clauncher. At present, only YuYu’s Day Care is the only one that Hoenn sells on a large scale.

After introducing the Clauncher, Yuzu took another seven Boss to visit Gligar, Trapinch, various Grass Type Pokemon, etc., these are all low Aptitude Pokemon groups born in large numbers.

If it weren’t for Drew’s help to consume butterfly Pokemon, Yuzu would have to add a part of Bug Type Pokemon here.

I visited various rare Pokemon one after another, and the seven Boss opened their eyes, especially when they saw the huge Never-Melt Ice that Yuzu placed in the new garden, they were really “ho”ed by them.

While visiting, Yuzu asked the seven bosses: “What do you think of my Pokemon?”

“As expected of Boss Shimizu’s Ecology Park, the Pokemon in it is really enviable!”

It was the Boss of Pokémon Day Care in Lavaridge Town who said this. Normals sold by small Pokémon Day Care like them are all racially ordinary Pokemon. Rare Pokemon can only be purchased occasionally. The popularity of rare Pokemon is much higher than ordinary Pokemon.

Yuzu’s Clauncher, Gligar, Trapinch, Swablu… all are rare Pokemon.

I heard here Yuzu slightly smiled: “If you also want rare Pokemon, we can supply you YuYu’s Day Care.”

After listening to Yuzu’s words, the Boss eyes shined from Lavaridge Town: “Is this Boss Shimizu true?”

Since the Breeding Farm operated by the Alliance in Lavaridge Town went bankrupt, the Boss wanted to buy goods and had to go further to Rustboro City.

Fortunately, the purchased goods are Pokemon, which can be directly transmitted by the transmission device. But Pokemon eggs are troublesome and can only be transported. But the distance is far, which means that the risk increases.

Some time ago, a batch of his goods had just been robbed. This was a great blow to their small business.

Compared to Rustboro City, Verdanturf Town is much closer to Lavaridge Town, and it takes less than half a day to get there. It would be great if you could buy it in Verdanturf Town.

Yuzu replied: “Of course it is true. We at YuYu’s Day Care have no plans to open a branch, so we can’t digest the Pokemon we breed on our own. Let’s not hide it from you, I invite you all to come today, the purpose is to talk to you Talk about cooperation.

We at YuYu’s Day Care have a lot of rare Pokemon, which is difficult for Breeding Farm and Breeder Base to do. I hope you can consider it. “

After listening to Yuzu, several bosses immediately became interested. The rare Pokemon of YuYu’s Day Care is indeed very attractive.

But some bosses are hesitant, such as this one from Mauville City.

Compared with the Pokémon Day Care in Lavaridge Town, Mauville City has its own Breeding Farm opened by Alliance, so they don’t have the troubles of Lavaridge Town when they buy.

And YuYu’s Day Care is a private Pokémon Day Care. Relatively speaking, Alliance’s Breeding Farm is even more assured.

But this Mauville City boss also has other ideas.

Mauville City is a big city. There are a lot of Pokémon Day Care. There are more than one large-scale Pokémon Day Care branch. To be honest, his small Pokémon Day Care is not competitive.

But what if you have the rare Pokemon from YuYu’s Day Care?

Although it’s a little troublesome to purchase, the rare Pokemon can bring competitiveness!